Godín expected next week; Fanni move back on?

Spanish media report Godín will sign next week, while AS think the Fanni deal is not dead yet

fanni staderennais

Multiple Spanish media report today that Diego Godín will be an Atlético player as soon as the team returns from Thailand.

Our directors have come along on this trip to Asia, where we will play an All Star team from the Thai league. The match is tomorrow at 12AM Spanish time.

Due to the absence of our directors, the deal can’t be closed yet, but an agreement seems in place. We’ll pay €9m for 50% of his rights and the player will earn €1.4m annually. The only stumbling block seems to be the player’s agent, who owns 30% of Godín’s rights.

Fanni still on the agenda

AS reports today that García Pítarch contacted Rennes to keep them updated on the situation with Fanni. But the Spanish daily is contradicting themselves. While journalist Francisco Díaz reports that GP called to tell Rennes that there’s no money to sign both Godín and Fanni, his colleague Dani Hidalgo writes that Fanni doesn’t have to worry about a thing.

Fanni’s agent is afraid they’re just a back up plan, like Taiwo was. Meanwhile Fanni is holding off offers from Sunderland and West Ham waiting for Atleti.

According to Hidalgo the defender signed some necessary documents yesterday and will earn €1.4m for each of his three seasons in Madrid. We reported earlier that we’ll pay Rennes €4.5m in three terms for this transfer.

Seems most of next season’s transfer budget is already spent, if we have to pay €9m for the other half of Godín’s rights and €1.5m more for Fanni.

  • Ringo Schut

    Well, both will be better, but that would probably mean Ujfalusi has to leave. I guess the Czech is a big earner, although I’m not entirely sure.

    However, a whole new defensive line might need some time to be as good as possible. Plus there is a possibility to sign Rafinha for free in a year, so maybe it’s even better not to sign Fanni and only sign Godín. Ujfalusi for one year won’t be that bad 🙂

  • Derek Maaijen

    I agree Ringo, with three new defenders you’d think the last line needs some time to gel together. Even more because none of them actually started preseason with us.
    But it does help that Filipe and Godín are familiar with Spanish football.

  • Ringo Schut

    Yeah, plus they are (one of the) best on their positions! 🙂

  • Madridatleticos

    I don’t want Fanni. It’s too much change. Big bob ujfalusi played really well at right back but he was only supposed to be a stop gap solution. But now it seems that he will be playing there full time and has had a full pre season to get in form

  • Nick Poskitt

    I agree, I think signing Fanni would probably be overkill, especially if the deal for Godín goes through as well. We would have a growing list of players that can play at right-back too, players like Valera, Perea and Ujfa. Even A Lo can play there, albeit not greatly. But I guess he’ll have to fit in somewhere.

  • Fanni is quite cheap, and would surely do better than Ufo, but still perhaps we dont need him that much if Godin comes. Rafinha should be our priority next year, although I don’t believe we will manage to sign him, bigger guns will line up for him or he might stay with Shalke after all.