Europa League: Vitória 0 – 4 Atlético

Rojiblancos impress and advance with a 6-0 score on aggregate

Goalscorers Gabi and Adrián (

Goalscorers Gabi and Adrián (

It only took Atleti two minutes to score tonight, and after that the return leg of our Europa League clash became a walk in the park.

The Rojiblancos put four goals past Vitória Guimarães and advance to the group phase of the UEFA tournament.

The two teams had only just kicked off when Tiago played an excellent through ball to Salvio, who was brought down by goalkeeper Nilson.

Gabi coolly converted the penalty kick and set the home side up for a virtually impossible challenge.

At that point they would have had to score four goals after last week’s 2-0 defeat in Madrid.

Vitória never really played a part in tonight’s game, despite a chance early on for João Alves. His shot harmlessly went off target.

In the 18th minute Atlético put an end to any hopes the Portuguese club had left, when Adrián went around Nilson and placed the ball into the empty net.

The assist came from ‘Toto’ Salvio, one of tonight’s most active players and a constant menace to Guimarães’ defence.

Some minutes later Atleti almost made it three from a quick counterattack, but Gabi hit the post.

And shortly after, Salvio missed the chance to increase our lead, when he failed to beat Nilson in a one-on-one situation.

Manzano surprisingly started Thibaut Courtois over Joel tonight, but the Belgian international had little to do. The only time he was called upon came shortly before the break, when he elegantly dove and held on to a curled shot from distance.

During the added time there were two chances for Mario Suárez, but both his attempts went just wide of the post.

After the break the first chance was for Adrián, but he headed Filipe’s cross straight into the hands of the goalkeeper.

Some minutes later the striker was part of a beautifully worked attack which only lacked an end product. Adrián and Elias set up Salvio, but instead of shooting himself the Argentine tried to pull it back to the Brazilian, who received the pass just behind him.

After exactly an hour of play, Adrián completed his brace and lifted the score to 3-0.

Sílvio delivered a precise cross to Reyes who headed it in and Adrián was there first to volley the ball into the back of the net.

After the third goal Vitória really gave up and more chances were created for Adrián, Elias and Koke, who all came close to making it four.

There was one big chance for the Portuguese outfit in the second half, but Courtois reacted quickly and held onto his clean sheet.

The final moment of glory was for the man who started it all tonight. Sílvio swung in another cross from the right and Salvio was at the end of it to beat Nilson for the fourth time.

Tonight’s comfortable victory is a good warm-up for our boys ahead of this weekend’s first La Liga clash against Osasuna.

The draw for the next round of the Europa League, with Radamel Falcao present, will be held tomorrow in Nyon.

Line-up: Courtois; Sílvio, Perea, Miranda, Filipe; Tiago (“46 Elias), Mario (“67 Koke), Gabi; Reyes, Adrián (“72 Juanfran) and Salvio.

Goals: 0-1 Gabi (“2); 0-2 Adrián (“18); 0-3 Adrián (“60); 0-4 Salvio (“81)


  • john greece

    Does anyone know the starting line up we will play most at the season?

  • God

    Will Courtois Be the first keeper for the season?

  • Edletico

    @John I think the line up should be and hopefully will be:

    Silvio Godin A.Dominguez Filipe
    Tiago Diego (hopefully)
    Reyes Arda Turan

    Koke looks like he could take Suarez’s role though with a few more impressive performances

  • God

    Are you impressed by Courtois? He’s a great talent…

  • palc

    @ Edletico You can’t field 12 men :p

    Silvio Perea Dominguez Filipe

    Tiago Diego Gabi

    Reyes Falcao Salvio

  • Edletico

    I didn’t, I said koke could come into the line up if he starts playing well.

    Don’t you think Arda Turan will start?

  • Floche

    What do you think about our new keeper?

  • Edletico

    Courtois looked good today, claimed everything that he could (De Gea flaw). That save looked amazing where he dived and caught it, would like to see how he fares against a better team though

  • palc

    @ Edletico

    My bad. I counted Arda Turan as two. Arda and Turan. Well it depends on the formation and also the selection. Arda, Reyes and Diego can’t all play at once as theyre alle similar IMO. I prefer Salvio if Reyes and Diego plays in ohter words..

  • Floche

    He was amazing last year. He gave the title to his team in the last match with 2amazing saves.

