Europa League: Stromsgodset 0 – 2 Atlético

Atleti trudged along but were able to achieve their objective

Reyes celebrates a late strike(

Reyes celebrates a late strike

Atlético are through to the next round of the Europa League qualifiers after taking care of Stromsgodset in a sold out Marienlyst Stadium in Drammen with a 2-0 victory (4-1 aggregate).

Adrián and Jose Antonio Reyes, stars of the first leg in Madrid, each struck once to secure Atleti’s passage into the next stage of the competition.

Rojiblanco coach Gregorio Manzano surprised by leaving Tiago, Juanfran and Filipe out of the starting lineup, with Assuncao, Salvio and Antonio López serving as their respective replacements.

Though los Colchoneros failed to establish dominance at any given point, they got the much needed away goal early on when Godset were dictating play.

Reyes brilliantly fed Adrián and the Asturian finished neatly to open up the scoring, leaving the fixture at 3-1 overall.

At that point, the Norwegians were required to score at least two goals to even up the aggregate scoreline.

Atleti held off a barrage of mostly off-target shots and la Perla buried Godset’s hopes in the dying minutes of the encounter after smashing home a pass from Diego Forlán.

The Uruguayan, as promised, will rest for a couple of days before re-joining the squad later in the month.

The drawing for the fourth Europa League pre-qualifying round takes place Friday, at 13:30 CET in Nyon.

Atlético starters: Joel; Silvio, Perea, Domínguez, Antonio López; Salvio (Juanfran, “65), Gabi (Raúl García, “74), Assunçao, Reyes; Forlán and Adrián (Filipe Luis, “81).

Goals: 1-0, “13: Adrián. 2-0, “93: Reyes.

Give us your thoughts on individual performances. Who looked good and who stunk it up?

  • Chalet

    It looked like a piece of hard work – but at least we did not do another ‘Aris Saloniki’. Phew.
    Misión cumplida.

    I think that Joel had a very good game.
    He didn´t look shaky at all today and he saved us on several occasions.

    With Reyes and Adrián up front it looks like we have got our new attacking dream pair.
    Given that we are going to sign an additional striker this will leave Forlán de trop in the end.


    Welcome back, mate.
    Did you enjoy your holidays or are you still there in beautiful Colombia with your family?


  • Urban

    Reyes and Adrian rocked the house today. Forlan also seemed sharp and up to the task.

    Assuncao was horrible, poor in build up and comitted too many fouls close to our box. Lopez and Salvio also disappointed.

    Anyways its good to advance in the eliminations. Hope we will have a good draw tomorrow.

  • Flo

    Joel, Reyes and Adrián were great. Especially Joel impressed me. Reyes really improved his passing skills. The rest of the team was mediocre, as was the game. We reached our goal and now we’ll see whom we draw.

  • Javi

    Manzano 1 – 0 Sceptics

  • Davide

    I am still not convinced that everything is fine between Reyes and Forlán. Hope it doesn’t come back to haunt us.

    FC Thun knocked out Palermo.. When will the italians admit that Serie A has almost become a second rate league?

  • Chalet


    Nothing is fine between Forlán and Reyes.
    Forlán may be the one who passes the ball to Reyes but it will never be the other way round in a similar way.
    As I said a few days ago Reyes looks keen on taking over from Agüero – his status, his jersey, everything.
    As long as he is scoring goals he will be allowed to behave on the pitch like he wants – because the success will prove him right.

    I have a feeling that for the upcoming season Forlán will become more and more a useless peripheral figure.

  • Javi

    Chalet, I could not disagree with you more. First the Reyes-Forlan dilema was mostly media hype and part of the result of the dislexic ambient created by QSF
    I believe Manzano will ensure none of that happens here
    Second, after watching how he played in the Copa I think Forlan is set-after a couple weeks vacation-to provide us one of his stelar seasons. But he needs support from a good midfield creator and a good closer up front

  • Martin Rosenow

    @Chalet Hey bud, I’m still enjoying Colombia. Took a break from the relaxation to do the match report and I’ll be back in full swing on Monday!

