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Costa addresses matters  on the club's official site  (

Soapbox Suzy: Respect Costa’s decision!

I’m getting annoyed with the whole ‘Diego Costa: Spain or Brazil’ thing. I’m really happy about our players being called up, because it is a sign of the great work they do for Atlético. It doesn’t matter to me which country they play for.

Good idea? Bad?  (AS)

Soapbox Suzy: Take back Diego Ribas, or not?

Rumours about a possible transfer of the “other Diego” are making the rounds, with the player’s father saying that an Atlético representative will meet with Wolfsburg today to negotiate his transfer back to the Manzanares.

The captains prepare for their first  European clash of the season  (

Soapbox Suzy: Our Champions League return!

Earlier, while browsing through the pictures on the Atlético website – a standard routine – my attention was caught by one particular photo that was uploaded from the training session on Monday. As some of you may know, I am, supposedly, the biggest Mario Suárez supporter outside of Spain. You likely suspect that it was a flattering photo of him, but no, it was not.

Soapbox Suzy: Counting down the days…

For many a player, being called up to the national team is one of the greatest achievement’s of one’s career. To wear the colors of your country, and to represent it at international grounds must be, professionally, awesome. In the case of Atlético, the nomination of several of our players is also acknowledgement of the

What better way to follow a manita than with a Cup?  (Photo: Tania Delgado)

Soapbox Suzy: Bring on Barcelona!

One more day to go until the first “real” final of the season. While before the first leg at the Calderón everyone could say that there was still one more match to go, now things are getting serious. No more excuses of non-irrigated pitches, one club not giving another one a place to train, or

Not their greatest night  (

Soapbox Suzy: Don’t blame the pitch!

If there is one thing on this planet that I really dislike, it is when players, coaches, or any other club officials whine about surrounding conditions of a football match. That’s why I got kind of annoyed seeing the press quote a comment Xavi made for the Catalan TV channel TV3 after the match. There

Mario Suarez in training session

Atleti to start 2013/14 pre-season this Friday

After 34 days of summer break for the players and coaching staff, Atlético will finally begin the 2013/14 season on Friday. Diego Pablo Simeone, who will return from his holiday in Argentina today, will meet up with his players for the start of the pre-season at the Cuidad Deportiva in the Madrilenian suburb of Majadahonda

Atletico Madrid 2013/14 kits

Atleti present 2013/14 kits

The home shirt for the 2013/14 season continues the tradition of red and white stripes. The main difference from the shirt of the Copa del Rey winning season, is that the sleeves of the shirt will no longer be striped but completely red, with the exception of a white band. Additionally, it will have a

Sleeping Atletico Madrid fans

Soapbox Suzy: No more midseason friendlies!

After the typical post match training session on Sunday morning, Atlético’s players were not released to a quiet day off to enjoy with family and friends. No, instead of taking advantage of having a  full week without European competition or national team World Cup qualifying duties to recover sore muscles and train, the players and coaching staff were put on a

One-on-one between Óliver and Ruano

Soapbox Suzy: Chill out with Óliver!

When Atlético played in Getafe on Sunday, the wish of many Atlético fans in and outside of Spain came true: Cholo Simeone finally gave Óliver Torres minutes with the first team.  Many supporters have been waiting for this day for months, telling the world on Twitter every week that Simeone has to play the young