Copa del Rey: Atlético 2 – 3 Barcelona

Catalans through to semi-finals after poor performance from Atleti

Mario Suarez sent off for Atleti

Mario Suarez sent off for Atleti

Atlético Madrid are out of the Copa del Rey at the quarter-final stage after an extremely disappointing 3-2 defeat to Barcelona on Wednesday evening. The tie finished 4-2 on aggregate.

It was an incredible first half, with goals, talking points and incredible moments throughout. However Atleti’s self-discipline let themselves down in the end, and the nine rojiblancos left on the pitch at the end of the night have very little to be proud of.

It all started so well, with a Fernando Torres goal in the opening 40 seconds. A long ball forward to Torres was brilliantly taken by the Spaniard, who took a step past Mascherano before firing a shot off the post and into the back of the Barcelona net.

However this was the only similarity between this game and the last round of the Copa del Rey, where Torres scores in the opening minute of the match.

Barcelona almost replied straight away through a Rakitic free-kick, but this was batted away by Jan Oblak in the Atlético goal.

However Barcelona were level inside ten minutes. A defensive lapse from Atleti, without the suspended Diego Godín, allowed a completely unmarked Neymar to race through on goal. Juanfran chasing him did little to stop the inevitable, as the Brazilian shifted the ball to the side before finishing almost effortlessly past Oblak for the away goal.

It was a feisty first half from Atleti’s point of view, with tackles flying in from all over. Mario Suarez took three separate chunks out of Messi in the opening 20 minutes, and despite the protests of the Barcelona players, didn’t see a card from the referee.

Atleti had an opportunity to make it 2-1 shortly after, after an Arda Turan corner was flicked on by Fernando Torres. The header didn’t have enough pace to trouble the goalkeeper, and the ball was very quickly up the other end and in the net for Barca. However some quick thinking from the Barcelona goalkeeper caught Neymar offside just inside the Atleti area.

Then followed one of the most ridiculous moments of this evening, as after putting the ball out for a throw-in, Jordi Alba skipped back onto the pitch only to be caught on the top of the head by the assistant referee’s flag.

The Spanish full-back went down like a sack of bricks, but miraculously recovered a few minutes later and handed the flag back to the linesman.

Juanfran was denied a free kick a couple of minutes later after he nutmegged Alba, but got his reward almost immediately after when he nutmegged Mascherano and drove his way into the box. The Argentinean didn’t get out of the way fast enough and Juanfran went hurtling to the ground. The referee pointed to the spot, and Atleti had a penalty.

Replays confirmed contact was made outside the area, but Raúl García stepped up and dispatched the penalty comfortably anyway. Atleti had a 2-1 lead.

Ridiculous moment number two followed shortly, when an Ivan Rakitic corner was whipped in to the Atleti box. Miranda, who wasn’t alone in having an awful game, tried to clear it with his right foot but the ball ended up cannoning off of his shin and into his own net. 2-2.

Atleti worked hard to get over the disappointment of conceding again, and some excellent build-up play set up a chance for Antoine Griezmann to restore the lead. The Frenchman, starting up-front alongside Fernando Torres, volleyed a shot towards goal and it was blocked by the arm of Jordi Alba.

Ridiculous moment number three.

The referee waved away the protests for a penalty, and within 17 seconds, the ball was in the back of Atlético’s net. Messi ran the length of the field with the ball, before crossing to Alba. The defender acrobatically cut it back for Neymar, who nonchalantly put the ball past Oblak. 3-2 to Barca, and Atleti had an absolute monster of a mountain to climb.

The referee blew for half-time, and there was a scuffle between the players on the way off of the pitch. Torres shoved Neymar, and Mario Suarez was having a bit of a rant at one of the Barca coaches. Tempers were flaring.

Next thing we know, the players are out for the second half. Well, almost all of them.

Griezmann has been substituted and on comes Saúl. Strange for a team that needs three goals to win. Then it became clear what had happened as ridiculous moment number four reared it’s ugly head.