  • Urban

    Great game. Gabi was superb as always, and the whole team played great. I cant even imagine where to put the new signings! And its really a shame we need to let one of Miranda/Elias/Salvio go…

    Anyways seems like we are having a great team this season, but dont forget our curse, after two or 3 good games we will start to struggle with everyone in the league… 🙁

  • Fernando

    Forget Diego. This is a good formation:


    7 man bench: Joel, Godín, Mario, Koke, Elias, Juanfran and Adrian

  • starvs

    This was very encouraging, we looked like we have improved a lot even since last week. And this is not including our two (possibly three with Diego) biggest signings of the summer. This team could do some serious damage this year. Knowing Atleti I am sure they will live up to the potential…

  • Fernando

    One thing i noticed is that we don’t seem to boot away those ridiculous annoying long balls with no adress anymore from the backline. Central midfield semes to come very deep and give the defenders short passing option to build up play along the ground. At times it even looked like Barcelona style of football. Very impressive small tactical change by Manzano, giving the team a more confident style of play from where you can dictate tempo and passing.

  • Hopefully we will keep up this form and thrash teams in laliga with ease. Can wait to see FALCAO and ARDA playing

  • DJ_ZA

    Didn’t see the game, but well done Atleti. Just have a feeling this season is going to be a good one. Great result tonight – can’t say the same for Sevilla (wonder what Manzano thinks about them being dumped out so early).
    Can’t wait to see the group stage draw.

  • norman

    guys, did you see adrian?? what a talent.silvio amazing.gabi the boss directing the orchestra 🙂 . just think that we played so good without our 3 new stars, falcao arda and diego(will sign tomorrwo). we could be the surprise of the season.forza atleti siempre.

  • Sam

    I kept stressing out during the match because everyone was playing well and I was thinking “WHERE ARE WE GOING TO PUT EVERYONE!?” Then I remembered, hey, if this is a good season, I’m sure many of these guys would love to be the depth part of things. It’s been a while since I’ve been this excited about all of our non starters.

    I really just don’t want any of these folks to go anywhere now! Except Miranda…good if he stays, good if he goes.

  • Xisco

    The first goal was not a penalty, Salvio may not dived but the keeper did not even touch him, anyways it was a fair perfance not good not great and when your players miss a LOT of clear chances, you need to work on that, If I was Manzano ,I’ll be very worried., because you can’t miss those chances againts opponents in Spain or in the group stages of the Europa League,

  • k14

    ————- Court —————-
    –Silvio—Miranda —Alvaro—Filipe–




    Reyes and Salvio are too individualist for my taste :/
    And Curtois keep proving hes a class above Joel.

    And Adrian seems to be great both at passing and breaking offside runs, seems he can get a spot on the wings.

  • Ringo

    I actually Salvio is not individualistic, after some time, when he’s fully adapted, I think he will provide lots of assists!

    Courtois could be very good for Atleti, but it just bugs me that he’s not a permanent signing, after a year another goalie is to be sought, if Joel (or Asenjo) does not step it up.
    But oh well, if we’re looking at this season, it’s not a big problem.

    I wonder who Manzano will choose to load off now, all of Elias, Salvio and Miranda could be useful, but Miranda is probably the best riddance, looking at the issue right now.

  • Fernando

    [email protected] I have noticed that you are bit of a whiner. Always complaining and finding new ways to be pessimistic about everything Atleti does. Constantly arguing with people who give credit to the team. Why do you even support Atleti? We thrashed a portugese team in Portugal by 4-0, what the hell more do you want? Go support Barcelona. It’s getting pretty tiresome to read about your whining anad nagging on the team for no reason. Thank You.

  • k14

    Arda, Adrian, Reyes, Juanfran, Elias,and Salvio, seems alot of people for just 2 spots.
    I would rather keep Miranda, we need to 2 center back subs at least, I also believe he will steal Godin spot.
    So personally, I would rather send away Salvio or maybe elias.

  • Ringo

    You know Elias is a central midfielder?

    Perea, Miranda, Godin, Dominguez, Pulido, that’s five central defenders for two spots.
    So Miranda might be talented, but it might be best to let go of him, preferably on loan, but that might be moving the problem.
    Elias could be a good pick to let go, too, but in the first game versus Vitoria he showed some great movement, one of the reasons he scored twice that day.
    But, if someone like Diego arrives, get rid of the other Brazilian midfielder.

