Atlético form alliance with three more clubs

The club continues aim of globalisation and hopes to expand its worldwide fanbase

Gil Marín presents the strategic alliance(

Gil Marín presents the strategic alliance

Atlético Madrid have signed a strategic alliance with Chicago Fire (USA), Club América (Mexico) and Sport Club Internacional de Porto Alegre (Brazil).

The agreement was officially announced on Tuesday at a press conference held in Porto Alegre, which was attended by Atlético’s general director Miguel Ángel Gil Marín.

The alliance is a worldwide project. Atleti have been working together with Chinese side Shanghai Shenhua for two years and partnered up with Muangthong United (Thailand), Al-Ain (U.A.E.) and Raja Casablanca (Morocco) last season as part of our global alliance strategy.

As part of our agreement with Shengua, B-team player Roberto Batres was sent on loan to China once, but the new deals are strictly financial. By working together, the clubs hope to expand their businesses to new markets.

It’s expected that Atlético will travel to the American continent next summer for a pre-season tour, including friendly matches against our new allies.

Hopefully we will be able to profit from the exchange of information between the eight countries. Through this deal Atleti hope to expand their fanbase, so soon we might be able to welcome even more fans from abroad to share the Rojiblanco passion!

Do you think Atlético will really profit from these strategic alliances?

  • John Greece

    I don’t think so… we’d better invest to our academies rather than searching for players abroad…Spain has enough players and we must focus on developing and supporting them…De Gea,Dominguez,Torres shows that we can rely on our academy

  • 92

    We should have signed with Chivas as they produce a lot more young players than America, but is not a bad idea investing with America as they have some interesting young players, although they rarely promote young players so I guess now that we signed with America, we’ll never signed a alliance with Chivas that’s too bad.

  • Barry Chainey

    Sport Club Internacional de Porto Alegre have some very promising young players, the most exciting of which is Oscar, who recently scored a hat-trick in the final of the U20 World Cup to win it for Brazil! I don’t know too much about the other two teams, but Internacional is a good link for Atleti!

  • Xisco

    //Barry Chainey, along with Leandro Damiao who is the player that best approaches Ronaldo 9, Oscar is currently the most promising Brazilian young player behind Neymar and Lucas but i don’t think he is in Atleti’s plans. I said it over and over that i would love to see Oscar playing for Atleti but i think he is going to AC Milan or Inter or another team that it isn’t Atetico and we’ll regret not signing Oscar.

  • DJ_ZA

    Xisco, I read that Guardiola was interested in signing Oscar as he (Pep) thinks Neymar’s gonna settle with Mourinho. But Barcelona don’t want to fork out the 20 mill for Oscar. Any Atleti fans have a spare 20 milion to get Oscar? (lol).

    Have to agree on Damiao – heard Tottenham were also very keen on him.

    and @john greece, don’t panic, as long as la liga has the EU restrictions, nobody’s gonna forget about the precious academy. An occasional signing from these clubs is all we’ll probably see…..I think the directors are more interested in the $ they could get from pre-season tours. And it always pays off – football fans in far-flung territories love spending to see international clubs.
    AND new Atletico fans are always great! from anywhere in the world…. just like us!

  • Xisco

    Oscar is 20m? damn i had no idea. i also didn’t know Pep was following his progress. Oscar is a good player but 20m is too much. Brazilian clubs now think that because of a young player is good they’ll ask a ton of money and they been imposing buyout clauses from a minimum of 20m. On second thought Oscar may be worth the 20m as he has having recurrent good matches. But let’s see in the future where is he going. So far we haven’t shown interest in him. Till now it doesn’t look like we are gonna make a bid for him but maybe with this agreement Atletis sporting directors maybe they take a look at Internacionals young players and decide to sign Oscar ’cause he is a great player. i’m telling you guys behind Neymar and Lucas he is the most promising young Brazilian player.