Gabi had been sent off during the half-time break for allegedly insulting the referee, according to a number of sources.

This was quickly followed by number five, as Arda Turan, after being wrestled off of the ball and not given a free-kick, decided to pick his stray boot up off the floor and lob it at the assistant referee. He was booked, but was very fortunate not to be sent off. He may face a ban retrospectively.

The second-half was basically a non-event. Atleti moved to a defensive formation after losing a player, and did well to defend against a number of Barcelona attacks throughout the second 45 minutes.

Messi should have made it 4-2 on the night after Neymar played it in, but he only managed a weak shot against Oblak.

Mario Suarez finally accomplished what he had been trying to do all night in the 69th minute, when he was booked for a foul on Messi.

The Spaniard went one better in the final ten minutes as he was sent off for another ridiculous foul on Messi.

Cani came on for his debut and looked lively. The best chance of the second half for Atleti fell to the on-loan Villarreal player, who chested the ball up and volleyed it brilliantly at ter Stegen.

All-in-all, it was a poor display of discipline from Atleti, who received six bookings and 2 red cards on the night. There was no focus as the content went on, and can have no complaints about failing to reach the semi-finals.

Atlético Madrid Barcelona
Atlético Madrid 23 Barcelona
F Torres 1'Neymar 9'
Raúl García (p) 30'Miranda (og) 38'
 Neymar 41'
Competition Copa del Rey QF 2nd Leg
Location Vicente Calderón
Date 28 January 2015
Kick Off 21:00 CET

Match Stats

On Target
Yellow Cards
Red Cards
  • You can not seriously expect any team to behave when a player kicks and punches 3 or 4 opponents without the ball then gets the minimum punishment just because his name is Cristiano and his club’s name is Real Madrid, at least not in the same day when that happens !
    and even if they did behave, then something else will happen, like sending-off the team’s captain in the tunnel for saying :
    “Jesus, that was a penalty and a red card” .. that’s Gabi’s side of the story anyway

    Except for Arda’s boot -which I totally refuse but fully understand, since I’m also an eastern man with a very short temper- I am not ashamed and I will never apologize for anything else
    Not a single person can say that Mario’s 2 yellows were for ugly fouls
    Neymar made a gesture to Juanfran before he replied withe 7-1 one, but I didn’t understand Neymar’s
    Nobody saw Ansaldi’s incident, and it’s only the police words

    On the positive side, I think Torres is officially back, and Oblak keeps growing and getting confidence, and of the 3 goals MAYBE he could be asked for only the 3rd one
    besides, earlier today, the club released a video for him answering the fans questions, and he was doing so in Spanish, not very fluent, but at least he had the courage, Arda still can’t do that after almost 4 years in Madrid !

    The second leg vs Real Madrid last season was much worse than tonight, even the fans were involved with lack of discipline with that lighter on Cristiano’s head, and after that game, many felt weak, vulnerable and disordered, but Cholo fixed everything, and we ended up wining La Liga
    Cholo will fix this again

    Siempre Orgulloso

  • Kris

    I respect you and appreciate your comments on here. But, I can’t believe you were able to link Cristiano’s punishment with this game. This is absolutely ludicrous, especially for a man like you who usually comments on intelligent topics.

    But, I definitely agree with you from the third “paragraph” on. Cholo will fix it again, hopefully this time with an even more prestigious award than La Liga: :p (Champions League)!

