A tiger on the prowl

Falcao feasted on a lowly Racing Santander in 4-0 thrashing

Image displayed in the Calderón Sunday  (globedia.com)

Image displayed in the Calderón Sunday

It took Colombian striker Radamel Falcao three official matches to accomplish what it took Sergio Agüero 234 official games to achieve: a hat-trick with Atlético.

The forward, described by coach Gregorio Manzano as a “scorer and skilled opportunist”, looks to be the product advertised with his €40 million price tag and is quickly banishing memories of that Argentine fellow.

Along with his attacking counterparts Diego, Arda Turan and Reyes, Falcao was dynamite against a depleted Racing side on Sunday.

The Colombia international was given the match ball, which, according to Atlético’s official site, was signed by all his team-mates.

After the 4-0 victory on Sunday, Falcao was surrounded by reporters wanting to hear his impressions of his big game.

“I’m happy to be able to score three goals,” he was quoted as saying by the club’s official site.

“I thank God for what I’m living and I thank my team-mates because without them this would not be possible.”

The 25-year-old has won over the hearts of the Rojiblanco faithful and a throbbing Vicente Calderón chanted his name during the clash.

“The fans were great with all players,” said Falcao.

“Clearly, there is interaction between the players and the fans.”

‘El Tigre’ was asked if he had seen the Twitter-style ‘hashtag’ displayed on the stadium’s monitors while the match was being played, which read ‘#untigreandasuelto’ (‘A tiger is on the loose’).

“No, because I was concentrating on the game, but I’ve been told,” he said.

“Hopefully I can work with the team and score goals but more importantly, the team win. The team goals are more important than personal ones.”

Falcao will look to add to his goal total on Wednesday, when Atleti host Sporting Gijón.

“We’re only thinking about the match against Sporting, where we will try to win all three points,” he said.

“The most important thing for us now is Wednesday and we will focus specifically on that game.”

  • Davide

    That picture is a killer screensaver. Anyone have it in high resolution? With or without any writing.

  • Mais
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  • Croatia Atletista

    “…is quickly banishing memories of that Argentine fellow.”
    Lets not get over excited I mean Falcao is our best investment this year but Aguero is at the moment in the top 2-3 forwards in the world…

  • Urban

    Who says Falcao wont be in the top three?

    Aguero is doing great without a doubt but still he has to prove himself with Man Utd, Chelsea and Arsenal (though the same applies to Falcao and Barca/Real).

    Anyways its clear that the whole marketing machinery will be obviously focused on Falcao. Its a shame Diego is only on loan, it may mean millions of euros of losses in advertising for us.

  • DJ_ZA

    Oh c’mon Martin… that’s the weakest opening paragraph you’ve ever written! Why try to force a comparison? Aguero was a teenager starting out his career, while Falcao’s a 40 million, experienced player at / near the peak of his.

    Don’t get me wrong, i’m happy as the next that he scored the hat-trick, but I don’t think anyone’s gonna forget Kun. I’m just hoping Atletico keep winning so that we don’t ever have to wish that we get Aguero back.

    Falcao’s goals will maybe help erase the betrayal of Kun but the memories will never go…. that’s like asking us to forget that we were Europa Champions.

    And if later, Falcao is up there with or ahead of Aguero… well that’ll just be a bonus.

  • Martin Rosenow

    Oh c’mon, surely I’ve written weaker opening paragraphs than that one.

    I’m not forcing a comparison, I’m merely pointing out an interesting fact.

    I think it’s great news that, at least in the early going, Falcao, who was brought in with the money from Kun’s sale (sort of), is scoring goals, softening the blow of Kun’s departure/so-called betrayal.

    Don’t take it to heart. No one’s asking you to forget about your precious Kun memories.

  • Yon

    When can we predict the match against Sporting Gijon?

  • Derek Maaijen

    Go ahead now, Yon!

  • DJ_ZA

    Martin, they’re actually precious Atletico memories which sometimes feature Kun (lol).
    Anyway the less he features in any new memories the better because I’ve always preferred the colour red in that city. (a double betrayal for me)

    … oh, and I guess I’ll have to re-read ALL your posts to check for potential weakness (whahahaha)… we can’t have the standards dropping now, can we? Guess you can just call me QS_ZA from now (quality supervisor).