Spanish Super Cup: Atlético 1 – 1 Barcelona

David Villa and Neymar score in first leg of Super Cup

Atletico Madrid striker David Villa Barcelona

David Villa scores against Barça (MARCA)

Atlético Madrid will travel to Barcelona next week with every chance of winning the Spanish Super Cup, after the first leg was undecided.

The Copa del Rey winners beat the reigning Spanish league champs on Wednesday night, but lost on Thursday morning, as the game, which started at 11:00 pm, finished 1-1.

Atleti had taken the lead after just 13 minutes, when Victor Valdes couldn’t stop a spectacular strike. Of course it had to be David Villa, Spain’s all-time top scorer who switched teams this summer, who netted against his old club.

He did so by smashing home a volley after a lightning quick break by the Rojiblancos down the left side. Arda Turan crossed the ball to Villa, who scored from just inside the box with an amazing hit.

Ten minutes later Villa again found himself in a great position to score after good work by Gabi and Koke, but El Guaje was under too much pressure from Piqué and Mascherano to get a shot off.

Atlético disrupted Barcelona’s passing game with their compact 4-1-4-1 formation, not allowing the trio of Xavi, Iniesta and Lionel Messi to see much of the ball. The latter was taken off at half time after picking up a minor injury in the first half, in which he was completely invisible.

Both teams became frustrated with each other’s fouls and playacting (*cough*Jordi Alba*cough*), while Atleti had reason to complain about Undiano Mallenco’s refereeing, as the man in blue handed out cards left and right for the boys in red and white, while neglecting to book Fabregas for a blatant foul, or to send off Sergio Busquets for a number of bookable offences.

Barcelona started the second half strongly and had a big chance to equalise, but Thibaut Courtois did well to deny Alexis Sánchez. In the rebound, Fabregas seemed able to knock the ball into the empty net, but instead Cesc was knocked over himself by a late challenge.

A minute later Courtois was again called to action to stop Iniesta’s shot, while at the other end, Miranda came within an inch of heading home Koke’s inviting free kick.

Just when Barcelona’s storm seemed to have calmed down, they struck. Xavi and Dani Alves combined on the right side and the Brazilian crossed to the far post, where his countryman and fresh sub Neymar surprised Juanfran and headed past Courtois to level the score at 1-1.

Within seconds after kicking off, David Villa found himself in a great position to score, but Valdes positioned himself well to block the striker’s attempt.

The final chance was for Alexis Sánchez, who shot straight at Courtois. Both teams seemed to run out of gas in the final quarter of an hour and were happy to take a draw to next week, when the teams will again be lining up at 11:00 pm on Wednesday night.

Atlético Barcelona
Atlético 11 Barcelona
David Villa 13'Neymar 67'
Competition Super Cup
Location Vicente Calderon
Date 21 August 2013
Kick Off TBC

Team Lineups

Diego Costa
David Villa
Substitutes used
Oliver Torres
Leo Baptistaeo
C Rodriguez
Jordi Alba
Dani Alves
Alexis Sanchez
Lionel Messi
Substitutes used

Match Stats

Yellow Cards
Red Cards
  • Will

    Mario and Koke were beasts tonight. Poor officiating! The crowd was incredible! I love atletì so much!!! Aupa Atletì!!!!

  • Ursa Major

    Mario was not Super, but yeah, Koke was great last night!
    It is way to soon to throw in Oliver against Barca, I think.
    Give him a couple of matches against lower-ranked opponents (like Sevilla – hee hee), and he will do just fine and gain some, obviously, necessary confidence.

    Leo Baptistao is very promising, though!
    – This is very important, as it will allow us to rest Villa/Costa later on.

    Very Optimistic for this season!

  • Fred

    Aupa Atleti!!!!!

    We looked good tonight! First half especially. Barca had most of the possession as usual but we created so many more chances.

    The back line was solid. Koke and Arda were great. Costa and villa make an excellent pair.
    Courtois had a great game.

    It seems for the first time we knew how to play barca. They were lucky to draw.

    Looking forward to next week.

    Aupa Atleti

  • Urban

    I personally think DC and Villa still need to gel. I dont see the connection between DC and Villa as I see between DC and Koke for example.

    We will see how it goes.

    We dont have to be ashamed of the game, but we have nothing to be optimistic about in term of the second match.

    The positives are:
    1) Villa made a great debut in VC and this might be a huge boost for him
    2) we are confirming our good form and discipline from the last season and this gives us a good chance of finishing top 3.

    Good CL draw might define our season.

