Pablo Forlán: “My son will not be staying at Atlético”

Diego Forlán's father confirms to radio station that the striker is set to leave Atleti

Diego Forlán accompanied by his father Pablo  (

Diego Forlán accompanied by his father Pablo

“It’s for sure that my son will not be staying at Atlético,” assured Pablo Forlán, father of striker Diego Forlán, to Uruguayan radio station 1410 AM Libre on Friday.

Citing Sergio Aguero’s messy departure to Manchester City, Pablo is worried his son will not be given a proper send-off from the club, as he feels “Atlético’s directors don’t coddle their stars.”

The striker’s dad said Cachavacha would be open to a move to rumoured destination Inter Milan, “because it’s a great club.”

“His representative is negotiating in Milan, and Diego is eagerly awaiting the deal to be resolved,” the elder Forlán was quoted as saying by Spanish paper AS.

“But, we all know the steps to these triangles. If Eto’o’s [move] is finalised, it’s almost certain that Diego will go to Inter. While there’s no reason to rush things, there’s a certain level of anxiousness for everything to be resolved.

“Diego is unhappy with Atlético Madrid because he has given everything, he has been professional and the club has not responded likewise,” he said.

It’s no small secret that, in recent years, the two-time European Golden Shoe winner has had a rocky relationship with the Colchonero faithful.

“It’s possible the fans felt he had the wrong attitude towards them, and I respect that, but I’m convinced that he gave much more than what he got back in return,” Pablo Forlán said.

“I think Atletico should coddle their stars a little more, they didn’t do that with ‘Kun’, and they aren’t doing it with Diego.

“A clear example is that Real Madrid buys in order to improve, while Atletico sells, and doesn’t invest in winning the league. Instead of corralling their idols and keeping them there, they sell them.”

The former Uruguay national team defender seems convinced that, even if the Rojiblanco attacker’s move to the Italian giants falls through, he will not be around at the Vicente Calderón for the 2011/12 campaign.

“If Diego doesn’t go to Inter, he’ll go to another club,” he said.

“I don’t know which one, but what’s for sure is that he will not be staying at Atletico.”

According to AS reporter Daniel Hidalgo, Atleti have a contingency plan set in place in the event Forlán’s exit materialises.

“At this point it looks like they’re going to let him leave and get Pizzi and/or Diego to make the team more 4-3-3 friendly,” wrote Hidalgo via Twitter.

  • Edletico

    That’s a shame but I guess it is only fair.
    I heard Hugo Mallo from Celta Vigo is being lined up as a back up right back. Diego would be a amazing signing but I have never seen Pizzi.
    Still I hope he is being misquoted and Forlan stays

  • Javi92

    His dad is right, Forlan deserved more than what he got in return from some fans, I remember some people booed him even though Forlan deserves only aplauses from all the fans, I remember his goals against Barca at the Calderon and he if leaves the club he deserves a farewell match againts Penarol or Uruguay, a plate as an award, and everyone applauding him and chanting URUGUAYO, URUGUAYO!!!, one more thing I have to express his that even if Forlan his at only 50% of his capacity he still a hundred times better than Falcao(who I still believe only came to Atleti for the money and nothing more, watch he is gonna be Atleti’s best paid player) as he proved in the Copa America final, I sometimes criticize him for missing goals and penalties but he deserves more than recognition and admiration from every Atleti fan for he is one of the best players in the world and possibly the best player Uruguay has ever produced.

  • I totally agree, he deserves much more! Forlán was the reason why I started following Atléti, and I think he deserves so much more from the club & the fans, and I honestly hope he will be staying because this man has dedicated his life almost to Atléti. Bravo, a true player, URUGUAYO!

  • DJ_ZA

    Forlan’s dad is so right about Atleti’s short-sighted approach…they’ve made their big summer signing to replace Kun and instead of realising the potential goldmine (Forlan, Falcao & osvaldo/Diego), they willingly let Forlan get away. no doubt they’re only thinking in terms of cashing in while they can still get a few euros. Do they not realise that he’s like Maldini, Zanetti, Giggs – he’ll keep going despite his age, with plenty to offer. (and that’s what Oscar tabarez gets about him – even if forlan’s not hitting the target as often as he used to, he’s there setting up his team mates). so like you Edletico, I too hope that somehow he stays.

