Atlético unveil new star signing Falcao

Over 10,000 fans attended the formal presentation of the Colombian attacker

Falcao to wear the No. 9 shirt  (

Falcao to wear the No. 9 shirt

Thousands of Atlético fans lined up outside of the Vicente Calderón Monday evening, in order to attend Colombian striker Radamel Falcao’s formal presentation.

Falcao, whom Atleti president Enrique Cerezo introduced as “a dream player that gives us hope”, was also accompanied by sporting director Jose Luis Caminero and former Rojiblanco idol Paulo Futre.

“Atletico are one of the best clubs in the world and this is a great league,” said the sharply-dressed 25-year-old.

“I’m happy for the effort the club made in order to bring me here, and the affection the fans have transmitted to me. The supporters were one of the things that made an impression on me the times I played against Atletico.”

In response to a question posed by a Portuguese reporter as to why he decided to leave Porto, a Champions League club, to come to Atlético, Falcao said he was ready for “a new challenge”.

The Colombia international was asked if he feels he can take the Pichichi trophy this year, given to the player who scores the most goals in La Liga.

“I don’t want to place my individual objectives ahead of the goals of the group,” he responded.

Regarding his expectations for the club, specifically, on whether he thinks Atleti should be fighting for the third spot in the Spanish first division, the striker said he doesn’t want to “place a ceiling on the team.”

He continued: “The illusion and conviction of each player can be infectious to the rest of the team and to the fans to help us get far.”

Finally, Falcao had some kind words for team-mate Diego Forlán.

“Forlan is an incredible forward, one of the best in the world,” he said.

“It would be great if he’d stay.”

After the striker answered all questions, he was presented with the number 9 shirt, which had been worn by Adrián in our last Europa League match against Vitória. It seems as if the former Deportivo man will concede his jersey to his new star team-mate.

Falcao then headed to the locker room to change into his new kit, before proceeding to the Calderón’s grounds where over 10,000 fans awaited him.

  • Xisco

    Only 10,000 fans, that’s not so many, for the club’s record signing, I thought there would be at least 25,000 but anyways, let’s hope Falcao score as many goals at he did at Porto, also, can somebody tell me why we bought Ruben Micael and then loan him to Zaragoza?, and did you guys knew we signed Samson Kayode from the Vietnamese league and loan him to Braga?, what was Caminero thinking signing a player from Vietnam, it’s really strange to me, I don’t know what do you fellow Atletico fans think, I would like your thoughts and opinions if you don’t mind.

  • palc

    Fantastic personality, fantastic smile, fantastic hair, fantastic finisher, fantastic player. Bienvenido Falcao! Pichichi 11-12.

  • Sebyk

    Micael is Mendes’s contribution to the transfer – Micael lost his place in Porto squad, so Mendes had to get him elsewhere where he would play. Not mentioning that Mendes got huge provisions for the transfer. He really makes me feel like throwing up this guy… :X
    Kayode came for free and Braga pays his full wages, so we have nothing to lose. And who knows, Hulk also came from Japan as a no-name player 🙂

  • Urban

    Wonder whether Diego will come and wheter Diego will go…

  • Edletico

    Kayode is meant to be quick and a good finisher, if he turns alright in the Portuguese league then we could have unveiled a gem. Michel starts for Portugal so must have something about him, will reserve judgement until he has played a few games for Zaragoza. We apparently have also nearly signed Hugo Mallo as a back up rb but he will go back to Celta Vigo for a year.
    Hopefully Diego will come now while Forlan stays then we have a really good squad, as all the signings have impressed or have quality reputation apart from Miranda but may be a good 4th choice cb

  • Chalet

    Now all of you will probably hate me forever – but for some reasons I don´t like this guy.
    I know that Falcao is a great player and I know that he will score important goals galore for Atléti but what I´ve seen so far from his attitude and behaviour I must admit that this is not my cup of tea.
    One thing is that he has been way too expensive – and the other thing is that for my liking he is talking too much and doing too much fuss via his Twitter account.
    Everything he´s done up to now looks like if he´s done it on purpose only to win the fans over.
    And I don´t give a damn about him saying that Atléti is one of the biggest clubs in the world.

    He looks like a complete mercenary to me – and I wonder how long he will stay.

    Seeing him kissing the badge of the club was disgusting.
    How must his former fans at Oporto feel now?