  • Chalet

    Friends of mine, who follow the German Bundesliga, are reporting that Wolfsburg coach Magath denied having any contact with Atléti and that it is more likely that D. Ribas will be sold to Galatasaray.

  • Ringo Schut

    Well denying means nothing in this world.
    And still, Diego could stop the move to Turkey, maybe he’s one if those players that always get their way..

  • Xisco

    @Fernando, I’m thinking about switch my allegiance to Barca, and why I support Atleti is not of your F****** business, all I’m saying trashing Vitoria does’nt make Atleti the best f****** team, rembember last year win againts Inter, and the trashing of Gijon, that f****** made me excited, I was pretty f****** postive that we were gonna make it to Champions League, I was so positve that I thought we were gonna beat Madrid, but no we f****** lost, I also remember I was excited we were gonna beat Valencia, or Bilbao at the Calderon, but no ,we f****** lost again, but I seems you have a tiny brain that makes you settle for a f******* 6th place in La Liga, we’re better than that s***, we should aim for Champions League not Europa League, but it seems you are conformist person, If you have the b**** answer me.

  • norman

    xisco…….. that,s why we signed dont worry about missing chances like the one,s we missed today 🙂
    diego,s dad is in madrid right now ,reached an agreement with atletico yesterday and said that his son wants to play for atletico and doesnt wanna go to turkey so dont worry.diego will be ours the moment that forlan sign with inter.that,s what everybody is saying in madrid, according to journalists freinds of gil marin.
    overall we have a very very good squat and i love the way manzano wants us to play.
    last year quique sanchez flores almost destroyed the team cause he had problemas with almost everyone,forlan,dominguez,assunsao,juanfran,elias etc.. but manzano has a very different personality.lets hope everything comes out right.forza atleti siempre.

  • Arjit

    xisco you have anger issues, calm down. Ateltico played well today, yeah they missed a couple chances but at the same time after the second goal they didn’t have much to play to for, just play around keep possesion etc.

  • Davide


    Who cares about last years result? And you still do not know how the team is going to perform this year, but if cannot even be a tiny bit happy about a impressive result in Portugal and after playing very confident football game then don’t spoil the mood of others. It’s still pre-season and the players cannot chip the goalkeeper everytime with a backheel. The play looks better, they are making much deeper and smarter runs to break offside lines, i like it. You need to chill. Support your own team and give them credit sometimes instead of always complaining.

  • Javi

    Silvio Perea Dominguez Felipe
    Reyes Elias Turan
    Salvio Falcao Adrian

  • k14

    @Ringo, Perea is our back up RB aswell now, so I wouldnt count him as full CB, and actually counting pulido isnt a risk worth making for me, Its nice to see the young club players play, but only when they are 100% ready, not when they are just old enough.
    As for Elias, not talking about what he used to play, so far I seen Manzano only play him on the wings.(Maybe I’m wrong).

    @Javi, 4 wingers on at the same time are kinda an overkill for the team, we will concede 5 goals+ every game with that midfeild.

  • Ringo Schut

    That’s a pretty attacking formation, Javi, but unless you’re playing FIFA or PES, that won’t work.
    Plus, Manzano looks for control in midfield, so Elias as only midfielder is something he will not do, neither would I.
    The CB-partnership is the hardest issue at the moment, Dominguez seems a starter, but Perea or Godin to assist him seems hard right now. Perea is doing terrific right now and he is very fast, but we all know what Godin COULD be.

    The midfield is another interesting discussion, stick with these three, or let Koke and/or Elias start, will Diego join the bunch?

    Xisco, I know Atleti screwed up the last two years in getting CL-football, but a little dreaming is okay, especially if Quique is away!

  • Ringo Schut

    k14, the last two games Manzano used Elias on his real position, central midfield.
    Well, Perea started the last two games as CB, so I count him as CB.
    I get your point that Pulido might be risky, but he really is very talented an he seems professional. If it were just about age, Regalon was in the squad right now!

    I see why you think it’s slim in the back, but unless Diego or something arrives, I think it’s best to let go of Elias.