    @Javi92 I really admire your unwaivering support of Forlan. I like your farewell suggestion (even though it’s never gonna happen in a million years, especially cos Forlan’s admission that he loves only Penarol really rubbed the Atleti fans the wrong way.) Wrt Falcao, I think he’s going be good for Atleti but would’ve been better WITH Forlan.

  • Javi92

    @DJ_ZA Finally now we’re tuning, I gotta admit that you really are a true Atlet fan, as you know we’re trying to get Diego as our playmaker, I think he is a bit of a troublemaker, even though Magath is also a coach who gets in trouble with players just like he did with Kuranyi, So do you think Diego is the last piece of the puzzle?, ’cause I doubt it.

  • Davide

    Even though i like Forlán, i disagree that Forlán has been professional. Last season he cost us a Champions League place by letting his problems with Quique come in the way of his performance. He wasn’t even trying to play football ot help the team. Personally, i dislike Quique, but he still gave Forlán plenty of chances. You people sound like Diego gave everything to the club and like he was playing for a bag of peanuts because he love the club. Mind you Forlán is one of the highest earners in La Liga and he is paid to do a job. If we knew he was going to be so lazy and uninterested in playing football after the world cup then we could have gotten another striker tå bang in the 10-15 extra goals we needed to reach CL. The board has still not forgiven Forlán for not helping the clib reach the CL last year. I think you guys romantisize to much over players wannabe hearts, love and noble gestures. Still i wish that he could have gotten good sending of.

  • Guest

    So this radio interview was legitimate? If so, my concern is where he will go if the Inter deal doesn’t come to fruition. There was no new offers that I have read about. Maybe clubs will come forward quickly knowing he wants out and Atletico wants him gone. Or maybe he’ll take time off and be a midseason transfer. Hopefully he doesn’t retire. It’s a shame really. Forlán served them well and would continue to do so if he had been treated better. But Atletico has made some good singings in Falcao. Adrian is doing amazing right now. And lots of other players have been stepping up as well. So, there’s some promise of a good season there.

  • ThinkTwice007

    I hope Diego Forlan will play for Internazionale. He is as good as Samuel Eto, great addition to Inter!

  • ThinkTwice007

    Not an Atletico fan, but a Diego Forlan’s fan. He proved his worth at the World Cup, when neither L Messi nor C Ronaldo
    weren’t able to show much…

  • Chalet

    Given that this radio interview is genuine this really comes as no surprise to me.
    It was foreseeable that the arrival of Falcao would mean the departure of Forlán. And Gil Marín wanted to get rid of him anyway.
    Forlán´s dad is really right in everything he mentioned about Atléti.
    Our board is a disgrace and some of our fans are just brainless idiots.

    Javi92 //
    I really love your heartwarming comments about Forlán!

    DJ_Za //
    I´m totally with you!

    And as for kissing the badge of the club – it would have been hypocritical if Forlán had done this. Peñarol is the club of his childhood, his first ‘football love’ together with La Celeste.
    People should really try to understand this. Most of the fans are always demanding from the players that they ‘feel the colours’ of the club.
    This is somehow ridiculous because for most of the players it´s nothing more than a job. They get paid for it and they have to perform.
    And it´s really funny that it never works the other way round. As soon as it clear that a player is going to leave the club most of the fans are already thinking about his replacement.
    The club is above everything, so next one please.
    I´m really glad that some of the guys here admitted that Forlán was the reason why they started to follow Atléti – which means that they were not born as Atléti fans and that they followed the player first.

    Look how excited the fans are already about the signing of Falcao.
    On Sunday will be his first training session with the team and I´m pretty much convinced that loads of people will be there to watch this – with Falcao already having made a lot of fuss via his Twitter account.
    As soon as Forlán is gone nobody at Atléti will care about Uruguayo anymore.

    Davide //
    I agree that Forlán had a season to forget but I really disagree that it was him who cost us a CL spot.
    He did it once that he took us almost single-handedly to the Champions League – but why couldn´t do the highly praised Agüero the same?
    In the end Agüero was only playing for himself – and it was also Quique´s fault with his all-time different lineups that we ended up as 7th in the league.
    And don´t forget that Forlán has already been shut out on the pitch by Reyes & friends!

