Turan: “Atlético can compete with anyone”

The Turkish playmaker spoke to the press after Monday's practice

Arda Turan double-teamed by Racing  (colchonero.com)

Arda Turan double-teamed by Racing

Atlético midfielder Arda Turan gave a press conference Monday morning following the team’s training session.

Turan communicated by way of a translator, his close friend Ata who accompanied him to Madrid.

The Turkish wonder has delighted fans with a series of sensational performances in his first few games with Atleti, assisting several goals but has yet to find the back of the net himself.

The 24-year-old is untroubled though.

“I like to share what I have in my life,” he said.

“That also has an influence in football. I like assisting goals much more than scoring them. It’s part of my character.”

On the pitch, it’s evident that Arda is connecting well with his new team-mates, something he attributes to dressing room camaraderie.

“My team-mates support me so much,” he said.

“We try to be like a family. We need more time to adapt as a team, but we are going to go up because we have great players on the squad.

“There’s a good environment that will help us overcome any difficulties.”

Turan gave a personal assessment of his first weeks as a Rojiblanco.

“I feel really good at this club,” he said.

“I can’t promise that I will play well in every game, but I can promise that I will fight hard in all matches. I feel very happy here and never thought that I would adapt so quickly to Spanish football.

“I was very surprised by that.”

The playmaker assured that Atlético have the quality to eventually challenge La Liga giants.

“Barcelona are a very good team, they have something special, but we, or even Valencia, have a good team as well,” he said.

“With time, whenever we adapt completely, we can compete at the top of the standings with Real Madrid and Barcelona. Villarreal, Málaga and Sevilla might all be up there, too.

“This team is capable of competing with anyone.”

The former Galatasaray captain and Turkey international then went over the differences between Spain’s Primera División and his home country’s Süper Lig.

“The Spanish league has a lot of quality,” he said.

“The best players in the world are here and the game is played more offensively. Football is more defensive in Turkey, but I hope that one day we’ll be at the same level as the Spanish league.”

How do you feel about Arda so far? Has he played above your expectations of him when he first joined the club?

  • starvs

    I think Arda has made us all forget about Piatti, rightfully so.

  • Urban

    True, he does GREAT and he didnt play any worse than Falcao or Diego in the last games.

    We have changed our beloved duet for a great new trio, and I hope thay can make us even happier.

    The main thing is to stabilize our form and maintain winning streaks.

    He would contribute much more if he learned Spanish, he is such a personality this guy!

  • Whose Jersey would you guys buy now? I’m considering Arda’s seriously 🙂

  • RojiBlanco

    Dominator, of course.

  • 92

    Now that Turan has been excelling so far I don’t think that we should pay the fee for Pizzi as we don’t really need him. I think we should keep hold Juanfran, and Salvio and desist on buying Pizzi at the end of the season as his fee is very high for a player that is going to be on the bench, instead we should give more playing time to Salvio as he already proved his worth with Benfica.

  • Dave

    What’s funny about Arda Turan is that he is the reason that mesut ozil chose to play for germany over Turkey. Before he chose to play for Turkey or Germany, him and his parents had a meeting with the Turkish national team manager at the time, Fatih Terim.

    His parents said that if Term could garantee Ozil a starting place, that he would play for Turkey. Terim said that he could not garantee him a starting place, because his position was garanted to Arda Turan.

    Believe it or not, Arda will turn out to be the best Turkish midfielder playing in Spain.

  • 92

    I thought Mesut Ozil chose to play for Germany because he would’ve earn more money and if he would’ve switch for Turkey, he would’ve never got the chance to join Madrid or, at least that’s what Hamit Altintop claims.
    So Dave, Ozil didn’t chose Turkey because he didn’t wanted to be on the bench, and he rather chose Germany as they garantee him a starting place?, that is indeed funny, but I think that Terim should’ve garantee Ozil a starting place because Ozil is a natural playmaker and Turan a natural winger, they can play on the same team at the same time. It would’ve been nice to see them with the Turkish team, unfortunately that’s not the case.

  • atletisrael

    I must say that the only signing I was excited about was arda. Falcao seemed to lost his hunger in Copa America after winning europa for porto, and no one I think was certain about diego (I am still looking for a catch).
    Nothing against those two by far, both are exallent, but Arda seems to be the player to count on and the club should put the effort to first teach him spanish and than keeping him for as long as they can.

  • GS Fan 1905

    Having watched Arda in the Super Lig for years, I can tell you that he is already playing above and beyond what he was able to do in Turkey.

    La Liga gives him a chance to play his game. The best part is, he is not even firing on all cylinders yet!! He is only going to get better. Especially once he can communictate with his team mates in Spanish out on the pitch.

    As for Mesut Ozil. I can’t really blame the guy for choosing Germany. He was born there, grew up with the values of German football. Heck, he can barely speak Turkish.
    Besides, years ago, his agent took him to Turkey to try and “sell” him to the big three clubs in Turkey, (Galatasaray, Fenerbahce and Besiktas). He was rejected by all three clubs, they all claimed that he did not have the pyhsique to be a successful player. The rest is history!!

    But one can not stop dreaming of having, Arda, Ozil and Nuri in the Turkish midfield 🙂

  • 92

    GS Fan 1905 I agree, even though I’m not Turkish it would’ve been really cool to see Turan, Ozil and Sahin playing for Turkey, I can imagine a really powerful Turkish team with Ozil and the others, unfortunately is not gonna happen, but having Turan playing for Atleti is really delightful.

  • Football Fan from USA

    Turan is just a delight to watch as he weaves his way in forcefully through enemy defense. Atletico Madrid is very lucky to have him. Once he adjusts, I see him shooting up especially with the form that falcao is playing at as well. He just needs a strong 2nd to keep him going, make plays, and score goals with. I think they will really take atletico far in the next 2 years.