  • Edletico

    I think Miranda should leave on loan and then either promote Pulido or sign an expierienced CB for cheap. Elias looked good in Cm and Salvio looked quality last season and has been exciting to watch in our europa league games so far

  • Javi92

    hey guys, how are we doin’?, can’t wait to face Osasuna, on Sunday at the Calderon, it seems to be an easy match for Atleti, unless obviously, Osasuna says something else, also I notice your guys line-ups and it seems you all have no confidence in Godin, a guy who was very important for Uruguay’s 4th place in South Africa, not soo much in Argetina, but Oscar Tabarez has all is trust in Godin, and it seems Godin, is deemed surplus at the Calderon.

  • Davide

    [email protected] Good lord! A five year old with anger issues and too much red bull. Someone should wash your mouth with soap.

  • k14

    @Javi92 Godin been injured for a while, and no idea when he will be available and fit again, has nothing to do about faith in the player or performance.

  • Xisco

    @Davide no i’m not angry at all, is just that bastard Fernando, thinks he has the right to exihibit me to all of you guys, what a turd?, All was trying to say, is that we won againt Vitoria so what?, they we’re a really poor team, with no idea of what their game was?, besides we still haven’t won anything, the season is gonna be long, we celebrate when we win something ,seems you don’t remember Ari’s game at the Calderon, they made us looke like fools, Quique was a egotiscal coach yeah, but Forlan is a grown man like most players, who need to give everything for the tem, seems they don’t, also, I was only expressing my opinions, I wasn’t messing with guys integrity, but it seems you are all conformists, and like to settle for little.

  • Davide


    Calling people bastard and swearing on forum instead of debating does not really win alot of sympathy votes for you cause. I am not conformist, i am an realist. I take one game at a time and look to the future. Thers is no use bringing up old results and complain when we just played good football and probably recorded our best away performance and result since the romans ruled Europe. Is Quique still in the the club? No.. I am proud of what the team showed yesterday and you should be too. It was not even our strongest team, which shows that we great depth in our squad this year. I have been around Atlétivo since 1993 and i have learned how to handle expectations. We have new players and a new coach who seem to like very nice style of football. I am happy with this for now, what happens later, nobody knows. No use in complaining every game. We hade a good start to the campaign. And it’s still pre season so don’t expect them to be assasins in fron of goal. And some of the players have never played with each other before. I do have to agree with previous comments that you can be a bit of a buzz kill with your sort of pissimistic view on the club.

  • Edletico

    @ Davide
    Well said, I am happy with way the team is playing at the moment the passsing looks better and they all seem to chase the ball when we lose it, we regained it much quicker last night. I also noticed that Reyes was passing a lot more.

    @ Xisco
    Yes we will have harder games but take them as they come, so far we are unbeaten and are in the group stage of the Europa league. Without our ‘star players’ as well

  • starvs

    I personally like Xisco’s brand of vitriol, but Davide is right, past results don’t effect future possibilities so no reason to not be optimistic considering our two (hopefully three with Diego) biggest signings still haven’t played yet.

    There is going to be a legit backup this year at ever spot aside from the wingbacks, very exciting depth.

  • Ringo

    Hopefully the stars won’t ruin the play, it’s pretty logical that when things just aren’t going well, you start giving long balls to your ‘magicians’, which does not improve the play.
    Luckily Falcao seems to know how to link with other players and play tiki-taka-football.

    I know Arda has great dribbles and passes, but how is his linking game? Does he try to go for the individual moves immediately or is he someone who knows what’s best before he receives the ball?
    Or do I have to find out for myself? 😛

  • Edletico

    I think Arda was the assist leader in Turkey for many years so I guess he can produce killer passes. I also think he may pass more now though as he is in a better team which (hopefully) won’t rely on him like Gala did

  • javi

    @ k14 & Ringo, yes its a bit overkill offensively, but after we score three gols manzano can put in a bit more of a defensive squad, like Tiago for Elias, or Gabi for Salvio.

  • Ringo Schut

    I also think it’s underkill defensively…
    Plus it’s hard to control the match, with Elias as the only midfielder and he’s best offensively.

