La Liga: Almería 2 – 0 Atlético

Aranzubia and referee take away Atleti's top spot

Diego Atletico Madrid Almeria

Atlético struggle in Almería

Atlético Madrid have lost the top spot in La Liga after falling to Almería at the Estadio de los Juegos Mediterraneos.

The visitors controlled the entire game, but were frustrated by their opponents and the referee in a match where everything that could go wrong, seemed to be going wrong. In the final minutes two goals by Verza decided the game.

Atleti started without the injured trio of Courtois, Filipe and David Villa, while Koke sat out a one game suspension. The Rojiblancos started ambitiously with Manquillo and Raúl García bombing forward in the opening minutes, but both of their crosses were collected by goalkeeper Esteban.

Diego Costa played without a strike partner up front and throughout the entire game the team lacked penetration in the final third, as they were only able of getting shots off from far out. Diego Ribas was most active from distance, but fired all of his attempts wide of the target.

Midway through the first half Diego Costa was illegally blocked by a defender as he entered the box, but the obvious push was ignored by referee Teixeira Vitienes. Some minutes later the referee and his linesman again neglected to point to the spot after Javi Manquillo was clearly brought down from behind inside the box by Suso.

The second half was more of the same, with Diego shooting just wide and Almería constantly fouling in midfield. One foul led to a free kick taken by Sosa, who recorded our only shot on target of the game.

After an hour of play Almería substitute Hélder Barbosa committed a horrible challenge, taking Tiago down from behind. While the midfielder had to be stretchered off, adding to Atleti’s injury woes, the referee refused to hand out a card or even whistle for the foul.

In the 76th minute Almería ventured forward for the first time through Aleix Vidal, who skipped past two defenders before spectacularly hitting both posts with a single strike.

A few minutes later the game was decided by an incredible goal by Verza, although it’s not entirely clear the midfielder intended to strike the ball the way he did. After playing a short corner, Verza curled the ball into the topcorner far out of Aranzubia’s reach.

Atleti were shocked by the setback and nearly conceded again just moments later, but this time Aranzubia did intervene to deny Aleix Vidal.

Five minutes before the end Aranzubia made a huge mistake when he allowed Jonathan to block his long kick, but the goalkeeper recovered the ball just in time to prevent a second goal. However, Teixeira Vitienes pointed to the spot claiming Aranzubia pulled down the striker in an attempt to beat him to the ball. Replays showed the atrocious referee made another unbelievable mistake, but Atleti’s protests were to no avail.

With Simeone having already used his 3 substitutions, it was Gabi who put on the gloves. The captain, however, had no chance of stopping Verza’s excellent penalty.

Almería Atlético
Almería 2 0 Atlético
Verza 80' 
Verza 86' 
Competition Liga BBVA
Location Juegos Mediterráneos
Date 08 February 2014
Kick Off 22:00 CET

Team Lineups

Suso (89')
Soriano (58')
Jonathan (93')
Substitutes used
Barbosa (58')
Corona (89')
Oscar Díaz (93')
Tiago (67')
Raúl García (77')
Diego (69')
Diego Costa
Substitutes used
Mario (67')
Sosa (69')
Adrián (77')

Match Stats

On Target
Yellow Cards
Red Cards
  • Pantic#10

    My comlimemts to the referee… of the worst referee ever.
    We had our faults, but this referee should be banned.
    Hope Tiago is ok. What a butcher….

  • Sajedeh

    It,s like a bad dream. i want my mom to wake up me and say : get up saji! atletico won 5_0 while you were sleeping. OMG THAT,S VERY SWEET

  • Amr Habib Mukadaffi

    Here where i live in the Netherlands, if you charge some1 with both legs , and the intention to injure someone ( Tiago got injured bad ), then you get a red card, and 4-5 games of suspension. I was really really shocked how he didin’t get a red card…

    And then 20 minute’s later, the goalkeeper aranzubbia makes a mistake, recovers it with getting the bal, and then gets a penalty and red card ? Refferees like this give the Spanish football a bad name….

