A Diego for a Diego, a Dani for a Dani?

Forlán's exit appears imminent while Diego Ribas agrees personal terms with Atleti

Time to say goodbye to 'Cacha'? (teamtalk.com)

Time to say goodbye to 'Cacha'? (teamtalk.com)

According to reports out of Italy and Spain, Atlético striker Diego Forlán appears set to join Inter Milan for a fee of €5 million.

On Wednesday, Forlán asked for special permission to withdraw from Atleti coach Gregorio Manzano’s match selection ahead of the squad’s trip to Portugal for the second leg of their Europa League play-off round fixture against Vitória.

Manzano allowed the attacker to stay behind so that he could sort out his future.

Things happened so quickly that Rojiblanco president Enrique Cerezo had absolutely no clue Forlán wasn’t at the airport when directly questioned about the striker’s absence.

Italian paper La Gazzetta dello Sport now claim however, that after Inter and Atleti successfully negotiated a transfer fee for the Uruguayan, the player has not been able to agree to personal terms with the Nerazzurri and the deal is on hold.

With regard to the other Diego, Diego Ribas of Wolfsburg, Punto Radio reports the playmaker’s father confirmed his son had struck a deal with Atleti and only awaits an agreement between Atlético and Wolfsburg before joining los Colchoneros.

The elder Ribas spoke to reporters after leaving the Vicente Calderón on Tuesday, having spent a couple of hours hammering out the details of Diego’s switch.

Earlier that day, Radio Marca had claimed Atleti and Wolfsburg were close to agreeing a one-year loan agreement with an €8 to €10 million purchase option for the Brazilian.

In other transfer news, according to AS, Atlético took Liverpool’s ‘Dani’ Pacheco on loan with a purchase option on Wednesday before loaning him off to Rayo Vallecano.

Rayo were expected to sign the attacking midfielder directly from the Reds, but Caminero intervened as part of Atleti’s new strategy of snatching up promising young talent.

Pacheco took part in the recent U-20 World Cup in Colombia alongside Koke and Pulido with the Spanish youth side.

Longtime Rojiblanco target ‘Dani’ Osvaldo on the other hand, is on the verge of a Roma transfer.

UPDATE: Atlético have confirmed, through their official site, that they have signed Dani Pacheco on loan and that he will play at Rayo this year, as reported earlier.

  • starvs

    Caminero is starting to impress me slightly

  • Idan

    dani pacheco is amazing talant, He can succeed in La Liga.
    I want that Diego would come and we can start the league perfectly.

    Diego Forlan – Thanks for all !

  • Sam

    I’m tempted to say the same, but I’m going to hold off until the results of the first few league matches. Atleti is starting to remind me of manchester city with all this spending. I just hope our young, loyal atleti-till-they-die guys get some time on the pitch, and all these strangers can come together to form a team rather quickly.

  • starvs

    Sam, I don’t think you have to worry about the spending being an ongoing thing, I would assume after the Aguero/De Gea money dries up things will go back to normal.

  • SpeGo

    Agree with starvs! I really like what Caminero has done! And if we could get Hugo Mallo I would be ready to give Caminero 20 years contract 🙂

  • Xisco

    Diego Forlan to Inter for 5M, that’s bullshit, it’s ridiculous, he’s worth at least 20m, Moratti is so stingy, he knows Forlan is worth more than that, also he just sell Eto to Anzhi, for a expensive amount so why don’t he puts more money on the table, he is being a total idiot.

  • Scott Lind

    I love Caminero. Really good transfers I Think. Agüero and De Gea may be gone, but I Think he’s done a good job in this transfer window!

  • starvs

    Yeah 5m for Forlan is def not enough, but I think 20m is a bit ambitious. I think ~12m would be pretty fair for all parties.

  • Edletico

    I think he has done great considering the circumstances. I really feel that he has improved the squad. Not only has he addressed the weaknesses of last season (RB, LW and hopefully playmaker) He replaced the players who have left and has started building for the future

  • Davide

    I am also very impressed with Caminero. Specially pushing hard for the signing of Adrían, very shrewed signing. He is starting to turn out to be what the sports director of the club should have been long time ago, smart!

    I trust that Caminero can continué to make shrewed signings even after Kun and DdG money dries up. Securing young talents is so much better than buying average mid career players a lá Pitarch.

    I think 5 million € for Forlán is not good, but it’s acceptable. 7-8 million € would have been a good deal.

    With Forlán leaving, Atléticos wage structure will be a bit lighter. I wish he could have gotten a sending of. Still think he deserves to have a goodbuy day at the Calderón. Doesn’t take much to make it happen.