  • I didn’t blame it on Cristiano’s punishment, I blamed it on the outrageous expulsion of Gabi (if his side of the story is true)

    BUT I had to mention Cristiano’s punishment because it’s totally related, all the teams other than the “big two” feel the unfairness, and I believe in the next few weeks or even few months there will be chaos, starting from tonight, Arda could receive a light punishment or not get any at all because of Cristiano’s controversy
    This is how things work in Spain

    And even if I linked what happened directly to Crisitano’s ridiculous punishment, everybody was crazy tonight, why not me too ?! 😉

  • Luis

    The red card for Gabi ended the game as a contest and I’m sure he wasn’t the only one in the refs ear in the tunnel either. I’m not sure about Oblak and his progression either, I think it would have been ideal to have Moya starting in goal tonight. And as far as rebuilding goes, I think we are doing the best with the group of players we have and that reality means not ending the season like last year.
    Also, Turan’s temper is definitely Mediterranean, which is something I will never be ashamed of either 😉

  • I would have been OK with Moya starting tonight if I knew that Oblak will have his chance in La Liga or the CL, but I’m not sure about that,
    just few days ago I asked here if tonight’s game will be the last for Oblak this season if we couldn’t qualify
    I hope Simeone picks the correct answer, which definitely is NO

  • atleti10

    No one is to blame other than the team itself. Lack of concentration following both goals, poor defending and stupid fouling lost the match. Gabi clearly stepped out of line in the tunnel and as captain he cant do that. I dont blame the team for the second half performance.. they were deflated and tired. On a positive note Torres was awesome.

    Learn from it and move on and cut the bullshit fouling. Hopefully we’ll see Koke and Saul in the lineup at the weekend, our younger players are the ones with cool heads somehow.

  • tohaju thomas

    comon mido ,, Oblak today was more as a Vase than as a keeper ,, 3 balls with 3 goals ( the 3nd cant do anything with it )
    so how u say if Moya was on the goal he would receive more goals ,, !!!!

  • I don’t know, I could pick Miranda to be the one to blame, he was poor tonight, and his own goal killed us
    Of course it’s unfair to blame any player for a single mistake, shit happens, but here is the thing, that wasn’t the first or the second mistake for Miranda this season which just started its second half
    there was Olympiacos game, the own goal in Mestalla, the stupid penalty vs Celta, the ball he returned by mistake to Sociedad striker and Godin cleared it from the goal line, the ball he lost against Villarreal without any opponent putting a pressure on him while he was the last player which put Cheryshev in one-on-one with Moya .. how many were those ?!

    Maybe we made a mistake by forcing a player to stay with us against his will
    It is no secrete that he and his agent (none other than Jorge Mendes) fought very hard last summer to leave
    I wish Man Utd or whoever wanted him are still interested in him next summer

    While many people could easily blame Gabi, but again, we did not see what happened
    But I did see something similar last season, it was against Betis if I’m not mistaken, and he got booked by simply saying to the ref : ” wasn’t that a foul ”
    then he asked him : ” why am I booked ? ”
    he said ” for protesting ”
    Gabi replied ” for ‘wasn’t that a foul’ ? .. just for that ? ”

    I believe I saw that on the famous program on Canal+ “El Dia Despues” where they have experts in lip reading
    And by the way, the ref was the so cool Mateu Lahoz, who loves to have long and several dialogues with the players and doesn’t rush to book them, not the very shaky Gil Manzano

  • Max Huber

    I was right in my assumption that Simeone told the players not to risk another goal! That means he told them to give up and conserve their energys for the other games. He rested Mandzukic and Griezmann for the game on Saturday. Nevertheless it was very disappointing for me – i really wanted them to fight till the end (maybe with all 3 strikers) although I know it was really hard without Gabi. But I`m not the manager and fortunately I don´t have to make these kind of decisions!
    I really like Atletico but I think they have to reconsider their way to play! SOO MANY YELLOW AND RED CARDS!! It´s not necessary to play so hard! That shows a lack of ability to hold the ball! They should work in that way and press more forward. With Torres they have more opportunities now! I really would like to see all 3 strikers together – Griezmann with his pace, Mandzukic with his strong body language and Torres with his technical abilities – would be great!

  • atleti10

    Thats what I’m saying. Its the team (which is the sum of the individuals) fault. As aposed to the referee or the linesman or any other external factor which people on here are blaming.