  • Xisco

    @Davide, you been with Atletico since 1993?… , whatever man, only you know it. Well then, Mr. Postive, so if if I say we’re gonna defeat Madrid and Barca this year ,am I being positive or just stupid?, or if if say we’re gonna lose against them, am I being negative or realistic?, well then, you think you’re so smart, and know about Atlet’s expectations?, tell me, are we gonna champions of La Liga, Europa League, Copa del rey, or are we gonna qualify for Champions League?, huh?, you say you been with Atleti since 1993 and know the expectations, according to you what are gonna win this season? huh?, Enlight me…..
    Just so you know, being positive or negative about the team doesn’t make a difference, the only people that actually make things happen isthe players, not you not mean?, It doesn’t matter what you think?, it’s the players who talk and perform on the pitch not your “positive” thinking, and just because you comment on this forum that doesn’t make an expert or a good human being, and you aren’t exaclty mother Teresa either, one more thing, since you’re the most expert person in this forum, why haven’t you answered why Merida hasn’t make it at the club?, you should know, you been with Atleti since 1993, you think you know the answers for everything, you’re “Mr. Positive”, huh?, why Merida hasn’t make it at the club? huh?, but what would you know, since you are a 40 year old virgin loser, who has no life?.

    PS, My Kun Aguero jersey, says Atleti, una pasion,un sentimiento inagotable, not Atleti un sentimiento, una pasion, un orgullo.

  • k14

    @Xisco ,

    You either don’t actually bother to understand what people say, or maybe u are this simple minded 🙂

  • Davide


    Do you even understand what people write or do you just read what you want to read? Your answer has nothing to do with anything i wrote does not make any sense. I don’t know how old you are but someone should teach you some social skills and respect. I’m pretty tired of this nonense. Please do not comment anything i write on the forum in the future and i will not comment yours.

  • Ringo

    I’m sorry Xisco, but k14 is actually right on this one.
    He means that he knows what expecting things from Atletico means, but since in Quique’s period it was more like a rollercoasterride, with ups and downs, but sadly mostly downs, Atleti was the team that made you this pessimistic (losing unnecessarily and stuff like that).

    Now Quique is gone and hopefully a new era has arrived. Of course we can’t expect what’s going to happen: will we surprise in a positive manner or negative? Somehow not surprising at all doesn’t seem to be able in the Calderon.
    Of course we can’t say the squad’s going to beat Real and Barcelona this year, but it’s really pessimistic to say we’re going to lose. Of course the chances are high that’s going to happen, but it’s not a certainty. Even Hercules beat Barcelona last year, Sporting defeated Real Madrid.
    We could have good days, they could have bad ones.
    Momentarily we have back up to replace out of form players, so the chances are higher than they’ve been the last two years and we beat Barca once in that period already.
    So, let’s stop this discussion and WAIT for what’s going to happen. After five games, we can discuss the possibilities of this season again, if that’s not too soon, although in five games, usually Atleti has shown all its faces already.

    How old is your Kun shirt? I believe they changed it from that to what’s on the top of this website two years ago.

  • Xisco

    No I’m not simple minded, I want Atleti to win against Madrid, or Barca, qualify to Champions League and someday lift that precious trophy, the people that want Diego to join Atleti are simple minded.
    why would you want a player that had an awful season, is a troublemaker, and wants to earn a high salary, huh?, there are so many players Atleti could sign, who really would make a difference, but the people that want Diego at Atleti are the ones simple minded.

    I have 2 Kun shirts, I guess they’re from 08-09.

  • Ringo Schut

    Yeah, I’m not so happy about Diego either, bit if he finds back his joy and professionalism he COULD be great for the team.
    Still, if they have to buy instead of loan and try, I really wish they won’t take the risk.
    If he comes I hope he won’t be as arrogant, like when not between the starting eleven…

  • Ringo Schut

    And two years ago is 2009, so that makes sense.
    It’s also in your collar, right? Nowadays it’s on the crest, but then on the inside part of the shirt, so it’s “on your heart” or something like that.

  • Xisco

    I’m not sure if it’s a matter of Diego finding his joy back, it seems all he cares is about getting a high amount of money, but now him joining Atleti seems that is not gonna happen.
    I also don’t think the club needs a playmaker, now that we got Falcao, all he needs is a cross to head the ball into the back of the net, and Reyes, Turan, Salvio or Luis Filipe can assist Falcao with the right crosses, after all, when he played for Porto,he didn’t needeed an attacking midfielder to assist him to score goals.

    About the collar, I thought that was the original motto, it makes no sense to change it every 2 years, you don’t have to exagerate with the “on your heart”, stuff.

  • Fernando

    You do realize that Diego is actually taking a wage cut to come play for Atleti. He has approx 5 m € a year at Wolfsburg and Atletico offered him a contract worth 3.5 M € a year and he accepted it.

    [Edited by Moderator. Let’s keep it friendly guys]