  • starvs

    I really don’t care if someone plays for the love or the money as long as they are playing their hardest, so that’s all I hope for here. And goals. A shit ton of goals.

  • Ringo

    Actually, Edletico, Miranda does have a reputation built up in Brazil the last couple of years.

    That’s the standard use of words when someone joins a new club, Arda said the same words, he might have gone further even.

    Kissing the badge is a bit weird, but it doesn’t make him more disgusting than most other football players. Perhaps he was afraid the fans would dislike him if he didn’t. I just don’t know his motives, so I won’t judge him.

    Yes, he was expensive and of course there’s a chance he’ll leave after two seasons or so, unless Atleti turns into a Champions League Title contendor on the short term, but at the moment I don’t see that happening.

  • Sweden

    actually, when players kiss the badge of the club, it’s most often not their choice, When ibrahimovic joined Barcelona he was told by the Club to kiss the badge, what are you supposed to do then?, but I hear you Chalet, it’s a bit early…

  • Javi

    Cesc Fabregas kissed the barsa badge the first day!
    What does it mean to be a mercenary to look for your and your family’s best interest while people are throwing money at you? What is wrong with that?
    As long as you don’t spit on the people that caused you to earn all that money-the Atleti fans and Aguero-in my book a player should earn as much as people are willing to pay him; Even though I would have loved to see us get Llorente or Mata for far less money and with the rest get a real playmaker like Borja Valero or Lamela or Elano from Sao Paulo.

  • Chalet

    Fábregas already played for Barca when he was a boy. He is at home there – so of course he can kiss their badge!
    This is completely different!

    I don´t think that the club told Falcao to kiss the Atléti badge. The fans wanted him to do it – and it´s interesting that Ringo said that maybe Falcao was afraid that the fans would dislike him if he didn´t.
    And then one day the players move on to another club and then they kiss their badge if wanted.
    That is what really makes me sick – it´s so hypocritical.

    I have absolutely no problem with players who are here for the money – as long as they are doing their job and admit that it is like this.

    I also wanted to make clear that my comment about Falcao has nothing to do with ‘baseless hatred’ or something like that.
    I don´t complain about his signing and I know that we should be grateful to have him.
    I would never doubt his qualities as a football player because I know that he is great – and I´m sure that he will be fantastic for Atléti.
    It´s just something about his person I don´t like.
    He is causing too much fuss for my liking and when he is saying all those beautiful things about Atléti his eyes are speaking a different language.

    I know that it´s just me but nevertheless I dared to express my personal opinion.

  • Davide


    I always say beautiful things about Atlético, like fpr example how we are going to win the league and how we are one the biggest clubs in the world.

    Falcaos is adapted to the three dimensional reality of being connected to Altético very quickly.

    He is one of us now, he has everyting that we have, foolish hopes, stupid dreams and unrealistic thoughts.


    This year we take our league title number ten!!

  • Javi

    One thing I do like about him right off the bat is that unlike others he is not conceding first or second place
    I’m really tired and bored of those two teams always winning everything. We need to take them down like we used to do.

  • starvs

    I think this team has a solid foundation to start challenging for league titles potentially, not this season maybe, but in a year with an addition or two. Falcao, Reyes, Turan are all champions league quality. Defense of Silvio, A. Dom, Godin, Filipe is solid, young, and offensively potent. If some youngsters (Koke, Salvio, Asenjo/Joel) really pan out and/or a few more legit CL quality players are added this team could make some waves.

    I was down on Caminero early but he has made some better moves more recently. I like picking up that unknown striker who was being tearing it up in Veitnam for free and loaning him out. No risk more for Atleti, if he pans out when we win, if he doesn’t no loss. You need those type of shrewd moves to get to the top if you are not going to be spending 100 million every summer.

  • Xisco

    @Javi, Elano plays for Santos not Sao Paulo, also he is not a playmaker, their designated playmaker is PH Ganso, besides I don’t think he is gonna leave Santos because like Fabregas, he is now at home with Santos, and Cesc at Barca, respectively, Also the player we need no sign RIGHT AWAY, SERIOUSLY NOT JOKING!, is Oscar Dos Santos Emboaba Junior, 19 years old, MVP of U-20 World Cup final,score a hat-trick againts Portugal, till that match, 60 players were not aable to score againts Portugal, Oscar managed to score 3 goals, he is a rare and special gem, he is the real deal. Think about it Atletico fans, we NEED this guy, he is gonna be a WORLD-CLASS player, and Atleti has the chance to sign him, remote chance, but still has it, I wish I was Cerezo for once, I would sign Oscar unhesitatingly as he is worth all the money in the world.

