La Liga: Atlético 0 – 0 Osasuna

Atleti unable to make most of chances against Osasuna

Adrián tries to control Gabi's pass(

Adrián tries to control Gabi's pass

Despite a good performance in the opening match of the new Liga BBVA campaign, Atlético failed to make the most of a number of opportunities and slumped to a disappointing 0-0 draw at home to Osasuna.

Atlético dominated the first half but struggled to break down Osasuna’s defence. When we did, the team lacked a final punch which Diego Forlán or Falcao, sitting next to each other in the stands, possibly could have delivered.

That’s not to take away anything from Salvio and Adrián, who linked up well and played a strong first half.

In the third minute Adrián almost put Atleti ahead, but he failed to fully control Gabi’s long ball forward.

Despite dominating possession, Atlético found themselves threatened by the visitors on occasion, although the shots from distance weren’t enough to surprise on-loan Thibaut Courtois.

In the 17th minute Los Rojillos seemed to get into a position to score, but Álvaro Domínguez cleared the danger just in time.

Just before half time Atleti had another chance to break the deadlock, but again failed to find the finishing touch.

The biggest opportunity fell to Salvio after Adrián played a beautiful backheel through the heart of the Osasuna defence, but goalie Riesgo saved with his left foot to deny Atleti the first goal of their season.

Some minutes later the Osasuna ‘keeper had to come off after a collision with Salvio and he was replaced by youngster Andrés Fernández.

Nino came close to scoring for Osasuna after Tiago lost the ball in midfield in added time at the end of the first half, while Salvio hit the post with a shot from distance shortly after.

After the break Atleti came out of the dressing room with the intention of quickly forcing an opening, but Fernández, who had only ever played one league game for Osasuna before, kept los Colchoneros out.

He kept out Adrián, Gabi and Mario as Atleti slowly ran out of ideas. Even Arda Turan, who made his official Atleti debut, and former-Osasuna player Juanfran couldn’t break down the defensive wall the visitors had put up inside their area.

The biggest chance in the second half was for Reyes, but today things weren’t going Atleti’s way as the ball again came back off the post.

Osasuna almost got a lot more than they deserved, but Courtois saved Lamah’s attempt spectacularly.

In the 92nd minute Osasuna almost nicked all three points, but Nino missed an incredible opportunity from close range after good work by Lamah, as Atleti fans breathed a sigh of relief.

The last chance of the game was for Mario Suárez, but he again found Andrés Fernández in his way.

The match finished goalless, which comes as a huge disappointment to Atleti fans who had hoped to start the new la Liga season with a win.

Next week we won’t play due to the international break, but the following week the team travels to the Mestalla for the clash against Valencia.

Line-up: Courtois; Sílvio, Perea, Domínguez, Filipe; Tiago (“75 Juanfran), Mario, Gabi; Salvio (“60 Arda Turan), Adrián and Reyes.

Goals: –

  • Javi

    The song remains the same-crap
    This is why we don’t make cl-we cant loose points like this against inferior teams. Valencia did what they had to and got their three points. Very disappointing result.

  • Disappointing, so many chances missed, and Reyes! So selfish! But next time, Atléti will win!:D

  • Davide

    Anybody sick and tired of wannabe “everybody look at me” Reyes?? He needs to go. Stupid selfish player. I was worried about this. His selfish behaviour is the reason we waste like 60% of our attacking moves because he has to finish from anywhere on the field. Who the hell does he think he is? It’s going to be a long season unless someone in the team literally smacks him in the head.

  • palc

    We played well and created many opportunities. Considering the players were still tired from the match against Vitoria and playing in excrusciating temperature, Im content with our play.

    If we had played in the evening and with Falcao, we’d won 4-0.

  • Atleti in Philly

    Did Reyes play a selfish game? I have read any reports about him playing this way.

  • Edletico

    I don’t think Reyes was selfish he just had a poor game by his standards and their defence was packed so he could hardly provide assists when he has 3 players around him with everyone else tightly marked

  • palc

    Reyes played like he always use to. He did well breaking through the defense, but made a couple of selfish decisions. Sometimes it goes well, sometimes (often) it doesn’t… If his shot outside the box had gone in, most of us would be praising him right now.

  • Chalet

    Reyes really keeps on annoying me with his selfish play!

    Falcao hasn´t played any minute yet – and Atléti are already depending on him.

    Forlán (somehow no longer an Atléti player but somehow not yet an Interista) still showed commitment to the club by sitting in the stands and reportedly jumping up any time we had the chance to score.

  • Ringo

    Palc, that’s probably true, but to me, it’s still very annoying and I still don’t understand why Manzano chose to take off Salvio instead of Reyes, Salvio played way better, worked harder for the team and linked up better with Filipe and Adrian.

  • rockefeller

    how was turan’s debut?

