Official: Elias sold to Sporting Portugal

Brazilian international moves to Portugal for a fee of €8.85 million

Elias celebrating one of his goals(

Elias celebrating one of his goals

Sporting Club de Portugal announced the transfer of Elias Mendes Trindade on Tuesday.

The Portuguese outfit will pay €8.85 million for all of the rights of the 26-year-old midfielder.

It’s unclear exactly how much Atlético will receive, as we reportedly owned only part of the Brazilian’s transfer rights.

Elias joined in December 2010, but his status of extracomunitarian meant he was forced out of the club only eight months later.

The former Corinthians player, now Sporting’s most expensive signing in the club’s history, will sign a five-year contract in Lisbon. He’s the 16th signing of Os Leões this summer.

It’s a shame we never had the chance of seeing the Brazil international on a regular basis, but we wish Elias all the best in his new adventure.

We hope he’ll impress Sporting fans like he did us, by holding up an anti-Benfica scarf during his presentation!

  • Idan

    good lucl.. sad that he left

  • Idan


  • 92

    I would have rather get rid of Assuncao instead of Elias, as Elias can offer more things in the midfield, a move on loan to another Spanish team would not been bad either, but I guess I can’t complain now because of the €8.85 million Sporting Lisbon payed.

  • palc

    A player who never got the chance to prove himself. Though when given the chance, played very well. Great attitude as well.

  • javi

    Yes 92, a loan would have been better because this guy can play, he just was not given enough opportunity here. They know his talent that is why the rescision clause is so high. In the near future Sporting will make good money from Elias who will end up with one of the better if not best teams in Europe.

  • Edletico

    It was stupid buying Miranda, we could of got a cheap european CB who was just as good or promoted Pulido. I liked Elias and wish him well at Sporting

  • Chalet

    Sad to see Elías leave.
    When given the opportunity I always thought that he offered something to the time.
    I really wish him well for his future.

  • Alfred

    Do we have a buy back statement in the transfer ? I really don’t want to sell him 🙁

  • 92

    @Alfred, we sold him to Sporting Lisbon permanently, if we want to buy him back we’ll have to pay like 40m, I agree we shouldn’t have sold him, we should have got rid of Assuncao, but now it’s ancient history.

  • starvs

    Wait getting rid of Assuncao would have freed up a non EU spot? I know hes Brazil but I haven’t seen his named mentioned in that last at all. If that is true that is unforgivable. Elias is gonna be good and he’d be worth having around. Miranda was a mistake, very little chance he is contributing to Atleti two seasons from now, not sure I could say the same about Elias.

  • Edletico

    No Assuncao isn’t non eu, I would like us to keep him as he s our only natural def mid and I think he is ok.
    Our non Eu players now are Falcao, Salvio, Miranda and Cabrera

  • DJ_ZA

    Have to agree with you guys – pity Elias was the one to go.
    Starvs, i’m pretty sure Assunção also has Portugese passport, so he wouldn’t have freed up the non-EU spot.

    Nothing to do with playing ability, but Atleti should have looked for EU defender on loan / free rather than sign Miranda.
    Once again, bad planning / shortsightedness by Atletico loses a good player. Just hope that our cut of the 8.85 covers the 7 we paid for him.

    Good luck at Sporting Elias.

  • 7th

    I was supraised to why we keep Assuncao this season,

    it seems to me he has lost his starting place, manzo has no plan with him,