Copa del Rey: Atlético 2 – 3 Celta

Atlético out of Spanish Cup after conceding three at home against Celta

Guidetti celebrates scoring a screamer against Atleti

Guidetti celebrates scoring a screamer against Atleti

Atlético Madrid crashed out of the Copa del Rey on Wednesday evening, after a 3-2 defeat at the Vicente Calderón sent Celta through to the semi-finals.

Extremely impressive in defence all season, Atlético knew they needed to score and keep Celta from getting that vital away goal if they were to advance to the last four.

However two goals from Pablo Hernández, and a screamer from Guidetti, was enough to inflict a painful defeat on Atlético.

Gabi had the first chance of the match, as a Carrasco corner rebounded to him on the edge of the area. The Atleti captain could only fire the ball wide of Ruben Blanco’s goal.

Celta got themselves on the scoresheet in the 22nd minute, bagging a vital away goal in the process.

Atlético were asleep in defence, which let Orellana collect a short corner before crossing for Pablo Hernández.

The Chilean got enough power behind the ball with his head to guide it past Miguel Ángel Moyá into the back of the net.

Los rojiblancos weren’t behind for long.

A fierce shot from Carrasco from outside of the area was saved by Ruben Blanco, but it was only parried into the path of Antoine Griezmann, who grabbed his 19th goal of the season on the rebound.

It was a fantastic reflex finish from the Frenchman, who saw his strike settle in the corner of the net after the Celta goalkeeper could only get fingertips to it.

It was a physical match, with Giménez and Orellana particularly getting involved in a scuffle.

The first half ended 1-1, with Atleti still not safe from elimination after Celta’s away goal.

Luciano Vietto had the chance to put Atleti back in the lead five minutes into the second half, but the youngster was flagged offside by the time he got his foot onto the Koke cross.

It was Celta who next had the ball in the back of the net, after a fantastic through ball to Guidetti. Moyá rushed out to save and made himself big to block the shot.

Guidetti got to the goal-line and cut the ball back for Pablo to tap into an empty net, only for the assistant referee to rule that the ball had crossed the line for a goal-kick before the cross.

Guidetti’s anguish didn’t last long though. Some slack passing play from Filipe Luís and Saúl saw the ball fall to the Swede, who smashed the ball from at least 30 yards into the back of the net. Fantastic goal, and one that would have caught any goalkeeper standing.

The goal put the visitors back into the lead, and meant that Atlético needed two goals again in order to stay in the Copa del Rey.

Diego Simeone’s first change to make it happen was to replace Yannick Carrasco with Ángel Correa, who smashed the ball off the underside of the crossbar less than five minutes after coming on.

A pass through to the Argentinean saw him rushing through on goal, but the youngster went for power over precision and couldn’t keep his shot down.

Óliver Torres was Simeone’s next roll of the dice, who was brought on to replace Saúl.

The enthusiasm within the Vicente Calderón didn’t last long. Just three minutes after Correa hit the bar, Celta had the ball in the back of the net again. Pablo Hernández with a free header in the box past Moyá. 3-1 to the visitors. Atlético needed to win 4-3.

Luciano Vietto had the perfect opportunity to pull a goal back, but the Argentinean lacked the power on his shot to beat Ruben Blanco after being put through by Correa.

Correa was the only Atlético player with any sort of urgency, and it was the player signed from San Lorenzo that got Atleti’s second goal of the night with a superb individual effort.

Some lovely footwork saw him beat a defender before stabbing the ball home into the corner of the net, but it still left Atleti needing two goals in the remaining seven minutes.

It wasn’t to be, and Celta progress to their first cup semi-final in 15 years, inflicting a rare home defeat on Atlético.

Now out of the Copa del Rey, Atleti can focus on La Liga and the impending return of the Champions League.