  • Ringo

    Well, it’s not good to base your opinion on one game, but I’d still rather get him than Diego.
    But, one other problem: no Eu-pass, we have to look in Europe this time, we can’t take risk with another Kun or Salvio this time around.

    Yeah Starvs, I’m thinking the same, all that’s needed is a good midfield. Koke is talented, but inexperienced. Tiago is good, but not terrific, same for Gabi. Mario is talented, but I don’t know what’s his limit. I haven’t seen the full potential of Elias and Fran has too much issues or something right now. (Potentially) Diego is a risk, he could turn out a great addition, he could turn out the most terrible problem Atleti have seen on the field for a while.

    So the midfield needs some work, hopefully Koke can really step it up this year, I believe in the kid.
    And hopefully the goalkeeping won’t be a big problem, all three are young and have to fill the void De Gea left, lots of pressure, I guess.

  • javi

    Xisco, you are right, I wrote the wrong team down, but Elano does makes plays I see him playing alot and he would be great for us for small money-he would be a quality replacement for Tiago, to bring the ball from the back and structure the plays to the front were he can hand it off to Arda, Forlan, Reyes, or others. Ganso would be too expensive.
    By the way, did you guys see one of the rebels in Tripoli was wearing a Santos shirt yesterday. They get around.

  • Teso


    Obviously you do not know Falcao very well… Look what he has done for River, Porto and tell me he is not being honest!

    He is the most Honest player that you will get, and he will most likely finish his career in Atletico.

  • Urban

    Neh, you misjudge Diego – he is pure top class player, still young, and his discipline problems wont be as big as they were so far. Why?

    a) plenty of professional brazilians in our squad who will help to keep him straight (Filipe, Elias, Miranda, DC)

    b) he has to salvage his career, no place for him to do anything wrong now

    c) he really wants to play for us and he sees it as a big chance (or at least he says so)

    Wheres a proper news about the negotiations!

    Villaverde is taking part in the talks, it means that most likely they are preparing the contract for Diego.

  • Xisco

    I’d would like to agree with you in your belief that Diego is world-class, not anymore, his campaign with Wolfsburg was dissapointing, I remember his game against Gladbach, he was the mpv in that match, other than that, his campaign was a disaster (other players were awful too, but Diego’s inconsinstency almost cost them the relegation), and sure,if we sign him he could salvage his joy to play football again,but is now or never if he wants to recover his status as a world-class player,but right now, he is way too far from being it.

  • starvs

    I think it is worth taking the chance on Diego. He is still young(ish) and obviously has the quality in him somewhere. Bottom line is we need a playmaker and he is by far our best bet at this point.

  • Xisco

    @starvs, so you think Diego could be our best bet, and Oscar is not worth to at least be looked at or consider to be a bid for the future of Atleti?, (I know is worthless that I waste my time suggesting players that I think would be of great help to Atleti like Oscar or Giuliano both playmakers, but the dreams and hopes of seeing these and many other players at Atleti, no one can take that away from me).

  • starvs

    I mean that Diego is our best bet for next season at this point in the transfer window.

    Oscar may be a good player (really not familiar with him), but we need someone ready/able to contribute now. I also wouldn’t mind buying some young talent to put into our pipeline, but this team can win now (but not La Liga, yet…) so we have to build accordingly.

  • Xisco

    @starvs, Oscar Dos Santos, first player ever to score a hat-trick in a U-20 final, he’s having a wonderful season in Brazil Serie A, some people compare him to the real Falcao, the Brazilian playmaker, Giuliano 2010 Copa Libertadores champion with Internacional, he plays for Dnipro in Ukraine (I think his talent is being wasted, I think he has a Italian passport, not sure though.), Lucas Moura is also a player I would love to see at Atleti, but anyways, you can never get what you want in this world.
    The idea of having Diego as our playmaker, doesn’t sound bad at all, If he performs like when he did while he was a Bremen (even though he did win any trophy at all), he’ll really contribute to Atleti’s cause, but if he doesn’t, we’ll be in trouble. Also, just because we bought Falcao, Salvio, Arda, Adrian and others that doesn’t mean we’ll be able to beat Valencia, Villareal or Malaga, as they all pretty much have a builded team, that knows how to play good football, and perform good against though teams, I think with our new signings, it’ll take us time to build a strong a team to compete againts the top teams in Spain and Europe, I hope it doesn’t takes us too much time because I believe this season in Spain, It will be one the most competive seasons in the history of La Liga.

