Atlético to play friendly against Fuenlabrada

The 3rd division side host Atleti in the inauguration of their Fernando Torres Stadium

Torres visits the stadium named after him (EFE)

Torres visits the stadium named after him (EFE)

Spanish third division side CF Fuenlabrada have invited Atlético for a friendly to inaugurate their 1,200 seat Fernando Torres Stadium, named after their hometown superstar and Atleti idol.

The match will take place on Thursday, the 1st of September.

Atleti were the natural opponent of choice for Fuenlabrada to debut their new grounds, as Torres was groomed through the Rojiblanco youth system before being promoted to the first team, where he quickly earned elite status as one of the world’s most lethal strikers before taking off for England.

El Niño visited the stadium himself back in March, according to AS, when construction was completed.

The Chelsea striker was in town to receive the Gold Medal of the City of Fuenlabrada, granted to him “in recognition of his sporting and personal values, his professional career and his dedication and loyalty to the city of which he is a native, and of which he serves as an ambassador.”

Los Colchoneros will field a starting line-up composed of non-international players, as several members of the squad have been called up by their respective national teams for the upcoming round of international fixtures.

Match selection
Goalkeepers: Asenjo, Iago
Defenders: López, Filipe, Miranda, Pulido, Manquillo, Kader
Midfielders: Mario Suárez, Assunção, Gabi, Tiago, Cidoncha, Noguera
Forwards: Reyes, Juanfran, Pizzi, Adrián, Pedro and Collado.

  • javi just reported we got Diego on loan, and we sold Elias to Sporting Lisboa for 8.85m EU, and that the team is now complete.
    lets see what happens.

  • starvs

    The Diego news is great, a year loan is perfect, secure his talent but don’t invest in him long term (yet), as he is a wild card.

    Elias being sold for 8.85 is also awesome. Actually made a profit on him, somehow he turned out to be good business?

    Wish there was a buy option on Diego, but can’t get everything I suppose. I’m sure if he resurrects his career with us he will want to stay though, because if he does resurrect his career we are gonna be damn good and playing in CL and the fans will love him.

  • Ringo

    I believe there IS such a clause.

    I read that they got over nine million for Elias, but that’s a Dutch website and most of the usually suck at (taking information from) sources. Especially when it’s about clubs like Atletico, or let’s say it like this: a Spanish club that’s NOT Barcelona (Real-info is ‘okay’, usually, but not great either)

    Well, could be a fun game, but I’m not sure if I’m giving it a chance just yet…

  • palc

    Jorge Mendes is Elias’ agent. I think this Mendes guy does a lot of deals under the table. Primarily involving portuegese clubs He has been suspected for a long time for doing so, but not enough proof I guess..

    Iow not completely shocked over Elias’ high transfer fee.

  • Derek Maaijen

    The article has been updated with the list of players called up for tomorrow’s friendly. We’ll finally see Asenjo in goal again and Pizzi will make his debut!