  • Jeronamo Pakor Jones

    Simply put this game like a few this season jas made me feel utterly ashamed of how we handle matches at times.
    On to the next one!

  • Sjur Espen Hansen

    You talk about Alba’s arm and penalty. Ok, it should have been penalty. But the penaty you got was wrong. Mascherano stood outside the box, clearly with both feets.

  • That’s what I’m NOT saying
    I’m clearly blaming the ref, Alba’s uncalled penalty and red card which returned to be a goal against us then resulted in Gabi’s expulsion changed every thing
    And I’m blaming one individual more than the others in the team, Miranda

  • The first penalty wasn’t a penalty, all Atleti fans admitted that even before you, just like many of them -with honesty and sportsmanship you will never find in any other fans- criticized the lack of discipline of the team, some of them were even more harsh than Madrid and Catalan Media

    But we didn’t ask for that first penalty, we are not a team with a lot of divers like some others, and it is not our fault that the ref is an idiot
    Alba’s handball was a penalty, a red card, and because it wasn’t called the ball ended up in our nets instead of yours, and when our captain said to the ref ” “that was a penalty and expulsion” he was the one who got expelled .. and in the tunnel

    Mate, if someday any ref in the world dared to expel Barca’s captain in the tunnel, I will convert and become a culé

  • Jeronamo Pakor Jones

    Ok I’m angry now. I can’t stand stupid fans who argue nonsense, if what happened to gabi was on the other foot these idots wouldn’t be condoning it

  • And here it is Kris .. the chaos has started, just as I said
    Arda will not get any punishment at all,
    And I repeat, this, and anything similar happens in the next few months is a direct result of Cristiano’s minimum punishment, LFP & RFEF won’t dare to hand anyone a hefty punishment until people forget about Crisitiano’s

    Of Course I am relieved, but we all know that what Arda did deserves a long ban, not less than 3 games, and in countries with decent & respectful football federations, he could get 10-games ban

    This is what happened :
    Our players, coaches and fans worked very hard to make a comeback, and the team scored after 40 seconds, then after the equalizer we made it 2-1, then after the 2-2 we should have had a penalty, a red card for Alba, and started the second half searching for ONE goal AGAINST 10 men, but instead, we started the second half looking for THREE goals WITH 10 men
    How could any player stay calm after this, and after hearing just few hours before the game that Cristiano got just 2-games ban after all that punshing and kicking ?!!

    Again, Cristiano’s punishment is directly related to what happened in that game, and to whatever chaos we will see in the near future

    No matter how professional the players are, after all, they are still humans .

  • ak

    Seriously, “mate”, you’re gonna call us out for diving after what Raul Garcia was doing yesterday.
    The ref fucked up, for both teams, on multiple occasions.

  • Sjur Espen Hansen

    So sad. Everybody is against my club…….. stop this behavior, be a man. You have lost 3 games against Barca in January 2015, 7-3 in goles against. Take it, and go to next. Soon is Real Madrid for you – I really hope for Atletico to win. Have a good day!

  • Sjur Espen Hansen

    That’s the right way to handle it. I am a Barca-fan, but I have a big respect for you. The way you have replaced the biggest stars, year after year, and came back even better. And that with a lot smaller bank account that RM and Barca. It is very good for football in Spain. I think it is nice to see Torres back. It was sad to look at such a good player when i went to Chelsea. I hope for you and for him that he will end his carreer at “home” with success. Maybe also return to the national team.

  • Chewie

    Raul Garcia tried to do the only thing he could think of, and though it was a bad idea, I won’t blame him. He and Mandzukic will always be asking for fouls, not exactly diving, but it’s okay – somebody has to do the dirty job. And I can think of an excuse – one moment you’re 2-1 with a hope to score the winning goal, and then, in an instant, you concede an own goal, have a penalty denied, and get another goal. Next thing you know, your captain is sent off. I will never believe that a group of 10 human beings, however professional, will not get upset by this succession of events. To be fair, not all the team was rude and undisciplined, it was only Arda, RG8, Mario and Juanfran, the others tried to do what the coach said and behave themselves.

