Atlético rumoured to be closing in on Falcao

According to several sources, only minor details are keeping the striker from joining

Falcao celebrates a goal with Colombia (AFP)

Falcao celebrates a goal with Colombia (AFP)

According to several media sources both in Spain and Colombia, Atlético are very close to finalising a deal for Porto striker Radamel Falcao García.

Journalist Diego Rueda of Caracol Radio, one of Colombia’s main radio networks, denied claims made earlier this week in the Portuguese press suggesting Falcao had agreed to a move to Real Madrid for the 2012/13 season.

“I have spoken to sources regarding Falcao and [reports about his move to] Real Madrid. It isn’t true and the player is a step away from joining Atlético Madrid,” Rueda said via Twitter on Wednesday.

Late Thursday evening, the journalist assured “only minor details need to be resolved before Falcao joins Atlético”.

Spanish reporter Pepe Carpintero of Radio Marca, who also took to Twitter, corroborated those claims on Thursday.

“[Jorge] Mendes has worked hard to make the [Falcao] signing happen. Only clauses and variables need to be approved,” wrote Carpintero.

“He will be a Rojiblanco for €30 million. Salvio might be included. [Porto] don’t want Elias.”

On Friday, Manuel Esteban of Spanish paper AS, claimed that the agreement between Atlético and Porto for the Colombia international is “almost complete for a price between €25 to €30 million plus Salvio.”

Esteban also reports that Porto president Pinto da Costa even has a replacement lined up for Falcao in Fenerbahçe’s Mamadou Niang.

According to the AS reporter, the only thing holding up the deal from going through is that Pinto da Costa wants guarantees that his club will receive the full payment up front.

Radio Marca also shed light on the status of some of our other targets on Thursday.

Prior to Atlético’s offer withdrawal for Antoine Griezmann because of an apparent “non-aggression pact” between Gil Marín and Real Sociedad president Jokin Aperribay, the Frenchman’s agents were reportedly promised by Aperribay that an agreement with Atleti would be accepted and the youngster would be allowed to leave.

Fearing backlash from the fans if their prized asset were to be sold, la Real refused to honour their word.

With regard to Diego, Wolfsburg have set his price tag at €7 million, but his refusal to accept a salary decrease is the only thing keeping him from the Vicente Calderón.

With the signing of Arda Turan, the Brazilian is no longer a priority for Caminero and crew, though a move to Atleti should not be ruled out just yet.

Finally, Atlético have reportedly made an offer for Real Zaragoza winger Ángel Lafita.

According to AS, los Colchoneros have contacted Lafita’s agent Manuel García Quilón about their interest in the 27-year-old.

Atleti are believed be bidding €1.5 million plus a player, rumoured to be Fran Mérida, for the Zaragoza youth system product.

It is unclear if Fran would be going to Zaragoza on loan or transferred outright with a possible buy-back option.

  • palc

    Someone pinch me. Because I seem to be dreaming. Is this for real?

  • Davide

    The money spent will be a good investment and in the long turn into profit. Borth Arda and Falcao will sell many shirts, we will get better coverage from media and alot of big sponsors will be interested in Atlético. Already turkish media wants to buy all of Atléticós matches for live coverage and the Arda trnafer has put a huge spin i Turkey, who has a huge popoulation, and Arda is by fat the most popular turkish player. Don’t forget that a possible transfer of Falcao to Atlétio will take us one step closer to CL, which itselfs generates huge amounts of money for club of our size. buying Falcao would be win-win situation, and the high price tag will leveled with big income witihin 2 years. Caminero really went in hard on his appointment. He is not resting or is ashamed to get top players.

  • starvs

    man 30+Toto seems an absurd price to pay though. I really don’t want to see Salvio leave without giving a shot to tear it up at the Calderon. Falcao certainly has scored a goal or two in his day though…

    Will Falcao and Forlan be able to be on the pitch at the same time, seems like it would be a shame/waste if not.

  • Davide


    Agreed! Salvio deserves a fair shot in the team, but if the club wants Falcao, something has to give, specially in the Non EU department. Rumours says board tried to include Elías, but Porto would have none of it. Salvio still holds a very high reputation in Portugal efter Benfica tour. He was more or less the obvious trade that Porto would go for, if any. Of course i still believe that if this transfer goes trhough, Salvio will blossom at Porto and CL and will probabaly turn out to be one of the wingers of his generation in 1-2 years, wouldn’t surprise me at all. And we will be banging out head on the wall for this.