  • javi

    Looks like Diego and Atleti have a deal, and the team is waiting to hear from Wolfsburg now.

  • Davide


    The most competitive seasons in La Liga history would be the times Athletic or Atlético have worked hard and pushed Real and Barcelona of the top to claim the league.

    Also i am not into the whole “young brazilian talent performing in second rate league” hype. Much more of those has failed in Europe rather than becoming succesfull than from any other league.

    Whatever happened to brazilian “supertalents” like Kerlon, Coutinho, Kerrison, Breno, Dede, Leandro Damião etc ??

    Personally i think young argentinians have a much larger successrate in Europe than young brazilians.

    Young brazilians are often overhyped to the point of ludacrisy.

  • Xisco

    @Davide, when I said that it was going to be one the best seasons in La Liga, I meant that excluding Barca and Madrid respectively, all the team are gonna be very though, except Levante and Rayo, other than them I think the other remaining teams will be very difficult to defeat, as most of them hace great players, that’s what I think.

    About the Brazilian “supertalents”, the only player I’m asking right now is Oscar, believe me, I think he can match Neymar’s level, forget about Giuliano at the moment, Oscar is the man.
    Kerlon’s height and constant inuries, made him not suceed even at Cruzeiro, Oscar is taller, stronger and he is not injury prone, hopefully he never gets a injured badly, Coutinho played good in Brazil’s Serie B, not so much in Serie A, still he is very young and I wish he suceeds at Inter, Keirrison I’m not very sure why he didn’t suceed, still young ,hope he suceeds, Breno not sure either why he hasn’t make it, still young, Dede is doing good at Vasco, hope he keeps improving ,then he can move on to Europe, Leandro Damiao (I have no idea why you don’t like him, matter of likes), so far he has score in almost every game, including 2010 Libertadores, scored an incredible Chilena last week, I hope he keeps scoring goals and improving.

    Pato didn’t played many matches in Brazil, he is becoming world-class, Maicon, Renato Augusto (he would be a great playmaker for us), Luis Gustavo, Nilmar had a difficult time at Lyon, now he is doing good for Villareal, Hernanes, Hulk, Sandro, Adriano at Inter, too much booze, but he was beast, Julio Baptista, started as a box-to-box midfielder, has scored over 100 goals in Europe, Anderson is showing his true potential, Nene Ceara PSG, Michel Bastos Lyon, and many others are suceeding in Europe.

    Argentina also has player who did suceed, Titan Palermo, Mauro Boselli, Pastore hasn’t convinced me yet, press think he is new Maradona or Di Stefano, Menseguez, Bernardo Romeo, D’alessandro didn’t do much, Veron at Man. U., Mauro Rosales, Mariano Gonzalez,Chelito, Lucho Figueroa, Lautaro Acosta and others haven’t make it in Europe, but maybe you’re right, we should’nt sign Oscar, we’ll ruin his career, he should stay at Internacional at least for another year.

    PS no need to be so sarcastic with the Brazilian “Supertalents”.

  • Edletico

    Diego Ribas’ dad said an agreement is in place with the player and Atletico, we just need to agree with Wolfsburg now

  • ncsu

    The thing that gives me hope about bringing Diego in is that Manzano was able to similarly resuscitate Borja Valero’s career.

  • Urban

    Forlan is not flying to Portugal. His departure is a matter of hours.

  • k14

    well, he wont play this game to keep his options open, rather than it means a definite exit, because if he play in our EL game it means he wont be able to play in the CL if he does join inter.

    Personally, I hope he does move to Inter, its good for both Atleti and Forlan, specially since I think Forlan deserve some CL glory in what might be his last close to peak years.

  • Edletico

    Dani Pacheco from Liverpool has been signed on loan, but we have loaned him to Rayo. We have a buyout clause at the end of the season

  • starvs

    Don’t know anything about Pacheco but I like that Caminero is trying to build a pipeline of young potential on the cheap. We are going to have to unearth a diamond in the rough or ten to compete with barca/real’s budgets.

  • dgsozkan

    Pacheco has some potential he would be good for future.Of course he is lack of experince so sending him on loan to Rayo was good move.

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