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    57 points in 23 games, still co-leaders, with 4 very important absences, with very weak bench that El Cholo played with a RB as a LB because he doesn’t trust his back-up left back enough, and with a disastrous GK, because we sold Joel & Roberto and loaned Asenjo to get some cash, and -as usual- a fucking horrible Spanish refeering

    nothing not normal, we just lost a game, still 15 others to play .. not a disaster .. so don’t react like it is one

    But the performance is disastrous though .. can’t argue with that, but I trust Simeone to fix it,
    after all, he is the one who made us feel angry because we lost the leadership, in week 23 !!
    come on guys, just remember how was our 23rd week like in the last few seasons,
    at that time, we used to say :
    “fuck .. the 9th defeat .. when we gonna have an away win .. the 4th place is getting away”

    Simeone is still learning, and the players are still learning, and obviously, the fans have a lot to learn too

    one guy wrote a comment on the previous post :
    “we will lose La Liga, we will be knocked out from the cup, and from the champions league”

    You don’t say !!!

    dude, who told you that our goal was to win one of these trophies this season, rather than the all 3 of them ?!!
    I’m not saying that because we lost against Real then lost again tonight, I’ve been saying that for a very long time

    to win the “triple” you have to play 60 games, and you can do that with one goalkeeper, one left back, 3 central defenders, 3 defensive midfielders, 3 attacking midfielders, and one & a half striker !

    I said exactly more than month ago :
    “Atleti fans have to prepare themselves to end this season trophyless, and this will never be a disaster”
    I said exactly after Diego came back :
    “Now I believe that we have a chance to win La Liga this season, but it still a very small one”

    If you asked me to choose between wining La Liga this season or signing Courtios and keeping Costa, I definitely will choose the 2nd one

    for the million time, we are building a project, and it still need a lot of work and a lot time,

    it took Dortmund’s project with Klopp 3 years to win the Bundesliga, and 4 years to reach UCL final
    our project is just 2 years old, and Dortmund are only fighting one enemy, Bayern, they have more money than us, and they have real referees back there

    and also, if you asked me if I want to be like BVB, wining two league titles, reaching UCL final, then after that selling all your stars, and some of them for your nemesis, and even your best player, Lewandowski joining them for free, and now they are behind them with 17 points ?!
    I definitely will say NO, I don’t want that
    I prefer to compete for the title every season until the last week then lose it than wining two Ligas then returning again to finishing 25 points behind Real & Barca

    So, we became leaders for one week after 18 years and everybody is talking about wining the triple !!
    one week of leadership made us forgot our slogan, the one who put us where we are right now,
    “Partido a Partido” ?!

    if you have forgotten, I have not
    and if you are very optimistic, I prefer to stay realistic
    but I’ll stay believing .. and I’ll stay dreaming

    NOTE :
    for 63 consecutive game in La Liga, Atleti didn’t concede a single penalty,
    then, from the first game in the second round against Sevilla, just after Atleti became a real candidate for the title:
    3 penalties in 4 games

    Coincidence ?!

    I don’t think so

    I forgive you Aranzubia .. I trust you Simeone .. I fuckin love you Atleti .

  • Valinia

    @AHMAD HOSSAINY cant agree more. we r in good shape for a short period of time n ppl lose their mind, dreaming atleti to win a treble with this comparatively weak squad. were not barca/real, we dont have many quality players on bench. its lucky for us to win one trophy but a trophyless season isnt a disaster. i hope simeones gonna learn from the lesson n do better on squad rotation… i just cant understand why he cant trust on the backups
    btw, i do realise that the referees judgement r usually against us when barca/real lose points, u know what i mean…

  • Ian

    I agree with ahmad, but it still frustrates me..
    We didn’t play well, but we didn’t deserve to lose the way we did either..
    It’d be a miracle now to be able to reach the finals pf copa del rey, so I think focusing on the next La Liga match is more important, and we really should appeal aranzubia’s red card, can’t imagine bonou being our goalkeeper with the red card and courtois injured..

  • ash

    Is it possible for the team to ask the spain fa for a rematch since the ref made so many horrible mistakes?

  • Zakaria

    I have one question that I would like someone to answer me for, why Toby is being benched, why are we not using the Ajax starlet anymore? the guy is good, and costs us lots of money, why is he benched. Godin and Miranda are great, but they can rest for a bit, the guy can even play as RB.
    I believe in this guy, and he was a regular at Ajax and Belgium, am sure this guy has something to offer.

    anyways in Cholo we trust, right?

    Aupa Atleti