  • Atletico- palestine

    I ve seen great atleti yesterday… I am very happy with the performance and with villa’s goal..
    Mario, gabi and koke showed high discipline and were more focused compared to the game against sevilla.
    The only thing i felt oliver shy to play or as if he was afraid from barca players.
    For the second game in camp nou we have chance although its very difficult but atleti players can DO IT 😀

  • piserakos

    great game from our player. what a goal from villa. only a few mistakes from our defence one of them was the goal of barca. 1-1 against barca is a good scor for every team but i’m little dissapointed cause i believe we could have a better scor in our hands but what to do when mallenjo was the barca’s mvp…. hope to have a better referee at the away game and not this hicho the puta… we can lift the supercup espetially if we play like today(or better) very proud of my team…
    oliver wasn’t ready yet for such a big game but those minutes will make him better at the future
    leo was really good, but man PASSS!!!!

  • yon

    Juanfran and D Costa were worrying last night!

  • epoy

    pissed reading Barca fans claiming Villa was sold for cheap because they secured first option of Oliver amd that Oliver is a Barca fan…. Dillusional gloryhunters!!!

  • Will

    There’s another Will commenting here already! Shame on you, Will.. I mean, not me.. whatever..

    I’m proud of my Atleti. I was really worried about this match… Barcelona seems to be much stronger this year with Tata Martino and they were really great against Levante.
    But what Simeone does is really incredible. After the few signins I got a little disappointed but a match like this makes me wonder again.

  • Scott Lind

    Frist Half was crazy sick on the counter! More of that please! My kind of play!

  • *cough* jordi alba *cough* hahahaha. Great article! If we continue to play like this we can win almost all trophies. Hopefully we’ll win in the 2nd leg. This year we’re gonna win everything!!!!!! 😀 Aupa Atleti!!!!

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    when both Koke & Arda left the pitch, we totally lost the midfield battle, and that makes me worry

    they are the only decent AM we have,
    RG is not in their level, Oliver still need time and experience,
    Cebolla & Leo can not play in the midfield, the 1st is a winger, and the 2nd is a striker

    so knowing that we are playing in 3 strong competitions, we have a serious problem .. we desperately need another midfielder
    there is still 9 days till the market closes, and I still hoping that the board will surprise us with a last-minute signing

  • pantic#10

    For 60 minutes we played a wonderful short/counteract football, Villa gol was absolutely amazing.
    Great defense, great Koke/Mario/Gabi, they anticipated barca players so many times that i lost the count.
    After 60 minutes we lost freshness and there was tooo distance between forwards and midfields/defense.
    Unfortunately the changes didn’t help, but Leo is very promising.
    Now we need a super performance to win in Barcelona but i think we can and we will 😉
    and the referee? 🙁 and Jordi Alba? this player is very strong and fast….but too much drama and acting.
    no Adrian again…he’s now 4th or 5th Simeone’s choice as forward. C’mon Adrian! what happened to the Adrian of 2 years ago?

  • kris

    Guys,,, give Oliver a break.. First time of him playing in a big game with a great atmosphere,, he needs more of these… And,, ummm,, effing delusioned Barca kunts can keep on dreaming cause we are not gonna sell any of our young talents,,, at least for a century…

    I don’t think we should be playing too much like yesterday,, I know,, it avoided Barca from scoring,, but that was very very tiring and the players can’t pressure that hard for 90 minutes.. Remember,, the CL final when Dortmund played pressing football for 25 minutes and then after that they got too tired… Obviously,, we played much more than 25 minutes,, because we have much more physical players in our team that depend on strength and skills, but I think we should play a little technical next time… Simeone knows what to do,, so I don’t even know why I am commenting on Simeone’s role,, but,, he has it all figured out and I trust him, win or lose..

    And,, yepp,, we need one more midfielder,,a very strong DM/CM. Schweinsteiger or Javi Martinez, maybe/? ahhah.. Cool,, though,, well,, that was an entertaining match and I enjoyed it,, but these fakes and $hit pisses me off so muchh,, our players might have faked some,, but Barcelona were too much playacting.. I hope they get that straight cause it ain’t cool at all..

    Difficult match at the Nou Camp,, but remember my children,, IMPOSSIBLE IS NOTHING!! COME ON ATLETI!! FORZA ATLETI SIEMPRE!!

  • piserakos

    @kris…. about what you say at the beginnig i have to add courtois’ roal, he is the only goalkeeper who does that all the time very long ballls he doesn’t give the ball at the defenders when there is no pressure that would rest the team.. also our cente backs some times tried to find costa with long balls… that is something that we should change. this is our style of play against bigger team we should improve it and add a little more technique

  • Gert

    @piserakos: I think it was well instructed by Simeone to send long balls towards Costa. He stood against J Alba and won almost every ball there. By doing that he passed the triangle Busquets, Xavi, Iniesta.
    Towards the end you felt Miranda/Costa were getting tired and it didn’t work out anymore. When Costa got subbed, I don’t think a lot of long balls were given anymore.