Atlético Madrid Celta
Atlético Madrid 23 Celta
Griezmann 29'Pablo Hernández 22'
Correa 82'Guidetti 56'
 Pablo Hernández 64'
Competition Copa del Rey Qtr
Location Vicente Calderón
Date 27 January 2016
Kick Off 20:30 CET
  • Ringo

    Now that Correa is growing in his composure it’s getting pretty clear he’s more talented than Carrasco in his dribbling. More talented than any of our players, perhaps.
    Griezmann and Saúl were decent in the first half, but pretty invisible in the second, with Saúl fatally losing the ball after some miscommunication with Gabi (they didn’t understand eachother’s movements it seemed).
    Óliver was more solid than his last few games, he seemed pretty sharp, but the team as a whole was off so he couldn’t show his skills as much as he would have liked. He showed a lot of energy, though.
    For some reason the defending at crosses was horrid today, with Pablo Hernandez scoring twice with seemingly no one knowing he was there.
    Gabi had his worst game of the season and it got clear that the team was off in its structure because of it. This is a game in which you missed Tiago beside him to take control of the midfield. I think we shouldn’t rely on Gabi’s “hierarchy” as much, because it means we’re relying on one man way too much. He is our best leader, but he is not our best player. He’ll be our most important player for a while, but in games like this it’s a danger.
    Simeone plays from systems, and now that it’s showing some cracks, it could tear down. Perhaps he should go back to playing from the squad’s talents like he did in his first three seasons. You can’t make Jackson a Diego, you can’t make Oli an Arda, you can’t make Correa a Rodriguez. But you can make them one hell of a team. While at first the team seemed to be growing into a strong possession based team, now all we see is chaos with (usually) great defenders.
    Decisions need to be made, new decisions, based on the new players, not old decisions based on the players that are no longer here.
    We’re lucky Giménez could be a new Miranda and that Filipe got back, because our defense might have been in a bad shape too if it consisted of new players.

    I get that the team is inexperienced, but put some more faith in them and awaken the energy inside.Get your sharpness back, Cholo, we need it if we want to get back on top.

  • Ringo

    also, off topic, that banner on the bottom, could that be on the side, or, even better, have a closing option?
    It takes up so much space and if you have no interest in it, that’s getting really annoying even sooner than if you do.

  • Matthijs

    Normally I don’t respond. I read all the subjects here on this site and your comments so I am familiar with AtleticoFans. But now I feel the need to react about our club since a year. Today was pure shit and Cholo needs to do something. Where is the spirit of Atleti, that was one of the reasons why I fel in love with this beautiful club.

    It is obvious that some of the players aren’t capable for this level we use to get. Today I saw why Oblak became our first goalie, he is the boss in his 5-meters area. Gimenez makes mistakes the last games he has played, I know he is still young but it costs us three points at the Riazor and now again, but there is also Godin to blame today. Gabi is getting old, his operation rate is extremely low. Koke isn’t hisself this whole year. Saul needs to replace him after this season.

    And we have the problem with our strikers. It is time for Grizzi to step up in big games, to start Saturday. Vietto can’t shoot, Correa should get a chance, he scored much more in less time. We need someone there who drags and hold defenders like Mandzukic an Costa.

    I hope we can react on Saturday but I am fearing the worst. Sorry for my bad English, but I am improving and I will react more often.

  • We’re expecting the ‘close’ option in the next couple of days!

  • Matthijs

    I mean that Saul needs to replace Gabi 😉

  • Ringo

    Thank you, Nick! It’s not that it’s something to complain about, but to people with minds like mine such things can turn frustrating haha

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    Thank you, I wanted to say that .. it’s very annoying .

  • AaX

    Good points. And Yes, Correa is better than Vietto who unfortunately will not be able to make the trip to Camp Nou this weekend. But Saul can’t replace Gabi, he plays more like Tiago but not yet as good. KOKE is the most similar in Style and position as Gabi which I think will be replacing him as Our Captain next season. The Key problem is still Tiago’s position as the Holding Midfielder.
    Get us an established Striker or a Very Promising young Forward. In this case even though I dislike it Costa is the best option. I’ll fancy some one who is quick and sharp and hungry for goals. Let’s hope we’ll find the missing piece.

    Aupa ATLETI !!

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    Jackson was the top scorer of the Portuguese league in the last 3 seasons, he scored 31 goals last season in all competitions, Vietto was the top scorer of Villarreal last season with 20 goals, Mandzukic is, will not say world class, but a high profile, before us he was at Bayern, and after us he is at Juve .
    I don’t think the problem is in the strikers, it is in the system .
    You simply can’t start with Gabi, Augusto, Koke & Saul behind Grizi and another striker and expect them to score, because none of those four is a playmaker or at least a winger or an attacking midfielder, not even Koke, Simeone has been playing him out of position since day one, and it’s not working well for him, especially after Arda has left, because he was helping him a lot, something Carrasco can’t do, if he played .

