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Atletico Madrid midfielder Koke

Opinion: Atlético five years on

A club does not just exist in the past and present. There’s also a future ahead. With canteranos looking more and more likely to get their chance at our club, AtléticoFans reader Ringo Schut looks where Atleti might be headed in the years to come, as well as some of the players we could well go on to adore.


Why Atlético will defeat Internazionale

It’s only a few days until the European Super Cup is fought for in Monaco. The winner of the Champions League final, Internazionale Milano, and the winner of the Europa League, Club Atlético de Madrid, are the clubs who will decide the best club of the continent. Both teams have changed in major aspects, with perhaps only Atlético changing for the best.

filipe luis

Opinion: A black sheep no more?

For years Atlético’s defence has been the weak spot of the team. Atlético always depended on the scoring prowess of the forwards. However, when ‘Kun’ and ‘Uruguayo’ were invisible in a game or when we came up against opponents with great forwards as well, we often lost because of the multiple mistakes an the back.