Arda: “Atlético are one of the best clubs in Europe”

The Turkish midfielder is excited about his move, but will be sidelined for 2 to 3 weeks

Arda donning his new club's jersey  (

Arda donning his new club's jersey

Arda Turan, Atlético’s latest signing, said goodbye to Galatasaray and all of their fans Thursday afternoon.

The midfielder, who will be presented in Madrid on Tuesday, also had some bad news to share.

A muscular injury will keep the 24-year-old sidelined for the next two or three weeks, which rules him out for our Europa League qualifiers against Vitória.

He suffered the injury to his right leg during Turkey’s 3-0 victory over Estonia on Wednesday.

The versatile player, who will have his medical tomorrow, thanked Cimbom fans for his fantastic years in Istanbul, and then spoke about his move to Atlético.

“I know that at Atlético I’ll be part of the team and that the fans are amazing, just like Galatasaray’s”, he said before recalling the Europa League clash against his new team during our succesful Europa League run two years back.

“Atlético are one of the best clubs in Europe and I’m happy to go there, because the club has shown a lot of faith in me.”

Arda was then asked about other Turkish players like Sahin, Altintop and Özil, who play across town for our eternal rivals. The midfielder made it clear that he thinks he’s joined the right club.

“Real Madrid haven’t made an offer for me, but even if they had I would’ve preferred to join Atleti.”

Turan, who will bring his actress girlfriend Sinem Kobal along to the Spanish capital, will sign a four-year contract with the Rojiblancos.

“I was determined to play in Europe, so I sat with my family to assess the offer and we made the decision to sign at Atlético.”

With Turan’s arrival, Atlético seem to have called off the hunt for Antoine Griezmann, but rumours linking us to Diego, Falcao, Osvaldo and Lafita remain active.

  • Scott Lind

    I hope he’ll be a succes at Atleti!! Looking forward to winning Europa League again!

  • Hoş geldiniz Arda ağa! 🙂 Welcome to Atlético Madrid!:)
    Looking forward of seeing him on the pitch.

  • palc

    Looking forward to qualify for Champions League again.

  • 7th

    wellcome to Atletico madrid, arda.

    i know lafita, but is he any good

  • palc

    YES. We should look forward. Look forward in time, look forward to the season. Don’t mind the past. Don’t mind De Gea and that Cunt Kunt leaving. Let’s look forward. Im a bit drunk. Sorry.

  • Xisco

    Does anyone thinks we should get rid of Fran Merida and Elias?, apparently Manzano says he is gonna give Koke and Jorge Pulido playing time and that Elias might sign with another team along with Merida. I know that Elias hasn’t prove anything yet, we should consider also that he joined the club 6 months ago, I think he is a great player is just that he hasn’t played in his preferred position, and as for Fran Merida, the guy has plenty of talent that’s for sure, and I think that he isn’t playing in his preferred position either, I hope that Manzano thinks twice before getting rid of them and gives them another chance to show their worth.
    Does anyone agree with me?

  • MGA

    First of all, he is not that fast. He is a smart player though. his biggest handicap is being very emotional. If he doesn’t feel homesick, he would be very successful. He loves holding ball, and hardly loses any. You will enjoy watching him! As a GS fan, wish you guys and him the best at Madrid…

  • hakan

    i am a gala fan.and he was our best player and he was our soul in the field and i think he better than özil and şahin.i hope atleti will be champion in la liga.

  • starvs

    Xisco, I agree with moving Elias just because of EU issues and we really do not need another center mid, I do wish he got a chance to prove himself. Certainly wouldn’t mind if he stayed around and we had the EU spot.

    I def do not want to see Fran go. I would be okay with a loan so he could get some playtime, but I def want Atleti to retain him. I think he has some solid potential and could grow intro the play maker we desperately need at this time .

  • Xisco

    starvs, of course we have enough midfielders but, don’t you think that instead of sending Elias away we should rather get rid of both Assuncao and Raul Garcia, as their function in the team is to recover the ball, while Elias can distribute the ball and can do good passing than both of these two.
    I know Elias isn’t a playmaker, but as I said he sure has more passing and vision than Assuncao and Raul Garcia, so he surely is better than these two.

  • Javi

    Xisco I agree those two need an opportunity because they will develop into very good players. reports that Raul Garcia is going to Osasuna on loan for a year so now we have to find a home for Assuncao.

  • Ringo

    Or get rid of all three, since Gabi is bought, there are four controlling midfielders and even though Marcos should probably get stronger, there is a pretty good cantera for eventual support.

    Perhaps both should be sent out on loan? At least Fran, with Elias his future should be considered, do they intend to keep Salvio, Miranda next year, is there a non-EU player on the radar? Godin and Costa have not yet received their Spanish passorts… will they be kept as well?

    Don’t be the classic stupid Atletico, think through your actions 😉
    Example: don’t go for Falcao just for payback against the Porto-chairman!

    PS, can we be assured that Arda can be counted as EU-player?

  • Xisco

    And I couldn’t agree with you more Javi, you said it, if they are given a chance they have the potential to become great players, by the way, I suppose you’ve found out at that Falcao and Madrid have reach and agreement, and that he is joining them next year, what do you think?, rumour or fact?, if so then, we obviously need to look for another striker, it’s a shame we couldn’t sign Lukaku, he would have been a good signing.

    Ringo, you aren’t listening to a word I said, Elias has also more passing skills than Gabi, Tiago, Mario Suarez, and Koke, although Koke still has a long way to go, I know that he hasn’t prove anything yet besides that freekick against Levante but we should give him a chance, besides he is a central midfielder and Quique played him on the wing. And as for Arda, he should be counted as a EU-player but I don’t really know about Uefa’s rules, hopefully he is counted as an EU-player.

  • Chalet

    Obviously Turan is highly rated by both Simão and Ujfa, so I really think that he will be a fine player for us.
    I´m not quite sure either if Turan is counted as an EU-player or not – but fortunately it was confirmed recently that at least Godín got his Spanish passport!

    It´s a real pity that Turan will be out for about 3 weeks now due to injury.
    This will leave us again with “Mr Super-Ego” Reyes, who is a great player – but also an immature hothead.
    With Forlán being the Atléti-player with the most trophies in his cabinet at the moment I really think that Reyes wants to shut him out on the pitch and probably out of the team.

    I agree with Xisco about Fran Mérida. Personally I would love to keep the lad and give him a chance.

    As for Falcao honestly I can´t imagine him wanting to join us.

  • 7th

    guys, Turkey have an agreement with EU. so Turan is EU-player,

    hence, why Turkey play in europe.

  • Javi

    Xisco, the RM-Falcao news is just a rumor there is no room on that team for him. Its just media hype to keep us reading. Acutually Elias is a very good player as he demonstrated in Brasil and with his national team. He has yet to adjust to la liga, QSF didnt give him time to adapt but I think he is one of the most talented midfielders we have and we should definitely keep him. Merida is a potential Cesc but he needs playing time and a coach that believes and that is not Manzano so we should loan him to a la liga team were he can start like Granada or another of the recently ascended teams.

  • Javi

    On the Falcao-RM deal, its not true because yesterday Cerezo said we are negotiating to get him and if there was a deal with RM do you think Cerezo would go in public to make a fool if himself?

  • Xisco

    Javi, you never know with Cerezo, but you’re right it’s only a rumor and we are currently negotiating for Falcao, I think he is too expensive, and Chalet you’re right too, I don’t think Falcao would leave Porto to join us.

  • Idan

    whos is the next? diego? falcao? .. :