La Liga: Atlético 4 – 0 Racing

Falcao the hat-trick hero as Atleti play Racing off the park

El Tigre nets a hat-trick (AS)

El Tigre nets a hat-trick (AS)

Despite all our summer investments, Atlético had failed to find the back of the net in our first two La Liga appearances.

But on Sunday night everything finally went our way in front of goal as Racing de Santander were sent home with a 4-0 drubbing.

The big man for los Rojiblancos was Radamel Falcao, who netted a hat-trick. Substitute striker Adrián added a fourth 10 minutes before time.

Atleti started the match strongly and created three good opportunities within 10 minutes, but Toño and his defenders were able to shut our forwards out.

But after 23 minutes the inevitable happened and Atleti finally broke the deadlock. Through Diego and Arda the ball was delivered to Reyes, who found Falcao in the box. The Colombian controlled the ball and scored his first La Liga goal to give Atleti the lead.

Some minutes later he added a second, but his goal was wrongfully disallowed when the linesman flagged for offside for Tiago. Replays showed that the midfielder was onside as he received the pass, before setting up his team-mate.

But it wasn’t long until Atlético extended their lead. We were awarded a penalty when Diego was brought down in the box, and Falcao stepped up to convert the spot kick.

Before the break, the €40 million man could have already completed his hat-trick, while Diego too missed a big chance to put the tie to bed. The Brazilian playmaker was involved in every move we made and was the big orchestrator with 55 completed passes in the first half.

Unfortunately Diego didn’t return from the dressing rooms after half time, as he was feeling some discomfort. Gregorio Manzano decided not to take any risks and brought on Adrián.

Even without his buddy, Falcao continued where he left off. In the 56th minute he finished off a beautiful pass by Arda by subtly chipping the ball over Toño.

With Diego subbed off, the Turkish midfielder took over the reigns as Atleti continued to dominate the game. 10 minutes before the end Arda Turan delivered another assist by placing a ball exactly on Adrián‘s head. The young Spanish striker headed it past the goalkeeper and scored Atleti’s fourth goal of the night.

Gregorio Manzano also allowed Pizzi to join the party. The Portuguese youngster made his official debut and showed some nice touches to the Vicente Calderón crowd.

In the added time Racing created their first opportunity of of the match, but thankfully Thibaut Courtois was still paying attention. The goalie stopped Stuani’s shot and kept a clean sheet, Atleti’s sixth in eight official games.

On Wednesday Atleti play another home game, against Sporting Gijón. The match kicks off at 20.00 CET.

Line-up: Courtois; Perea, Miranda, Domínguez, Filipe; Tiago, Mario, Diego (“46 Adrián); Reyes (“76 Juanfran), Falcao (“68 Pizzi) and Arda.

Goals: 1-0 Falcao (“23); 2-0 Falcao (“35); 3-0 Falcao (“56); 4-0 Adrián (“78)

  • dexter

    Arda Turan and Falcao was amazing. Arda dominated the match !

  • 7th

    they made my day, enjoyed their performances. all of them was MOTM to me. hope diego and arda stay long enough and win a title.

    AUPA atletico.

  • Lubo

    Good performance from whole team, especially solid defending. I liked it!!

  • Heval

    I think Arda was definitely MOTM along side Falcao. Diego was also very good. Keep it up!

  • Edletico

    I don’t want to get carried away but this project of Manzano’s looks quality.
    I wasn’t sure about Miranda at first but now looks the part.
    Full backs add another dimension to the attack, even more so when Silvio returns.
    Midfield looked much more in control, however it is still our weakness. Diego seems world class but Tiago and Suarez are solid although we could do better.
    Arda and Falcao are great signings, Reyes showed that he is a team player and we still have Pizzi, Adrian and Salvio in reserve!
    Anyone know if Courtois has a buy out clause?
    Also, did anyone see Torres’ miss today?

  • John Greece

    If we keep diego and courtois next year and with a box to box player addition i guarantee that we challenge for the title…FORZA ATLETICO

  • palc

    I can’t remember the last time we outplayed an opponent like that. Manzano is a genius. Everyone played great. The “weakest” player on our team might have actually been Reyes.

    Is Diego ok and fit for the next tie? We actually have a small chance against Barca.

  • Mais

    Elated the entire time! Felt like a cohesive team not just kun + co. Only sad that forlan couldn’t be a part of it

  • Mais

    And I agree with palc reyes does not shine on this team the way he did when there was tension last yr

  • Urban

    I wonder wether Diego will be happy to stay with us or rather he only wants to make a name for himself again so he could join a bigger club.

  • Tony

    Great performances from Falcao and Arda Turan… it’s good to see Arda seems adjusted to AM pretty well.

