Raúl García close to Osasuna

Atlético to absorb €13m loss on the midfielder

Raúl García (AS)

Raúl García (AS)

According to local Pamplona papers, Raúl García is close to a return to Osasuna.

Noticias de Navarra reports that Atlético and the 25-year-old’s former club are negotiating his transfer.

The Pamplonans want to sign Raúl on a freebie, a deal Atleti would agree to if certain clauses are included that would net los Rojiblancos proceeds from any future sale of the midfielder.

Another option is a loan deal, but García only has one year remaining on his contract and Atleti don’t want him to walk out for free next summer after the midfielder was signed for a hefty fee of €13m back in 2007.

If Raúl García were to leave on loan, then Atleti would demand he extend his contract with us first.

Osasuna much prefer the alternative and are willing to offer Atlético a significant percentage of any future transfers if they can sign him on a permanent deal this summer.

Apparently, Los Rojillos have already come to terms with Raúl, who is happy to return to his hometown where he made his debut for Osasuna in la Liga as an 18-year-old and went on to play 68 games before following Javier Aguirre to Madrid.

Up to this point, García has made 71 appearances for the Rojiblancos but he has never really managed to live up to expectations at the Vicente Calderón.

  • 20corona

    best news i have heard in a longtime!

  • Urban

    Sad story. Such an dissapointment.

  • Davide

    What atcually happened to the Raul Garcia that dragged Osasuna to a CL spot on his own a couple of years back?

    Believe ít or not, this guy was once considered to be one the biggest midfield talents of Spain and a future senior international players.

    Anyway, he is what he is today and he is just not Atlético material at present. Maybe he need to play in a club like Osasuna that doesn’t always play under pressure like Atlético.

    Problem in Atlético is that it was long time ago we were a truly big club and the glory days are gone. Some people still leave in that big club notion still.

    Alot of people still expects Atlético to perform like a top European club and get top club results. This is more a curse than a heritage right now.

    Still, if this Raul Garcia thing is true, then i will skip my birthday gift and just take this piece of news as a gift instead.

  • He could have stayed, I to be honest could not give a thundering **** about Raúl García…so I don’t really care of him, at least he has not yet nor do I think he will ever make such a big fuzz like Agüero did, and that I respect.

  • javi

    You are right Davide, we are no longer a big European club. We have over 65 m euros to hire players and we cant get anyone-we just lost our two biggest stars to REAL big teams. Big teams would go for Ganso, Sneider, and the big names and good players. We go for mediocre expensive players that turn out bad or we get even worse, like RG. With the players we hire and let go we will play like a mediocre team that can barely beat a weak Norwegian team. Were not going any were good with this management. Who wants to come play here? Mediocre players that want to make more money than what they are getting and what they deserve, thats who. RG is case in point.

  • Ringo

    I don’t think Garcia was a bad signing at all, as Davide said, he was a GREAT talent. He was on the right track the first season (and a half?), but later he dropped in performance, don’t know who’s to blame (the most)…
    But now we have Koke, so looking at Atleti, not such a biggie (except for the money), but it’s sad for Raul, I guess he’d like to have been a big star by now.