    Some people look at Koke’s 53 assists and think he is a playmaker and ignore the fact that most of those assists came from corners & free-kicks .
    You can’t put Oli, Correa and sometimes also Carrasco on the bench and ask Jackson or Torres or Vietto to score, Borja will fail to score as well, maybe Costa too, last season with Chelsea he was getting assists left & right, from Cesc, Hazard, Oscar, Wilian and even the DMs Matic & Ramires .

    Costa was Chelsea’s only striker last season with Remy & Drogba getting very few minutes, but they had 6 playmakers/wingers/AMs with at least 3 of them playing together every game, and sometimes 4 of them with only one DM, while Atleti this season have 5 strikers and only one true playmaker who doesn’t play anymore .
    This is just stupid .

  • KC

    Very disappointing performance by the majority of the team! I am so tired of people talking about how Jackson scored with Porto and Vietto was great at Villa. Torres can’t score anymore This is a different team with different tactics and these players do not fit in. Oliver deserves to play with an attacking team. Torres needs to go where a team will utilize his strengths (get him the ball in space going forward for god sake!). Players perform when the tactics match their strengths, not when you try to put a square peg in a round hole.

    Cholo is reverting back to a defensive style and that will not work with this group of players long term. I hope I am wrong, but I feel like this is the beginning of a downturn to the season. Hopefully, we will finish 3rd in the league, but I doubt we will be holding any Trophy’s..

  • starvs


  • BlasiusMagnus

    you can remove it with adblock.
    and yeah, i know sites getting payed for ads, but there’s a line… you can’t remove by clicking on it, or just close it.

  • atleti10

    It wouldn’t matter if it was Messi up front with Griez, there isn’t enough service, creativity or movement. The shape of the team doesn’t lend itself to attacking.

    Change the set up and all three will score more goals, If we continue like this next season you’ll be adding Borja to that list of struggling strikers.

    For god sake play Oliver or Koke in that advanced number 10 role. Play a 4-2-3-1, Simeone will have his two banks of 4 in defense. We need a playmaker in the middle. the two wide players are key in that formation, they need to be good going forward and willing to track back. Griez/Carrasco/Vietto/Correa all fit the bill perfectly.

    Is it just me or does this not seem like an obvious choice, at least to try!!

  • AaX

    The lack of service as well pointed out is OBVIOUS which have narrowed down our target for a striker only to a ball asking, run making and goal hungry Costa-like, Unless Simeone put up some courage and change to an Offensive Tactic then we can fully utilize the Attacking potential. Otherwise it would be a terrible waste of money and investment.

    Best line up now is to have Gabi, Koke and Oli Midfield Trio and Correa, Carrasco and Griezmann in the Attack and Gabi as the Fulcrum or the Holding Def. Midfielder in the 4-5-1 since he exudes Natural Command.

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    So what you are saying is that the solution is to change 5 or 6 players instead of changing the tactics and the style of play ?!

    I don’t know if you mean that or you are just angry and frustrated ?! .. because it’s not realistic .. do people realize how terrifying it is that Simeone believes that the only striker who fits in his plans is Costa ?! .. then what will he do when Costa lose his way too, or gets injured, or retire, or die ??!!!

    Right now Simeone has the money to sign any striker he wants, just like he had the money to sign any left back he wants, but he chose Filipe & Costa, for me, this is very scary that I’m really afraid that this great project will collapse and we return again to the post 2000 era, finishing 6th or 7th or worse, but this time with the 3rd biggest budget in Spain and the 15th in Europe .

  • KC

    Just the opposite, Simeone needs to adopt a more attacking style and stop reverting back to the “defend at all cost” mentality. He made changes in personnel to adopt a more attacking style, but can’t seem to let go of the tactics that made them successful with players from 2-3 years ago. Either fit the tactics to match the qualities of the current squad or go get the players to fit the boring defensive football he likes so much.