  • Lucas Henrique

    Wow great! performances Falcao and Arda

  • Atletico AUPA



  • Chalet

    I think that for most people Falcao and D. Ribas will get all the credit – but in my eyes Arda was clearly MOTM.
    What an amazing player! He´s such a joy to watch!

  • palc

    I’ve also taken notice of Arda and Diego’s ability to not lose the ball unneccesary and always complete a pass. Very very impressive and extremely important for our new style of playing.

    Also.. nice of the fans to sing the Arda Turan song in the closing minutes of the second half. Must’ve been delightful for him to be hearing that

  • Davide

    We should just buy Diego from Wolfsburg while we still can, before some mid table english teams puts in a bid. What does our deal look like? Do we we have first option on Diego after season? Can Wolfsburg increase the price?

  • Urban

    I guess nobody knows for sure. AS mentioned once something about the buyout clause but they have never confirmed it, I guess they didnt include one since there was no time for proper negotiations in this regard.

  • Javi

    We should definitely buy Diego and Courtois NOW!!!
    Urban why would Diego want to go to a bigger club when he can be part of the rebirth of one of the biggest ones?
    If things keep going this way we don’t have to wait to next year to challenge the title. I saw RM today and if they would have been our opponent today we would gave taken them down.
    Who needs Kun…

  • Atletico Madrid has very effective attacking players such as Falcao, Diego ,Reyes and Arda. Especially, against the Santander ,Arda and Falcao’s performance were amazing.

    Yürüyedur Büyük Kaptan

    Gerçek Galatasaray Taraftarlarının duaları her zaman seninle !

  • fancyfartpants

    cant wait till wednesdayyyyyyyyyyyy… wish i can see everyday a new match of atletico madridddddddddddd,

  • Chalet


    Unfortunately Forlán is now Atléti history.
    He said it over and over again that he didn´t want to leave the club – but the board made it clear that they wanted to get rid of him.

    Forlán is now struggling a bit with Inter – but I think that with Atléti´s attacking forces at the moment probably he would have been striker #3 at best.
    And that is not acceptable for a player like Forlán.

  • Mais


    Yes I agree, as much as I don’t want to. The whole forlan business left a small scar on an otherwise great past few months..I’m just bitter that forlan didn’t have the same success/reception from inter fans (as fas as I’ve seen) that aguero is getting at city. Kun may be great but I don’t think I can ever respect him as a player if he really was involved with all the nastiness in the locker room
    I hope forlan finds his mojo in milan and continues to demonstrate what a class act he is

  • Sweden

    Adrian Lopez is the perfect substitute for Falcao, he doesn’t mind sitting on the bench sometimes and he is a great goal scorer. 10 times better than Costa. This season is going to be awesome in every aspect.

  • Note for the Falcão’s hattrick. How much time Agüero spent to get his first??

    I call 2 MOTM for this match: Falcao and Arda Turan! Arda was great. Perfectly sub for the Diego role. I’m very confident to this team now. If Diego leaves or get very well marked, we can leave the job to Arda or Reyes. If Falcao is not in a good day we can call Adrian.. Very promising. Let’s get the 3rd position this year to make better next season! Yes, we can! 🙂

    @Urban, Diego does not want to make “name” to move to bigger club. He wants to play and get back to Brazil squad. Brazil’s coach pays attention to our club and I’m sure Diego is on his way to get back to Brazil squad.

  • Chalet


    Forlán is a great player and a great person – and in my eyes it was a disgrace how he got treated by QSF and the club at the end of last season.

    I think it´s understandable that Agüero is already the fans´ favourite at ManCity. I mean – he is scoring goals galore and ManCity have mostly been on the winning side recently.

    For Forlán it´s a different situation at the moment. Inter are struggling – and it looks like the fans are not that happy with coach Gasperini.
    Forlán scored a wonderful goal against Palermo in his first Serie A game ever – but in the end unfortunately it was nothing more than a consolation goal with Inter being on the losing side of that game.
    Forlán is sometimes forced to play out of position with Inter – and people shouldn´t forget that it´s only about 3 weeks since he came to Italy and he might need some time to get used to Serie A football and to gel with the new team on the pitch.

    From what I´ve read so far he is getting along very well with the dressing room at Inter and he´s already been good friends with Zanetti, Cuchu and Il Principe before.
    When Forlán arrived in Milano a couple of weeks ago the fans at the airport already had a song for him… 😉

    Personally I will keep on following Forlán – and I really wish him all the best.

    Oh – and once again sorry for being OT.

  • Chalet

    I think that at the moment every single Atléti fan is walking around with a big, big smile on the face!
    Of course Falcao, Arda, D.Ribas, Reyes and Adrián are the players that are highlighted most at the moment – but I think that the whole team did very well recently, let alone Courtois!

  • Idan

    how many time diego enjoy? please answer

  • palc

    Diego enjoy many times.

  • Martin Rosenow