Atlético name four captains

Antonio López, Luis Perea, Álvaro Domínguez and Gabi given leadership roles

Luis Perea captained the side against Osasuna(

Luis Perea captained the side against Osasuna

On their official Facebook page, the club have named Atlético’s four captains for this season.

Antonio López will continue to serve as the club’s top skipper, while Luis Perea, Álvaro Domínguez and Gabi were appointed as vice-captains.

With the departures of Simão, Sergio Agüero and Diego Forlán, the team lost three of its leading players, but with three canteranos and Atleti’s longest serving foreigner, we’re certain the armband will be in good care.

The appointment of Gabi may come as a surprise considering the midfielder only joined this summer, but the Atleti youth product is only one game shy of his 60th league appearance and was an outstanding capitán for Real Zaragoza in the past years.

The four have a combined total of 530 games for Atlético between them.

Do you agree with the players that were picked to represent our team this season, or would you rather have seen someone else handed this responsibility?

  • Alfred

    I like Gabi to be the Captain 🙂

  • k14

    Maybe I’m imagining things, but seems the armband gave perea some extra confidence and eliminated those silly mistakes.

  • palc

    Thats freakin adorable. Gabi with his son in the line up.

  • javi

    I think Reyes has more merit to be a captain than Gabi, given the years hes played here and his commitment to the team-yes I know some of you guys think he is a ball hog and dertimental to the team, but in my opinion he contributed much more to the team than Gabi. I like Perea and dominguez as well.
    @k14, Perea had already dismissed those clown moves of prior years even before getting the armband.

  • Ringo

    Javi, I understand what you’re saying, but besides my opinion of him being selfish, which won’t immediately mean he’s a bad captain, I don’t think Reyes is intelligent enough to lead the squad and I don’t know if he holds a grudge against someone else, besides Forlan.
    If he matures up, I would think about giving him a chance as captain, but if he doesn’t, I’d rather give it to the other 24 candidates.

  • Raed Shalak Valbuena

    Gabi is good enough to be the captain … I think Reyes also deresves to be one of them …

  • Arjit

    guys, reyes is a great player but think about it…he’s childish, he dives, he argues with refs and correct me if i’m wrong but he’s probably our player with the most red cards in the past 2/3 seasons. It’s not always the best players that get the armband, just look at messi.

  • Kaminero

    The number 10 jersey was already given to Reyes. If he would get captaincy on top of that I think his head would explode.

  • 92

    @Kaminero yeah, no doubt if Reyes gets the captain armband he’ll think he is the king of Atletico!!!.