  • Urban

    Very disappointing. Valencia and Athletic both win and wa are already staying behing. This is so Atletico. And now, in case we lose to VCF next game we will again have to chase them for the rest of the season.

    And now DDG and Kun star in EPL.

    Im gettin sick.

  • 7th

    that is strange, why didnt manzano let forlan play?

    as far as I know, he is still atletico player. like juardo and simo did before leaving

    oh wait, if he is leaving, should not let this a farewell match for forlan.

    putting all things aside, I liked the performance, good passing football,

  • starvs

    Not a good result, but not a disaster of a showing either. Reyes play wasn’t egregiously selfish but there was a moment or two where he was. There are certain going to be a lot of crosses coming in for Falcao, hopefully he can put them away.

    Last season we started like world beaters and didn’t follow through, maybe this year will be the opposite…

  • Chalet


    I´ve read somewhere that the club did not make a registration for Forlán for La Liga this season and therefore he would not have been allowed to play.

    Apart from this Manzano obviously got the impression that Forlán would not be enough commited to the club whilst negotiating with Inter.

  • Urban

    I dont believe that registrations are closed yet, the window isnt closed yet.

  • Guest

    Will Falcao be available to play against Valencia? If so, perhaps that can make a difference.

    @Chalet, the hold up on Forlán’s transfer is allegedly over money the club owes him. I could be wrong though. After all, such “news” come from unofficial sources. And sometimes it’s hard to decipher articles through bad translations. However, Marca claims an agreement has been reached. If that’s true, he could be an Inter player any day now.

  • Edletico

    It seems as though Forlan has joined Inter, just needs to be made official. Good luck to him.
    Hopefully the money will be invested into Diego Ribas and a new striker (maybe Pizzi of Braga, he is rumoured)
    Looking forward to seeing Falcao and Arda in the team. should hopefully be a good season going on today’s performance (not the result obviously(

  • Urban

    Diego is a must. Im seriously worried about Tiago. He seems to be a shade of his former self. Last season he was one of the pillars of the team, undoubtet starter, right now he is completely outclassed by Gabi and in slightly less obvious way by Mario. I wonder whether Tiago is down with the form so bad or maybe the rest of the team has improved so much over the summer 😛

    Diego should replace Tiago, it would be just great.

    And good luch to Forlan. We all owe him A LOT. Great player and a great person, I hope he will keep a warm memory of our club and supporters. Gracias por todos, Uruguayo!

  • k14

    Tiago weak point always been his stamina, and at the least it wont be improving at this age, Diego taking his spot might be a good thing, and Tiago will be our super-sub.

  • Edletico

    Latest news:
    Pizzi has officially signed, will have a medical monday.
    Atletico and Wolfsburg still in negotiations over the transfer fee of diego. Contract has been agreed

  • Ringo Schut

    Ok, I’ve never been a big fan of Tiago’s, he was great in his first game versus Barcelona, totally taking Xavi out of the game that day, but besides that, he wasn’t “next level”-material, in my opinion.
    That’s why I want Koke on the field, he might be around the same level right now, but he has world class potential! Which in time, makes him one of, if not the, best at Atletico.

    That’s also a reason I’m not so sure about Diego, in some games he might mean extra prowess, but in some games he won’t be, and in that case his attitude might make him a black sheep or something. I might be too scared, though.
    Still, I want to see Koke starting, no matter who arrives! The future deserves some attention, as well!

    I actually don’t know Pizzi at all, he’s a left winger? What kind? What’s his playing style?

  • Chalet


    Thanks a lot for your explanations!
    Everything is so confusing at the moment – at least to me.

    So Forlán´s father was right in the end and Dieguito will join Inter…
    And the two of us were right in the end with all our feelings and impressions about Forlán…

    Newspapers have it that Forlán wants to hold a press conference tomorrow to say ‘goodbye’ to the club and the fans.
    But up to now there is no official confirmation on the club´s website.
    It would be so sad if the board would not even give him the chance to do so.

  • karam

    hi guys , i found this video on youtube about our pizzi

  • karam

    and guys plz someone help me about diego ??

    btw am from middle east ” kuwait ” and am 29 years old and i support atletico from 94 cuz i was supporting spain then cuz of j l caminero and kiko since then am supporting atleti and here every body supporting barca or real and they loughing that why am supporting atleti !! and i always saying that they dont know about football !!
    cuz they was luaghing when i was supprting SPAIN and see know 🙂 >>
    this is eho i am an old atleti fan 🙂

    thanx guys

  • Chalet


    As for Falcao I think that all the transfer issues have to be sorted out by August 31st – or Atléti are doomed.

    The coming up of the international friendlies/qualifiers now could really be a blessing in disguise…

  • Chalet

    To tell the truth up to now I haven´t heard about Pizzi.
    But somehow I don´t like it that he is another player represented by Jorge Mendes.

  • Guest

    @Chalet, glad I could help.