  • leika

    and also according to footballpress.net we have also made an offer of 5 years contract and 7,5 mil euros for Guardado of Deportivo.

  • Xisco

    @Davide, talking about securing young talents, and yesterday you implied that if we invested in Brazilian youngsters, they might not make it in Europe, well then, let’s not go that far, Merida hasn’t really, showed why he was considered the “new Cesc Fabregas” at the Manzanares, he even scored in the Premiership, and had pretty good games in the English Cups, I think that if he would’ve stayed at the Emirates, now that Cesc and Nasri left the Gunners, he would’ve seen many more minutes and would’ve developed his skills already, rather than being in the bench here, that’s why were not know for being a club that really knows how to work with young players, with the exception of Torres, De Gea, an others, I know that Fran Merida is young but I think is best for him if he leaves the club whether on loan or buy, because he seems that he is not gonna get many playing time this season, and he needs to play so he can exploit his potential.

  • starvs

    Guardado is pretty decent, although I’d rather have Dos Santos from Spurs for the same price.

  • Edletico

    I think Guardado would be excellent, although how can we afford him? IF we did though we may see the old Filipe

  • Ringo

    If Guardado comes, wouldn’t that mean a lot of rotation in the first team? It’s hard to make that work, even though the players are fresher…

  • Edletico

    I guess it would mean that Salvio would be off. Arda/ Guardado on the left wing. Reyes/ Juanfran on the right wing. Falcao/Adrian/(new striker or Forlan or Borja) upfront

  • Xisco

    Guardado said he had no problem playing in Segunda, besides he is injury prone, I prefer Lafita instead of Guardado, with Lafita on the pitch playing for us we might have a chance of defeating Madrid for the first time since 2002.

  • Ringo

    I don’t see Lafita having such an impact…
    And in a fair amount of games it was just bad luck that Atleti did not beat Real, just the last few years it was clear Atletico was not good enough for the big guys.

  • Xisco

    @Ringo, the last few years?, it’s been it’s been like 10 years, it maybe bad luck yeah, but we need to defeat these guys, Lafita scored 2 goals against at the Bernabeu and was brought down, earning the pk to finish of Madrid, it’s was Madrid reserves yeah, but still a valuable win, Sporting Gijon defeated Madrid’s top team, with players that might not have an impact to you,like former Colchonero player De Las Cuevas who scored the winner, just ask the Madridridistas, that lost gotta hurt for them, also that defeat pretty much handed Barca their 3 consecutive La Liga trophy since 2008.

  • Ringo

    Having one good game doesn’t make him a Real-killer, haha.
    And the last few years, Atleti didn’t really stand a chance, the years prior to that there were some games (somehow especially at the Bernabeu), where Atleti really was unlucky, remember the ‘Perea-game’?

    I realise it’s been 15 years since Atleti was really dangerous, but in some games versus Real, Atletico really had their chances.

  • Xisco

    It wasn’t only that game, I remember the draw against Barca, he played good too, didn’t score yeah,but played a great match, and in most games of the second part of last season, not to to to mention the whop-ass they gave us at el Molinon, it was just not just De Las Cuevas or Diego Castro that played good games, the whole team played good, now De Las Cuevas(talking about a playmaker,I think he could really do good for us),has something to tell his grandcousins, that the scored the game winning goal against Mourinho’s 300M Super Real Madrid.

    And yeah I remember Perea’s awful game, thankfully he has improved, and I remember the Copa del Rey matches that season, we started sharply then Madrid showed why we haven’t defeat them since the last decade.

  • Sam

    I was also thinking about how Atleti hasn’t been dominant in quite some time, but with all our signings in comparison with Malaga’s, I don’t understand why the internet is predicting Malaga finishing third. I don’t think Van Nistelrooy has scored double digit goals in years.

  • Xisco

    @Sam, seems you’ve forgotten Malaga’s trash us at the Calderon,even though we had Kun, Reyes and other players who are supposed to be world-clas on the pitch, they whoopass us, you sound like we signed Wayne Rooney or Neymar, but no we just signed Falcao. By the way it’s not only Van the man who’s gonna be in charge of scoring the goals for Malaga, as Julio Baptista scored 9 goals 11 matches and seems you also forgot about Rondon who scored 16 goals in 32 matches in his debut season in La Liga, fyi they signed World-cup winner Santi Cazorla, Toulalan, Isco, Monreal, and other players. What planet are you on man?!!!

  • k14

    @Xisco, and in the same season, we beat Malaga 3-0 at their home, yet we still lost in Madrid.

