Trofeo Colombino: Recreativo 1 – 2 Atlético

Atleti beat Recre and bring home the Trofeo Colombino

Antonio López receives the Trofeo Colombino(

Antonio López receives the Trofeo Colombino

Atlético beat Recreativo on Thursday night and collected the Trofeo Colombino for the 6th time.

Hosts Recre scored midway through the second half, but goals by Adrián and Eduardo Salvio handed the Colchoneros the win in Huelva.

Álvaro Domínguez, captain on the night, had the first big chance to score, but his header from close range went over the crossbar.

After that opportunity, Atleti spent almost half an hour without creating chances, until a beautifully worked goal by Adrián gave us the lead.

Elias played a brilliant through ball to Luis Perea, who handed Adrián an opportunity he couldn’t miss.

Atleti today clearly missed a midfielder who can connect with the forwards, but Elias, who played as a faux-winger, showed he can be that man. The Brazilian again delivered the final pass when Reyes hit the post just before half time.

Shortly after the break Reyes released Adrián, but the striker failed to beat goalkeeper Alejandro.

In the second half Gregorio Manzano switched from a 4-3-3 to a 4-4-2 formation, and with only a week left until our first la Liga game against Real Sociedad, it seems the coach still hasn’t settled on a system.

Recreativo tied the score in the 64th minute, after a great individual effort by Fidel. The Recre winger beat Adrián and found Álvaro Vega at the second post, who edged out Godín to the cross and headed in the equaliser.

Our new Belgian goalie Thibaut Courtois made his debut for Atléti but didn’t have a whole lot to do and was left without a chance on Vega’s header.

Atlético picked themselves up and got back into the lead in the 79th minute, when Eduardo Salvio anticipated a through ball by Reyes and calmly slotted the ball through the legs of Alejandro.

Substitute Borja, who played his first game for Atleti this pre-season, could have made it three for los Rojiblancos after yet another of Reyes’ passes sliced open the Recre defence, but Alejandro got a touch on Borja’s shot which was then cleared off the line.

Despite the conceded goal, Atlético never looked like giving up the lead and we comfortably held on in the final minutes. Antonio López went to collect the enormous Trofeo Colombino, which we have now won a total of six times.

Line-up: Courtois; Perea (“59 Sílvio), Miranda, Domínguez (“59 Godín), Filipe (“59 López); Gabi (“46 Juanfran), Mario (“46 Assunção), Tiago; Reyes, Elias (“46 Salvio) and Adrián (“73 Borja).

Goals: 0-1 Adrián (“33); 1-1 Álvaro Vega (“64); 1-2 Salvio (“79)

  • 7th

    after this match,

    assuncao is to leave, lol.

    elias really need to stay. as well as salvio.

    looking forward to ARDA’ debut match. and what are we like with him.

  • SoLobo

    Keep keep keep Salvio!!! And also give Borja a chance!

  • Matthijs

    Borja is a find stand-in for Adrian! If you give him the time, he will be a great player. I think Silvio will be the best signing for Atletico this summer!

  • amed 9ja

    oh my god please keep SALVIO that guy is great he will be our next star and reyes is amazin in his last 3 matches

  • palc

    Don’t understand why people want Elias to stay. If we keep him it means either Salvio is to go or Falcao not to come. ALso we have enough central midfielders. Get rid of that guy asap. He may be the most unnecassary signing i’ve ever seen. He’s not a bad player, we just don’t need him.

  • 7th

    well, then why we dont loan him out to la liga team. this is better

    when tiago leaves, he will have his place.

  • palc

    I agree on loaning him away just to free up EU-spot. No one wants to buy him now,and especially not for €7 mill. If we get rid of Salvio instead of Elias, I will be mad.

  • Chalet

    Fine – so Reyes seems to link up very well with any Atléti player on the pitch as long as it is not Forlán.

    And finally La Perla took over the famous #10 jersey.

    Together with Adrián up front and obviously a new star striker coming in this will leave Forlán sooner or later on the bench and then probably out of the club.

  • 7th

    I am def sad for forlan future with Atleti,

    HE is who made me support atleti, is my among fav players.

    been a fan of him since his days in man utd.


    P.P.S, LOOL

  • @7th
    I also can say that, that Forlán made me support Atléti as well and it would be very sad to see him leave. I Like La Perla much too, but please, play the damn game and win, no matter who one passes the ball to or who scores!

  • Guest

    It’s times like this that make me think the Forlán not being wanted rumors are more than speculation. If he is being systematically pushed out, it is sad and wasteful. He’s still a world class player capable of helping any team he plays for. That is if he is given the chances too. Hopefully Atletico has or will get someone equal to his skill or better. That way the team won’t suffer while Forlán rots on the bench. I doubt he’ll leave unless the situation becomes unbearable or another team makes him an offer to good to refuse. The latter seems less likely to happen.

  • Chalet

    Forlán is clearly no longer wanted by big parts of Atléti.
    I think that some members of the board, the part of the dressing room led by Reyes and lots of fans all have a share in this.
    Forlán must be well aware of that and therefore sometimes I don´t understand why he has been so reluctant recently to move away from the club.
    Even a lot of money could not convince him to go – so I don´t know what kind of offer this should be to make him think that it is too good to refuse.

    Forlán surely will not want to rot on the bench for the rest of time he has left on his contract after the club has brought in another star striker.
    I think that this could be a situation unbearable for him.
    He should better come back home by then.

  • Javi

    I dont know were all this Forlan trade talk comes from. As soom as his vacations are over he will resume his place on the starting team as our captain

  • SoLobo

    I am with Javi. And what about all these with Reyes and Forlan? We need unity, and what do WE do about it?