  • SoLobo

    30m + Salvio is wayyyyy much!!! I don’t want him! Can he play along with Forlan? And what about Adrian and Borja?

  • javi

    If Salvio goes I hope they at least include a buy back provision so we get him after he has blossomed.

  • salvio should not be included for god sake in this deal this guy is realy good why not elias. Falcao wil be great signin for us. Atletico wil be too hot to handle wit our great signins this season

  • Chalet

    Why should Falcao want to join Atléti?
    He has guaranteed CL football with Porto and he has just signed a new contract.
    He is a top class striker and very popular at the moment but Toto really should not be involved in a possible deal.

    Or am I just naive and it is really all about money nowadays?

  • k14

    I think atleti will go for falcao only if they sell forlan(new inter link), and for sure they wont trade salvio, unless juanfran is counted as a forward sub ?

  • leofranco

    This is a great player hopefully he joins our gret club! its hard to admit but forlan is getting old and we should have sold him this summer while we still could have got some money for him.

  • Chalet

    No offense – but age is just a number.
    Maldini was still scoring goals for Milan when he was 39 years old – and he was a regular starter for most of the time.

    Players have always been criticized for being mercenaries when they moved away in search for better contracts.
    But how would you call those fans who always want to cash in on players ‘as long as it is still possible’?

    People should accept that both sides are anxious for their own advantage and therefore put aside sentimental feelings.

  • starvs

    If Atleti can get Falco without moving Salvio I’m all for it. Otherwise I think it is too expensive a price to pay when his arrival would mean the decline of Forlan’s playing time, whom I truly believe is gonna have a very good season (if Reyes will let him).

    Spending 45m to replace a world class player player who is coming off an embarrassing season where he is going to want to prove himself just doesn’t seem like a good decision. Spend the 45m million and get Cesc…

  • DJ_ZA

    whahahaha…. hilarious Cesc comment Starvs

  • Cesc is such a crybaby, why the hell…I’d never see him in red/white…get your act together man (Cesc that is) seriously, he’s put up such a show for Arsenal (whom I also dislike), just as Agüero did for us, so screw them both!

  • Javi92

    DJ_ZA seriously dude, who do you think you are to make fun of other people comments?, I can tell that you know nothing about football, seriously, do something productive besides posting absurd comments, that had nothing to do with the actual note.

  • Chalet

    Cesc is Barca bound and this is the end of the story.
    But apart from this I am with you, Starvs!

  • DJ_ZA

    1. I was laughing WITH Starvs (I hope) and not AT him. I was applauding (not criticising) Starvs comment as I assumed he was being SARCASTIC. (A ‘like’ button woud have come in handy.) For the last year Barca have done everything except send the A-team to procure the services of Fabregas (and thankfully that saga has ended) so the comment could (realistically) only have been made with a degree of jest.
    2. I don’t write many comments to share my opinion or football knowledge, so how you claim to know the level of my football knowledge …. ??? Did somebody turn this into a competitive forum? Did I miss the ‘Do you know your Football Facts’ quiz? Aaaah damn….I’m sooo old (waaaay older than you think) that I must have missed the link. Maybe I’d have done alright on that test? We’ll never know now. I’ll give it my best shot next time there’s a test …. just give me a shout so that I don’t miss the quiz again!
    3. In case you hadn’t noticed before, most of the comments eventually end up being off-the-point of the original article. Do we lose points on the test for that? Perhaps you should convince these Atleti fans to use the (English) Facebook page so that we can all conform and have neatly packaged, to-the-point, relevant discussions….and use a ‘like’ button. Do the discussions have to be humourless too? I’d hate to mess up there too!
    But enough idle, non-productive, non-article-related chitter chatter …
    And by the way, don’t be sooo serious! I’m just messing with you…. It’s called a sense of humour.
    I do however realise we all come from different parts of the globe and interpret things differently so I’ll try to be more clear in my (infrequent) comments.
    PS. I’m not a dude…. but I am OLD.

  • Javi92

    @DJ_ZA, In case you didn’t get it, I was being sarcastic with my Neymar comment too, Javi said he would like Mata and I said I’d like Neymar, but of course, Neymar wouldn’t want to join Atleti unless we paid him what Messi or C. Ronaldo earn, I was being sarcastic too, but I think you were infrequent and rude in saying what did I smoke given the fact you don’t even know who I am, but yes, I need to chill out a bit, but hey, you don’t have to be too sarcastic either.