  • JohnGreece

    Godin seems to not understand the philosophy of Atletico…
    He disappointed me so much.Even pepe wouldnt do such a thing

  • It is terrible, very much so, but I’m pretty sure he’s not the only one.
    It was one of the first things told to me when I played football myself. I didn’t do it, but I’m pretty sure a lot of defenders do, do everything possible to stop your opponents from playing their game…
    I hate football culture.

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    @JohnGreece I didn’t want to talk about Godin incidence,
    but since you mentioned it I must say: I like what he did

    maybe this will be shocking for many of you, but how can anybody talk about fair play while Real & Barca are stealing our money?!

    you can’t ask me to agree about this unfair TV money distribution and also not to take advantage of Messi’s injury..
    Please, pick one !!

    I never asked to cause a serious injury for Messi, and Godin never asked for that neither,
    but if a normal tackle on Messi’s injured leg could send him off so why not take advantage of that !

    give us just 20 million from your 140 of TV money and I will travel to Barcelona and apologize to Messi myself !!!

    and by the way John, Pepe have send many many players to the hospital.

  • Everything being about money is another thing I hate in this world.

  • Epoy

    from what I understand, if equal distribution is to be implemented in La Liga, Atleti and Valencia will be losing a couple of millions too from TV money… But of course, what is a couple of millions if the greedy 2 will loss tens of millions…

  • Gert

    About Godin… Do you really think he said we must tackle him? There is NO video footage or whatsoever that any player of Atleti hit Messi where he has his injury.

    Godin might be just balding his fist saying, ‘yes he has to go off’

  • JohnGreece

    You got it too far..of course since money got into football the joy playing has been lost.Managers,under table business,dirty money,drugs,professionalism etc have replaced the good old amateur football that people needed to have fun and relax from their stress and problems.I dont think that if Atletico would take same or more money than Barcelona,Real would be fine by me.I prefer to support a club that reminds me the values of original football and Atletico is one team that is near to that and such incidents as Godin’s are far from these values.

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    @Epoy : there is no body ever have talked about “equal distribution” .. never

    what we are talking about is “fair distribution”

    I think we all don’t mind that Real & Barca earn more than the others, but not like that, not earning 140 each and the 2nd highest earners (Atleti & Valencia) earn 40 million each!

    this madness .. this is bulls**t

    I believe 100 million for each of them is more than enough, and more than they deserve
    and let’s distribute the 80 million among the other 18 clubs

    is this too much to ask ?!!

    and @Ty : this is not about money, it’s about JUSTICE

  • piserakos

    agree with ahmad… by the way i loved godin action that’s the way to play against them that’s why most of us love simeone we are not pussies we are men with cochones

  • Paulo

    JohnGreece: “Original” football was a lot dirtier sport than it is nowadays. Read a few biographies from classic players from 1950s-1970s to get the whole picture how dirty it really was. There was a lot of bad intentions. Nowadays it is a game of fairies compared to the “original” football, because of all the cameras.
    Atletico is a multi-million club based on business. Better snap out of any fantasies. This is the biggest sport in the world and on this level, on the absolutely top, it is mostly about success, money and getting the upper hand.
    Yeah, there is respect and loyalty and blah blah, but as you can see, in the end, it’s all about a win.
    Simeone himself was a hard tackler and knew all the dirty tricks. We are atletico and we play FUCKING HARD! Tha’ts how it’s always been.

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    Great post Paulo

    and since you brought up Simeone “the player”, let me remind you guys about how did he tricked Beckham in WC 98 and cost him a red card,
    this is not a bad thing, this is not dirty play .. it’s smartness

    actually if your opponent is stupid and reckless like Beckham so it will be a stupidness of you not taking advantage of that!

  • kris

    Ahhahha,, you guys all brought up those things but let me just comment on here..

    Do you even know if Godin actually was telling him to tackle him or telling him that he has an injured leg and he will probably be taken off so don’t worry…. You guys,, like Paulo said,, we have always played hard,,,, every time,, but you know how DIRTY puta Barca play?? Exactly,, they deserved the faking and everything that our players did the last game,, but umm,, I really don’t believe Godin’s intention was to injure Messi,, no one would really want to injure another player except for Pepe and Barton,, of course…. Yup,, we play like MEN and we will keep on playing like men,,, that’s why Simeone exercises his players so much… Remember,, when David Villa said,, coach is gonna kill me??? Exactly,, he has never ever worked out like that.. Now,, it’s time for him to be a strong player and play like a real Colchonero.