Atlético bid farewell to Forlán

The Uruguayan striker is off to Inter Milan

Thanks for everything Diego! (Getty)

Thanks for everything Diego! (Getty)

After a summer full of speculation, it has finally been confirmed that Diego Forlan is leaving Atlético. The 32-year-old will transfer to Inter Milan in a deal that, according to Marca, is worth about €5 million.

The funds from the striker’s sale will reportedly bypass Atleti’s bank account however, as they roughly amount to what is owed to the player in wages.

The announcement was made at the Calderón in a farewell press conference featuring both Enrique Cerezo and Forlan. Cerezo told the press, “It is difficult to find a player who has worked so hard and as professionally as Diego, we are proud to have a player like Diego in the history of Atletico Madrid.

Forlan explained how he has formed a bond with the club, “It is hard, I have spent four years here. Atletico Madrid is a team that will always stay with me and I will always keep an eye out for them.” He then paid tribute to the fans, “it was always great to hear the chants of Uruguayo.”

The Uruguayan had been consistently linked with a move away over the past few months after rumours started surfacing that he had been deemed surplus to requirements by the board. The signing of Radamael Falcao seemed to further hasten his exit.

Forlan leaves after 196 appearances and 96 goals and will be remembered fondly for his prolific 2008/09 season when he bagged 35 goals from just 45 matches. His name will forever be linked with the 2010 Europa League triumph and he will be no doubt be considered one of the best strikers in the history of the club.

On behalf of the team at AtleticoFans I would like to thank Forlan for his service to the club and wish him all the best in his new challenge at Inter Milan.

  • palc

    Sad news. Gracias por todo!

    Heard that he will leave for free?

  • Edletico

    Good luck to him, was an amazing player and professional.

    I heard that we got 5m. We wanted 9 but we owed him money and Inter will play that money if they could sign him for 5m.

  • John Greece

    Those players show the reason why we are atletico fans…these statements make me proud of being a fan of this fantastic club…

    Ps:Does anyone know if we have an option to buy courtois next season?We must seal him a long time contract

  • Very sad news! Thank you Forlán for everything, best player, world class! Never to be forgoten! Good luck Cacha, and I hope he’ll one day remember the club and come back 😀
    Gracias por todo, GRANDE URUGUAYO!

  • Urban

    Amazing job done here, we will always keep a warm memory of you Uruguayo!

    Hope you will succeed at Inter.

    You are the best player playing for us in our recent history.

  • Yon

    I cried 🙁

  • It hard to forget a player like Forlan. You are always on our mind, wish you the best of luck at inter.

  • Russell Buckley

    Great player and served the club with passion and honesty!

    However I feel it was time for him to move on his legs are starting go!!

  • SoLobo

    Gracias por todo Uruguayo! Suerte!

  • Fernando

    Cacha for assistant manager at Atleti in 3 years!!

  • Flo

    Gracias por todo Uruguayo!!!

  • Chalet

    @ Tom:
    Thanks for writing this nice article!

    You haven´t been the only one crying…..!

    Personally I think that deep down in his heart Forlán would have wanted to stay. He felt very much like home in Madrid – but a couple of months ago the board made it clear that they wanted to have him off the books and therefore they treated him pretty badly and forced him out.
    Manzano´s 4-3-3-system wouldn´t serve him either – so in the end Forlán had no other choice than to leave the club.
    Whilst playing for Atléti Forlán got his 2nd Pichichi/Golden Boot trophy, won the Europa League and the Supercopa, was named MVP/Golden Ball Winner of the 2010 World Cup and won the Copa América.
    His wages issues aside – a player like him surely deserves better than rotting on the Atléti bench or in the stands.

    Within the last 12 months we´ve now lost Jurado, Simão, Ujfa, De Gea, Agüero, Valera, RG, Mérida, Elías and Forlán.
    That´s almost a whole team, which is pretty weird.

    It´s a pity that with all the excitement about the new Atléti players most of the fans will probably soon forget about Forlán.

    Personally I will keep on following him.

    I think that Forlán will be fine at Inter.
    He speaks Italian and he is good friends with Cambiasso and Milito.
    Sure his brother Pablito with family will leave Madrid as well and move with him to Italy.
    So Forlán probably will adapt pretty soon and the strike in Serie A and the upcoming games with La Celeste will give him some extra time.

    Forlán will always be an important part of the Atléti history -and hopefully there is more success for him to come at Inter…

    Grande Forlán.
    Todo lo mejor, crack!
    Muy buena suerte, campeón!

    Diego Forlán. Leyenda.
    Orgullo Celeste. Orgullo de un país.

  • Ringo

    Well, it was possible for Forlan to fit in 4-3-3, depends on what kind of attack (and partially midfield) is used.
    Look at Van Persie and Messi, they work out fine, while they’re not traditional 4-3-3 strikers.
    Since Juanfran isn’t one of the starting wingers, I guess it could’ve worked with Forlan, but Falcao’s got a bigger chance, I guess.

  • Davide

    One of the most talented strikers of all time. With a Forlán in good form, goals come from everywhere, no goalkeeper is safe from any distance. I was a bit depressed when the move to Inter went through. My whole day has been kinda “off”. My wife asked me what’s wrong. I keep playing that video in my head over and over again when we were down and out against Barcelona after 30 min, he received the ball, turned and got that monster 25 meter shot passed Valdes. The Calderón exploded, Uruguayo!! Uruguayo!! Hope was restored! Still sends chills down my spine. Forlán has restrored my hopes in so many times in so many games i cannot even count them. Season 2008-2009 when he bagged 32 goals inte league and single handed dragged Atlético into Champions League is legendary. He was the worst nightmare of every goalkeeper that spring. I wish him all the best in Inter. Personally i will now follow Inter much more, I hope shows the world why he is still one of the best strikers by tearing the Serie A “Pichichi” a new rectum.

    Uruguayo!! Uruguayo!!

  • Mais

    Will now start watching more inter matches

  • Chalet

    @ Davide:

    Lovely comment, mate!

  • starvs

    Class guy and player, he always kept it real and didn’t pander to anyone letting his play speak for itself.

  • javi

    @ Davide, yes that gol against Barsa was outstanding, he brought them down to their knees and us up to the skies, I will miss cachabacha forlan, he was a great one.

  • 92

    He could have reach 100 goals barrier if it not was for Reyes and Quique, still he is gonna be a legend for us mostly because of his 2 goals against Fulham, that image of him taking off of his jersey and celebrating by sliding in the grass of Imtech Arena is priceless, also Antonio Lopez lifting the cup is also priceless, anyways, I really wish Diego all the sucess in the world with Internaziole, and hopefully in Brazil 2014, he lifts the cup, one more time for Uruguay, in front of 100,000 people.

  • i wish him all the best at inter and thank him for all the good times

  • culbia

    Lucky Inter! No surprise though – bet Atletico regret having rejected so many much better offers earlier this year…