    See what I’m getting at ?
    noticed the flaw in your logic ?

  • Ringo

    Xisco, I meant the game with the mysteriously disallowed Perea-goal 🙂

    And both Atletico and Malaga bought some fine players, we now have a less idiotic trainer (has to be).
    We’ll have to wait and see what the season brings, at the moment you can’t really pick favourites between the two, perhaps Atleti is better, because more first team players are the same as last year, I believe.

    So, Atletico, Villarreal, Valencia, Malaga, Sevilla and perhaps Athletic all competing for third place (seemingly), could be a fun season for the neutrals, hopefully for us, too!

  • Davide

    k14// Agreed, Malaga loss was a unmotivated flukematch. I don’t understand how a couple of washed up has beens, some average mid career talents from Spain/France, some young unproven players makes Malaga strong?? Also a club that has tradition of wiining or even making Europa spots. Our flop team last season still finished 12 points and 5 places above Malaga, with all their Baptistas, Rondons and what not. Look out for Malaga this season, the most hyped flop team of the year! You heard it here first.

  • Sam

    I think clubs like Athletic and Sevilla are in the best spot of the bunch, being that they’ve remained quite the same. But even with key players leaving Atletico, Villarreal, and Valencia, I still think their rank and file players are more accustomed to expectation than Malaga’s. For the moment. I think in the next couple of years, Malaga is set to really contend, though I predict 7th at best, 10th-12th likely for this season. Have a look at Fulham.

    All I’m saying is, I wouldn’t shake the status quo that much, yet.

    PS Xisco, the handfuls of signings clubs make in an offseason is not the only criterion to predict the league with. Falcao didn’t excite me nearly as much as the reinforcements to our defense and midfield, as well as the diverse range of goalscorers available to Manzano. I think its just a little early to start vaulting upstart Malaga over the 5 clubs that consistently compete for that position. I’m not saying Atletico is clear cut 3rd, just that, given what they’ve done, I’m not about to hand it to Malaga. That’s what planet I’m on.

  • Xisco

    What you guys are forgetting is that, of all the teams in Spain, Atleti is the most unpredictable team, we are Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, for example, remember how last season started, we defeated Gijon by 4-0, the we win againts Inter the UEFA Supercup, later on we are defeated by 4 goals againts Hercules who gets relegated, then there’s the game againts Malaga, everyone thought we were gonna smash on Malaga, guess what, they win deservedly Davide, it was not a fluke, they dominated us, and when you lose you have to acknowledge the other team.
    That’s why we are the most unpredictable team, one week we can win by 3-0, the next week we get defeated by an aparently weaker team, that’s the way Atleti is.

  • Raed Shalak Valbuena

    Dani pacheco on loan to Rayo Vallecano ?!!! wth
    on German Pacheco’s road … :/

  • Davide


    And obviously according to league table we still win more games than Malaga.

    Malaga won that game because we let them win that game, not because they were a superior team. We were to lazy and relaxed.

    How do you explain us beating Malaga at the Rosaleda with the same team?

    We were talking abolut media hyping Malaga. Probably something that will come back and smack them in the face.

    Atlético has always been superior to Malaga and always will be..

  • Gert


    if you say we let them win that game, I think you’re wrong. A team should always fight to win, whether it should be easy or not. The fact that we were lazy and not concentrated is Atleti’s fault. and that means Malaga were better at that point. Overal we are better of course!


    I hope we can bring some stability from this season on and that we’re through being the unpredictable team! I hope Manzano can keep our players on the pitch concentrated during the whole match, from beginning to end so we won’t conceed those early goals anymore and so we fight until the last minute!


  • Xisco

    Davide, and remember season 09-010, first game of season, Malaga 3 Atletico 0, Baha scored a chilena, but I guess, we let them won that game, didnn’t we?, I didn’t say Malaga is better, all I’m saying is we’re so unpredictable, no one knows what to expect in each game. Get your facts right.

    Gert I admire you for whay you said and you’re right, Atleti needs to be ready and focused always, and worry about their game not their rival, the fact Atleti was lazy, means a total lack of respect for the rivals and negative sportmanship,we need to change that. And yeah, we need to stop being the unpredictable team, and strive to win all the games at home, and as you mentioned, fight till the last minute.

  • starvs

    Looking like Diego maybe loaned to us with a 8-10 mil purchase option. That would be the perfect solution. Caminero is doing an amazing job acquiring talent (or just the right to talent) while simultaneously minimizing the financial exposure/liability for Atleti. The Pacheco double loan move is fucking awesome.