Atlético beat Fuenlabrada 3-0 in friendly

Atleti win the inaugural match of their opponent's Fernando Torres Stadium

Mario celebrates his goal against Fuenlabrada(Ángel Gutiérrez |

Mario celebrates his goal against Fuenlabrada
(Ángel Gutiérrez |

Atlético Madrid were invited by Fuenlabrada for the inaugural match of their Fernando Torres Stadium, named after the Premier League superstar who grew up in the Madrid suburb.

Unfortunately, ‘El Niño’ himself wasn’t able to attend to the game in his hometown, but he already took a look when the stadium officially opened back in March.

Atlético beat Fuenlabrada by three goals, but the biggest news of the night was the return of Sergio Asenjo and the debut of Portuguese signing Pizzi.

After just four minutes Atlético B-forward Collado opened the scoring and half an hour of play later our lead was doubled by Mario Suárez.

In the second half Gregorio Manzano brought on six substitutions including Pizzi, who impressed on his unofficial debut.

Gabi had a goal disallowed for offside while goalkeeper David Borrás prevented Paulo Assunção from scoring.

Shortly before the final whistle blew, Juanfran allowed canterano Pedro to score Atleti’s third goal of the night.

Line-up: Asenjo; Antonio López, Pulido, Miranda, Filipe Luis; Assunção, Mario Suárez, Tiago; Adrián, Collado and Reyes.

Subs: Gabi, Juanfran, Pedro, Manquillo, Noguera and Pizzi

Goals: 0-1 Collado; 0-2 Mario Suárez; 0-3 Pedro

  • starvs

    I knew we could beat them!

  • Edletico

    Any highlights???

  • k14

    did Adrian and Pizzi play on the wings ?

  • norman to see the 3 goals and torre,s mom and dad 🙂

    k14.. pizzi played left wing i think.!

  • Xisco

    “Jose Manuel Jurado has been deemed surplus at Schalke”, obviously this is awful news for Jurado, who was fundamental in Schalke’s campaign last season, when they reached the semifinals in Champions, and won the DFB-Pokal by defeating Duisburg 5 nil, in which Jurado scored a goal. Therefore, I think Ralf Ragnick is being unconsidered or acting crazy, and unfair, towards Jurado, whose talent is gonna be wasted if he is benched at Schalke, or even if he is transfered to Turkey, (which it seems to be his only option for now). If you read this comment, you will be like: What the hell is this guy talking about?, This is an Atletico Madrid forum, not Schalke. And you’re right, this forum concerns Atleti and nothing more. But the reason why I wrote this is because, I thought to myself that Jurado would have been a good signing, mostly because he was very important to us two years ago, when we almost won the double, and obviously, he is more familiar to La Liga than other players, so it would be terrible if he stays on Schalke and gets no playing time, while if we would have been interested on bringing him back, it would have benefit both Atleti and Jurado, hopefully he gets playing time wherever he is, because he deserves it, and hopefully also, he returns to Atleti someday.

  • k14

    he gets 4mil+ at schalke, while at atleti it was 1.5mil max, do you think either side is willing to compromise for the other, not to mention a transfer fee that atleti wont be willing to consider most likely.

    And ye, there is actually no spot for him at atleti starting XI either.

  • Xisco

    Actually its 3.5m, Jermaine Jones is the one who earns 4m, which is insane, I mean 4m for his rough play, lmight as well terminate his contract if they don’t want to keep paying his wages, as for Jurado yes, it’s expensive 3.5m. Schalke want 8m, it’s expensive but I think he is worth the 3.5m he asks, we could sign him in the winter if things with Juanfran and/or Pizzi doesn’t work out, because Pizzi’s fee is 15m (WTH?), which is an armed robbery from Jorge Mendes (he is getting rich at Atleti’s expenses if you ask me, Falcao’s clause was like 30m in June, then in July, he signed an extension and his clause raised to 45m, which it was a mercenary act, just to earn 15m more at Atleti’s expenses), or you think Pizzi is worth more than Turan?.

    And yes, there’s no spot for him, but since we don’t got a back-up for Diego, Jurado would fit just fine.

  • Flo

    He is lazy during training and wastes his talent at Schalke. Why should we bring him back if it’s all his fault he is not playing there…

  • Xisco

    Well, to tell you the truth I had no idea about that, but when I saw him in important games (call it champions league, DFB-Pokal) he performed really good, perhaps we should not sign him in the winter! then, but I think you should not rate him because he slacks at training, for instance, Romario didn’t like to train, yet he won the world cup and kicked ass with Barcelona, of course Jurado is not Romario but I think he is a good player. Matter of likes.