  • Chalet

    I think that it is understood that with the arrival of a new striker (Falcao?) there will be no room anymore for Forlán.

    Reyes was one of our best players last season – and he is our best player at the moment. He is linking up very well with Adrián and any other player but it is plain to see that he wants to shut out Forlán.
    And with Reyes commanding the pitch – what will be left for Forlán who couldn´t find the back of the net for Atléti for a way too long time now?

    Sure there is nothing that we could do about it.
    It´s a shame but I´m pretty much convinced that there will be only unity on the pitch as long as Reyes won´t have to play together with Forlán.

  • SoLobo

    Logical thoughts Chalet, but why can’t we just wait for the season to begin? Isn’t it too early to judge?

  • Chalet

    SoLobo //

    Maybe you are right.
    But from what I´ve seen from our 2 games against Stromsgodset so far I must confess that the attitude of Reyes towards Forlán is giving me a lot of headache!

  • SoLobo

    Indeed… And let ‘s hope that ‘s gonna change! But I feel that also our attitude may be harmful… I am sure that Reyes and Forlan are aware of our comments… Not especially ours in this page… But ours in general… And that can’t be good!

  • Ringo

    Reyes just needs to grow up, he shouldn’t get his way because he’s “the star”, he should be part of the whole.
    If he acted in a mature fashion, he could have been the captain instead of Dominguez 😉
    Not that I mind Dominguez being captain, but this should be a lesson for Jose Antonio

  • Chalet

    Do you really think so?
    I´m truly sorry – and maybe I don´t get the whole meaning behind your words – but if the players are really aware of the fans´comments then I think that the world could be a lot better if they would sometimes follow our advices… 😉

  • Chalet

    Sorry – obviously Ringo and I submitted our comments at the same time.
    My answer was for SoLobo – but I totally agree with you, Ringo.

  • SoLobo

    Well… In that case I wish Reyes would be aware of what we are talking about right now! We don’t need Quique’s ghost haunting Forlan all season long! Anyway… I will just wait ’till Thursday hoping that something will change…

  • Chalet

    I am with you!

  • palc

    Reyes is a gypsy. A people known for bad attitude (not all of them of course). Quaresma is another gypsy. Also I read somewhere that Reyes was an analphabet. Might be reasons for his bad attitude..

    Or maybe the fact that he wants to be recognised as one of the best wingers around in football. After almost making it in Arsenal and Real Madrid he might be desperately trying to prove himself as a world class player.

    Also remember this guy snubbed Atletico and signed for Real Madrid some years ago. This after he already had an agreement with us.

    Also he was Aguero’s bestfriend when that C*nt was still around. That might explain alot too.

    I can’t hate him though, because he so damn good.

  • Matthijs

    I agree with palc.

    I can’t blame him either, because he scores goals and gives assists. But I hope he can find his way with Forlan.

    When are we going to sign a new striker, it’s about damn time!!

  • Edletico

    It seems as though we are close to signing both Falcao and Diego, if both go through we will have a stronger squad than last year IMO

  • Davide

    Osvaldo has signed for Atlético and will be presented within a few hours. Also Falcao should sign as soon Porto gets a word from the bank about security of payment.

  • starvs

    Seriously , Osvaldo and Falcao? We barely even need one striker, let alone two, I guess this means Forlan is on the way out if true.

    If we sign those two and don’t get Diego I am going to be pissed because this money could certainly be better spent on a midfield playmaker. Unless we can play Reyes at this position now because he will be willing to pass to Falcao?

  • Edletico

    I cant see both signing unless forlan is sold and osvaldo goes on the bench because mazano has declared he want both deigo and falcao

  • Matthijs

    I think Reyes can be a playmaker, Arda on the left en Salvio on the right, with Koke and Juanfran as other options! But two strikers is to much.

    I don’t want Forlan to leave. He is one of the reasons I became a fan of Atleti! Remember the game against Schalke!

  • Urban

    No confirmation on Osvaldo yet, I hope its not true.

  • Ringo

    Getting both seems useless, if it’s true, I’m afraid we’ll have to say goodbye to Diego; congratulations Reyes, looks like you’ve won…

    Falcao seems like an awesome force up front, but I’m not sure, I think it was better and way cheaper to keep with Forlan.

  • Ringo

    By the way, Spain U20 is knocked out of the World Cup, so Koke and Pulido will return to the team pretty soon, I guess 🙂

    Hopefully Manzano will put his faith in Koke

  • Urban

    OMG what did aguero do… :O

  • palc

    I want to die.

  • Mark

    I feel sick. It’s like seeing an ex girlfriend with someone else.

  • palc

    @ Mark thats a perfect way to describe it. It’s like seeing an ex girlfriend having sex with a cooler and more handsome guy.

  • Amor Colchonero

    Its bittersweet seeing Kun scoring for another team. Mark’s analogy is spot on. Theres no denying his talent but I just wish he left our club in a more gracious manner…

  • palc

    @ Amor. Yes exactly, then I would be very happy for him. Don’t know what to feel, should I feel angry or happy? Im confused. I onced loved him

    that sounded gay.

  • Mark

    But he didnt leave in a gracious manner. As long as we get Falcao and he scores 25+ goals this season, then I’ll maybe be able to forget about Aguero. Until then, I’ll be hoping he misses every chance he gets.

  • Lubo

    I already forgot about him. Those goals he scored made nothing to me. Cool head. He disappointed all of us a lot and he doesn’t deserve a single thought. I don’t care even if he wins golden boot, now he is history for me – just another overpaid footballer in this money-controlled world.

  • Ringo Schut

    Well I’m happy for Agüero, I won’t hate him because he made a stupid mistake in this situation.
    I actually really wonder how he’ll do in a (much) better team…