    Guest //
    I don´t think that Forlán will retire.
    He loves playing football and he is too young and too classy to do so.
    He will either stay in Europe or come back home or try to play in Brasil like his father did or play again for Independiente where he started his international career…

    ThinkTwice007 //

  • Ringo Schut

    It’s not that nice to say brainless, another opinion doesn’t necessarily mean stupidity and because they like having Falcao (who is very talented, which is probably the reason for the excitement) doesn’t mean they hate Forlan.
    I, for example, will keep following Forlan as I still follow Kun (look, I haven’t even started hating Agüero!)
    I didn’t become Atleti’s fan because of Forlan, I did because of Torres (even though I stopped liking him as a player two/three years ago after I’ve seen more of him)
    I wish all the best to Forlan, whatever road he chooses, and he will probably do good.
    Falcao will probably do great here and now we can really see how Atleti’s 4-3-3 could be!

  • Sweden

    Well spoken everyone, Diego Ribas i said to have written in his twitter today that he “looks forward coming to atleti” or something, but can’t find his god damn twitter!

  • Sweden

    Seria um Prazer mt Grande Jogar no Atlético De Madrid é um Grande Clubee !

    That’s what he wrote.

  • Ringo

    Uhm.. translation please 🙂

    I can only see he thinks Atleti is a big club, I don’t know what the first half means (except for “Grande”, of course)

    I’d rather not get him, but if he indeed joins the squad, better make the best of it…

  • palc

    That isn’t his official twitter account. That guy claiming to be Diego is an imposter.

  • Maryke

    Pablo is right, Atletico DOES sell their stars instead of keeping them.. Forlan is the reason I started to support Atleti, and I would really like him to stay. Besides, I know we can’t believe everything the players or their agents say, but Diego DID say he wanted to stay with Atletico, and even if his father says he’s not staying, Diego has the final say.

  • Flo

    The board wanted more respect from Agüero and now they don’t give it to Forlán by themselves.

  • palc

    The board are the villains here. In both Agüero’s and Forlan’s case.

    Gil Cabron, fuera del Calderon!

  • Chalet

    It´s really plain to see that it´s the board who force Forlán to go.
    He always said that he wanted to stay and showed a lot of commitment to the club but they prefer to get rid of him.
    They are on the sunny side now because with Falcao they signed a top player and a superstar – ecaxtly what the fans wanted!

    Ringo //
    When I was talking about some fans who are ‘brainless idiots’ it had nothing to do with Falcao!
    I was only referring to the relationship between some of the fans and Forlán. Some of the fans are so fickle – it´s ridiculous. One day they are booing him and calling him a mercenary – and the other day they are chanting ‘Uruguayo’. They don´t understand that Forlán didn´t change and that he never will – he will always be like he is.

    You said that you will keep following Forlán when he´s gone – and of course so will I!
    But it would be really interesting to know if anybody is going to unfollow Atléti after Forlán´s departure…

  • Urban

    Ok its all sad youre right but you forget about one damn important factor – his salary.

    He will not be a starter this season, we had to buy falcao because we cannot put all our faith in forlan who has dipped in form. And now we would be having a benchwarmer earning 4,5 mln / year. We cannot afford that. Add to that the fact that its the last season we can make any good money on him and it shows that selling him has A LOT of sense.

    Even though I love this guy and I respect him so much, from the clubs point of view it would be better if he left.

  • Chalet

    That is exactly what´s really annoying me – this never-ending talk about money and profitability. Of course the club has to consider the financial aspects but I never ever want to hear again a single word about ‘feeling the spirit, defending the colours and kissing the badge of the club’ or any other sentimental nonsense.
    It´s all about business and money – nothing else.

    I agree that Forlán probably wouldn´t have been a starter this season – but I´ve also heard about a lot of people who were dreaming about ‘the double F’ in our attack and who wanted Forlán to keep until his retirement.
    Apart from this it was quite clear that Forlán would have wanted to silence a lot of people this season and to prove himself what he is still capable of on the pitch.

    And don´t forget that Atléti is reportedly owing Forlán a lot of money which he did not get up to now.
    It is understood that his possible new club will get him for a lower transfer fee and therefore will have to absorb his unpaid wages.

  • k14

    “I do not have any offer from Inter,” the striker told AS. “I have two years on my contract and I cannot say what is going to happen. My idea is to be here and see out my contract, but it is hard to say if that is going to happen.