    It’s sad that we were right about the situation though. Forlán deserves better than this. If all goes well and he plays for Inter, I pray things will be better for him.

    As far as this press conference. I’m not sure why it’s not being announced. Is there even going to be one? The press could just be running with a hot story started by another paper or site. However, if it was the board denying him the chance to say goodbye it would be just another insult to Forlán. And they have slapped him in the face enough already.

    As for Falcao, it would be good to see everything cleared up by next week. A lot of people are waiting with baited breath to see how Atleti will fare with him on the pitch.

  • Xisco

    I knew it, looks like we run out goals for this match, we should’ve save some from the game against Vitoria, some of you’ll say: We had a good game, being dominant, superior, and created a lot of chances, 18 shots, 8 on goal, some of you may say, we weren’t lucky, Reyes was selfish, etc., etc..
    Reyes was selfish yes, but after all we can’t really blame him, because we had the chances, Osasuna play defense, I know, but you can’t lose 2 points like this.
    Last game againts Vitoria, I said the first goal was not a pk, and we missed chances, and if I was Manzano I’d would been worried, about missing chances, but like Mancini, said about Balotelli, if you have the chance to score you score, you don’t waste it. Some of you (Fernando, Davide) said I was pesimist, negative, what the hell do you want?, buzz kill,. That was my perception about that game in particular but it looks like I have to say what you guys want(Fernando, Davide, if you don’t like my opinion just say I don’t agree with you, and that’s the end of the story., why do you have to be so rude, (I know I used coarse language, but that’s because, you critized me and not my opinions, you got on my nerves, looks like you have something against new members, Davide I know I called you a 40 year old virgin loser, maybe It was a little wrong, but you got on my nerves, contradicting me, since I posted my first comment), you guys think is the same thing playing againts Portugal teams and Spanish teams, clearly is not the same, I’m not being negative about the club, I’m realistic like Urban and Javi, I agree, it’s getting sick seeing former players suceed at other clubs,and we that just sell Aguero, and are a greater team like Manchester City, for sure,and tie against Osasuna, and want to rely on a player like Diego.
    All I want is Atletico is defeat Madrid, and win the champions league,we already won the Europa League, Champions League should be the next step, but (Davide, Fernando) you think if we defeat a poor team like Vitoria, is a good omen, for what we saw today, clearly is not.

  • Javi

    I agree with Xisco on this one, if we keep loosing points like this we are not going anywhere. Last year we ended behind Sevilla, Bilbao and Villareal because we either tied or lost to inferior teams. So far this year the results show the same no matter how we played. Frustrating!

  • 7th

    Javi and Xisco,

    you know football is a win/lose/draw.

    this match was a draw for us, and currently we are in translation phase, we will play better as the season goes deeper.

  • Xisco

    And now we’re signing Pizzi another winger, doesn’t Manzano thinks we got plenty of wingers? (Reyes, Turan, Juanfran, Salvio), I think we need another forward capable of scoring goals every chance he gets in case Falcao is not available in some matches or gets injured(once in a while players get injured, Messi, C. Ronaldo actually missed games because of light injuries, expect Falcao missing matches whether a light injury or fatigue), in this match Adrian sadly showed he is not a forward like Falcao, (this was his chance to shine) hopefully he improves ’cause we will need him as backup if we don’t sign another forward.

  • Xisco

    7th, I think Javi has made it very clear, next game, IF we lose, it’s gonna become very though to keep up with Valencia, you’re right we’re in translation and adaptation phase, the team is taking its form that’s true, but if we take too long like last season, the other teams will be already adapted more advanced than us in that matter.

  • Ringo Schut

    Well of course Vitoria was a weaker opponent, but there are a lot of new players in the team, they have to adapt. Look at Agüero, he scored only six goals in his first la liga season!
    I liked the play, the finishing could have been better and the side was pretty unlucky in that department, plus both their goalkeepers deserve some praise, nice saves from Riesgo and Fernandez!
    Momentarily I’m not too worried, the team still looks like one with a lot of potential.
    The team still needs time to gel, that’s clear, but with some time, I can see it working 🙂 besides the goalscoring problem, the team is, actually, already pretty good, in my eyes. I enjoyed the game, I just disliked the result.

    And personally I don’t really blame Reyes for the goalless draw, but that doesn’t mean his play doesn’t annoy me. I know he’s always been a bit selfish, but now it was selfish-extra deluxe, it seemed.

  • Javi

    Guys I know it’s early but there was no excuse for not winning that game
    We can’t repeat what we did last year

  • Javi

    Mow we HAVE to beat Valencia

  • Ringo

    Well, at least they did better than Villarreal, haha.

  • turk

    i think this is just the beginning for arda turan i hope you guys liked him or made him feel like that.arda is one of the dribbling stars in the world if you wanna see real arda turan you better to watch his games in galatasaray and turkish national team