    I don’t understand the point of supporting RM or Barca. A team for which NOT WINNING two games is a crisis. Come on! This season we were fucked and robbed of key players, and that we were even close to going through – after sending Real home – was a heroic act.

  • atleti10

    Blaming the ref is idiotic, Im sorry but he gave the team a penalty that wasnt, he left Arda on the pitch after throwing a boot at an official. Mario deserved to be sent off and I have every faith that Gabi did too. Now your left with the penalty he didnt give, well that is surely balanced out with Juanfrans. Decisions right or wrong always balance out in the long run.

    Miranda made a mistake, fine. But the team defended poorly for both of Neymars goals. I wish fans could park their emotions at times and see logic.

  • Chewie

    Now is claiming that both Gabi and Simeone assaulted Neymar in the tunnel, and only a miraculous intervention by Pique saved the Brazilian from trouble. If that’s true, why then Simeone wasn’t shown a red? Some crazy stuff going on.

  • I am a man much much more than you, sir
    Only Atleti fans can tell me to stop my behavior if they didn’t like it, but I’m very sure they love it
    If what you read here makes you so sad, so why bother visiting this website ?!
    This is the last I will say to you .. ever
    Good day for you too

  • Sjur Espen Hansen

    Ok, little man – this make me laugh, I am not sad anymore 🙂

  • Adnan Khan

    Atletico fans har egentlig ikke noe imot Fc Barcelona bare så det er sagt. Og du kan jo ikke benekte at dommeren hadde mange feil. Og når dommeren gjør sånne feil, da er det lett å ende opp i sånne diskusjoner. Barca fans hadde klagd like mye hvis ikke mer hvis de hadde endt opp med å tape kampen 😉
    Men hyggelg var det å se en nordmann her i AtleticoFans 🙂

  • Kris

    Weird starting lineup. I wonder if we are playing 4-3-3 with Koke, Tiago, Saul in the middle and RG8, Griezmann, and Mandzu up top. Arda and Gabi not in the team sheet?

  • Gabi is suspended for the 5th yellow, while Arda has suffered a hamstring in training yesterday
    Juanfran & Miranda who are on the bench + Raul Garcia & Siqueira will be suspended for RM game of any of them got booked tonight
    But I don’t think that’s why Cholo is benching Juanfran & Miranda, the first obviously needs some rest, while for Miranda, I think right now, Godin-Gimenez is a much better pair

  • Chewie

    So what it’s gonna be – 7-0?

  • Kris

    We’re not used to this, are we? I hope it is. We can score goals if we want to, but we decide not to for some reasons..:(

  • Chewie

    Moya with a superb save. No need to have seven, five would be just fine. Plus a couple of subs.

  • Among all our players, I think the one who gets the most unnecessary bookings is Griezmann
    He & Simeone need to work on that

  • Sjur Espen Hansen

    Jeg har ikke noe i mot Atletico, snarere tvert i mot, og det har jeg også sagt her. Det er full respekt for hvordan Atletico har klart å bli bedre og bedre til tross for at de største stjernene har blitt solgt. Dommeren gjorde mye rart i den kampen, det er jeg enig i. Straffen dere fikk var klart feil. Det var utenfor 16. Men dere skulle hatt en straffe på Alba, men å si rødt på den synes jeg er tåpelig. Suarez skulle også hatt en straffe etter min mening. Jeg synes sånne diskusjoner blir så feil når man ikke ser på helheten.Så håper jeg inderlig at dere slår RM neste runde 🙂

  • Adnan Khan

    Vi pleier å ha mange barca fans her som er så usaklige at det ikke går an, men du virker som en grei og forståelsesfull person. Derfor så ender vi denne diskusjonen her. No hard feelings og du er velkommen her igjen. Ha en fortsatt fin dag 🙂