    “No-one has told me I am for sale, and I bear no rancour towards anyone. If I stay, I will continue with the same expectations, and if I leave, I will do so happy with all I achieved with this team.

    “These are all rumours, I have not been told by Atletico that I am to leave.” – D.Forlan

    accourding to

  • leika

    Reportedly Atletico have bought Celta Vigo’s 20-year-old Hugo Mallo for 2 million euros, but he’ll stay on loan to Celta for one season. He plays as a right back or winger and probably will be a backup for Silvio for next season as we only have one right back. I think a good signing regarding the future.

  • javi

    I dont think Forlan is going anywere, this is all media hype so that you guys get all riled up like you are doing. He is playing on Thursday and will score, and he will continue with us, hopefully for the rest of his two year contract and more.

  • 20Corona


    I really hope this is true, I dont want Forlan to leave!

  • Urban

    Yeah maybe we are just panicking, I hope he stays. With him AND Diego our team would be imho 3th power in terms of the individual skills of players in spain. It would be manzanos task to make a team out of them all great players.

  • Chalet

    I don´t think that we were panicking. 😉
    Maybe some of us wanted Forlán to go, maybe some of us wanted him to stay but probably most of us would have understood if he had moved.

    So now obviously this interview with Pablo Forlán was either a fake or Forlán´s dad was completely misquoted or the journalists invented a lot of nonsense around this interview.

    I have now read all the newspaper articles about Diego Forlán´s related statements and at least MARCA had an additional video, so for this time we can be sure that this is not another fake.
    What Forlán junior said didn´t sound very promising to me.
    You get the feeling that he is no longer happy at the club but has to maintain the contrary because there is no suitable offer that would allow him to leave Atléti.
    Forlán admitted having a difficult realtionship with the fans and it´s simply a fact that Gil Marín wants to have him out.

    We all know that in a 4-3-3-system there will be no place for Forlán.
    It´s reported that he could be in the starting line-up on Thursday. If so then it will probably be for the last time for a very long time – and after that he will have to warm the bench.
    I don´t think that he will score against Vitória.
    Don´t forget – as long as there is Reyes on the pitch our new #10 will try to shut out Forlán.

    Obviously Eto´o will sign his new contract with Anzhi on Tuesday and then leave Inter.
    Let´s see what happens next then.

  • Guest

    @Chalet, it’s like you’re reading my mind.

  • Javi

    Chalet I totally disagree with you
    I also have read all the reports and seen his video
    Forlan is staying with us, he will play many games and he will score against Vitoria
    I also think the Reyes-forlan controversy is hype and they will okay together and win together
    Plus Inter is now looking at Kuyt to repace Etoo

  • Javi

    Actually I can’t say I read all the reports-like Sarah Palin does- but I read most of what is out there and I believe this is more of the media crap they feed us every year about Forlan

  • 7th

    Kun’father: ” my son will stay for another season”.

    later, Kun leaves,

    Forlan’ father: ” my son will not stay at Atletico”.

    rather, stay one more year.


  • Chalet

    Guest //

    Thanks for your support. It looks like the two of us are the only ones who share the same thoughts about Forlán…

    Javi //

    Obviously we´ve got different impressions about Forlán´s statements.
    He said in his latest interview that he finds it difficult to say whether he will really see out the 2 remaining years of his contract and he also said that until the end of the transfer period you´ll never know what is going to happen.
    As I said before this doesn´t sound very promising to me.
    I really think that Forlán´s dilemma is to get an offer that really suits both him and the club – so maybe the whole story will start again in a couple of months during the winter transfer window.

    But time will tell how long Forlán will stay with us, how many games he will play, how many goals he will score and how Reyes will behave towards him on the pitch.

    It is said that Forlán is in the squad against Vitória for the game on Thursday.
    But that means nothing to me. Didn´t we all expect him to play the first game against Vitória? And look what happened then…

    Btw. – why did you mention Sarah Palin?

  • Guest

    @Chalet. I absolutely agree with you once again on all points. It does seem we are in a minority. It would be nice to come here and share the positivity of the other great posters here. But I just can’t shake the feeling something is wrong. I hope they are right, and I am just totally off base. As odd as that may sound. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.