Arda Turan unveiled at the Vicente Calderón

The Turkish midfielder was formally presented on Tuesday

Arda Turan alongside Caminero & Pantic  (

Arda Turan alongside Caminero & Pantic

Former Galatasaray captain Arda Turan was presented at the Vicente Calderón Tuesday afternoon by his new club Atlético.

“I am very happy and thankful for being here,” he said.

“I want to thank each and every Atletico employee for their treatment of me, from my team-mates to the very last worker at the club’s facilities.

“They have received me very affectionately, with a hug and a smile, and that’s what I needed.”

Tomas Ujfalusi, who spent some time with Turan in Istanbul after joining Galatasaray earlier in the summer, provided Arda with some insight as to what to expect at Atleti.

“Ujfalusi had told me good things about the club, the atmosphere, and how passionate the fans are,” said Arda.

“I’ve been able to confirm what he told me.”

The 24-year-old, primarily a left-winger, admitted he’s open to playing wherever the team needs him.

“What position I play isn’t that important to me,” he said. “I like to play and feel comfortable on the left wing, but I can also play behind the forward or on the right wing.”

Arda played down the injury he sustained last week in Turkey’s friendly, which will reportedly keep him out for about two more weeks.

“It’s nothing serious,” he said. “I’ve already started to run and I think that in five or six days I’ll be able to take part in the training sessions.”

The gifted playmaker feels los Rojiblancos can realistically compete with the two powerhouses of la Liga.

“Real Madrid and Barcelona are big clubs, but at the end of the day, the 11 that play are human and Atlético have great potential to reach their level,” he said.

“We have to fight. I don’t think it’s impossible.”

He respects Real, but feels “it’s normal, as an Atlético player to want to score goals against them.”

Finally, Turan went over the objectives he has set for himself at his new home.

“My goal is to get a lot of assists, score and play as many games as possible, but also, to help out my team-mates.”

  • starvs

    We ballin’ now.

  • Aferim Arda efendim! 🙂 happy to see him with us!

  • Sam

    So psyched. Looking over the roster, not a bad squad of forwards we’ve got.

  • musti

    As a Turkish Galatasaray fan Arda is a big loss to us, he is one of the most talented players Turkish football has ever seen. The press never left him alone, being Galatasaray’s captain at such a young age he still managed to handle the pressure, good luck to him & well done Atletico…

  • Yon

    What number?

  • Aagi

    I think that Arda probably will wear the no. 19 jersey and Reyes will shift to the number 10 as he wore against Recreativo. I think Arda Turan will be a big hit at the Vicente Calderon with his quick pace and quirky dribbles.

  • leofranco

    This is a really good signing! Cant wait to see him meg Dani Alves and rip it in the top corner,,

  • Ian

    Looking at all galatasaray fans and how he became captain in such a young age, I think he’s like their “Fernando Torres” 😀

  • starvs

    Ian, definitely true, the way those fans showed out was crazy. He clearly was their talisman.

    I hope he can be the type of player that can usher in a new era for Atletico, along with hopefully all of Koke, Mario Suarez, Salvio, and maybe even Falcao.

  • Talisman

    He had been with Galatasaray since he was 12. He’s current one of the most talented Turkish players. He became the team captain at such a young age. So most (if not all) Galatasaray fans are sad to see him leave. On the other hand, we trust he’ll do good and improve in Atletico. I’d love to see him become a star in Spanish football too.

    In any case, well done Atletico! You’ve got yourselves a great player.


  • i can’t wait to see turan in atletico shirt what a great signing for us hopely he wil adapt into our style quickly. Please is true that atletico have reach an agreement with Espanyol to sign OSVALDO pleaz some should help me

  • javi

    amed 9ja, and report that a deal is in place for Falcao for 35mEU plus Elias, and that a deal is also in place for Osvaldo for 17mEU, but the Osvaldo deal is on hold until they Sell Forlan to Inter. They want to get the deals done today so that they can register the new players before the Europa League deadline of tonight expires.

  • leika

    another rumour about atletico keeping an eye on portos 24 year old midfielder ruben micael. i dont want another midfielder(he isn’t a playmaker)

  • k14

    umm, I guess Osvaldo is plan B if falcao deal doesn’t go through, or at least I hope.
    Would be a major waste of money if we get both, even if forlan leaves.
    17 mil for a bench player ? we aren’t barca 🙂

  • CH14

    I see we are being linked with half of Portugal today, Micael, Pizzi…………all players belonging to Jorge Mendes, we cannot let this man rip us off!

  • javi

    Mendes is coming to get the second bite of kuns money.

  • both OSVALDO and FALCAO are great players and wil add dept to our club. If we can sign both good but i prefer Falcao.

    Sell forlan to inter pleaz atletico sign diego from worsburg i have seen dat an offer have been submited acordin to ARDA TURAN,follow by FALCAO,OSVALDO and DIEGO
    atletico are real title contenders

  • CH14

    I wouldn’t say title contenders but should defo make the CL!

  • Sam

    I think having either Falcao or Osvaldo is a nice touch, but honestly, I’d be content with whatever Forlan produces, considering Arda, Reyes, Adrian, and Salvio are all good enough to each be the go-to guy on smaller teams. Forlan is much better and safer than Diego, who would become another Reyes (of which we only need one). I mean think about it, with 2 years of productivity left, Forlan is happy with the home he’s made in Spain and doesn’t seem to mind sitting on the bench. Just as long as he stands up long enough to score even 12 goals this season…

    I’d really rather Atleti groom more canteranos, or at least Spanish players in general. But if either Falcao or Osvaldo show up, that certainly doesn’t hurt anything (we just don’t need both).

  • Xisco

    Does anyone think Giuliano from Dnipro could be a good playmaker ,if signed, for the team?, also I think Falcao is too expensive 40m, Porto payed like 5m, and we’re paying almost 10 times more than those 5m, it’s a good business for Porto but not for us, does anyone agree with me?, besides there are thousands of good forwards out there a lot cheaper than Falcao, or instead of spending the money the club got from Kun’s transfer, let’s stick with Forlan as Sam says Forlan is good enough and I agree with you Sam, we don’t need both Falcao and Osvaldo, why don’t we just play with Forlan or Adrian and give Borja a chance as a sub, What do you guys think?

  • Mark

    I agree that Forlan still has a massive part to play for us this season, but we need to replace Aguero, not just for footballing reasons. A lot of Aguero shirts would of been sold around the world, so we will be missing money from that. A big name like Falcao should make up for that a little.

    Footballing wise, what if we go with what we have and Reyes keeps acting like a little kid and refuses to pass to Forlan. Our 2 best players refuse to hook up and we end up in a situation like we were last season, only this time without someone like Aguero to bail us out.