  • Yon

    Hope we draw Hearts tomorrow, closest team in the draw to me so i can go to the match without too much organising!

  • Kevin

    I didn’t get to watch the game, though it is frustrating to hear that Assuncao did not offer much.

    His performance raises the question: What is Atleti going to do with all their midfielders?

    It appears like Reyes will be a permanent fixture in the line-up. After him, though, it seems to be up in the air.

    1. Reyes
    2. Gabi
    3. Mario Suarez
    4. Merida
    5. Assuncao
    6. Juanfran
    7. Koke
    8. Elias
    9. Raul Garcia
    10. Tiago
    11. Salvio

    So, basically, they have 11 players for 7 spots.

    Who is going to go?

  • 7th

    I too think assuncao must go. he offers nothing same as Raul garcia. he is only good with stealing the ball. our performance usually gets bad when he is playing.


    I am with selling Raul garcia, assuncao, valera, diego costa.

    loaning both elias and merida.

  • Davide


    First i thought the relation cleared up in first half. Then i noticed alot of little stuff Reyes did that suggested the relationship with Porlán is not okay.

    One of these little stuff in yesterdays game was when for example when Reyes was cutting in from the right wing and Forlán stood in the box 3 metres from Reyes more or less with open shot at goal.

    Instead Reyes stopped when he saw Forlán and waited like 6-7 seconds before Gabi was ariving just outside the box for shot and gave it to him instead.

    Also i noticed how Reyes always seem to give Forlán difficult 30 metres high balls to run on among 2-3 defenders so nobody will say that he doesn’t pass Forlán.

    I think Forlán is handling the situation like a gentleman and a team player, his mentlity seem to have changed and he looks dedicated to team spirit.

    Forlán also went up to Reyes after goal to congratulate him with a friendy pat on the cheek like he used to do with Kun, Reyes did NOT look happy.

    I don’t care what Reyes problem is or if he scores goals or if he wants to be the star. His attitude needs to be sorted out ASAP.

    It’s not only disrespectfull to a teammate but also to the club when you put personal feelings higher then the club when you play on the field.

  • Kaminero

    As an outsider it’s hard to say anything definite about the current relationship between Reyes and Forlán, but consider these two points:

    1. Quique was a ‘dad’ to Reyes, as Kun once put it. He was the primary reason why Reyes’ career at Atlético was revived after all the problems with Aguirre and Abel.

    2. Quique and Forlán hated eachothers guts.

  • Gert Jacobs

    I agree with 7th. Sell Assuncao and Raul Garcia. loan out Elias and Fran Merida.
    But please keep Salvio. The guy has too much potential!

    Don’t think we’ll be able to sell Diego Costa though… maybe in the winter transfer window… but I’m not even sure someone would buy him then.

  • Chalet

    @ Martin:

    Enjoy your weekend until you have to get home again on Monday!

    @ (The one and only!) Javi:

    I´m sorry but I don´t think that the Forlán-Reyes dilemma was mostly media hype.
    I agree though that the relationship between QSF and Forlán might play a big role in this one.
    As Kaminero said Forlán and QSF really hated each other and Reyes has always been Quique´s darling.
    But thank god Quique is gone now (how I hated his 7659 clueless line-ups and substitutions) and Reyes really should get used to the new situation now.
    Unfortunately I don´t think that Manzano will sort Reyes´behaviour out. Manzano needs some really good results now at the beginning of the campaign – and Reyes is the one who scores/assists the important goals at the moment.
    Therefore I think that Reyes will be allowed to act like a diva as long as he wants.
    I really hope that Forlán will shine for us again after his short vacation. But as you said he will need some support because I´m pretty sure that most of the fans will quickly lose patience with Forlán again if he doesn´t get on the scoresheet within the next couple of games.

    @ Davide:

    Obviously we are sharing the same thoughts about the Forlán-Reyes situation.
    I´m afraid this will really come back to haunt us.
    I feel sorry for Reyes that he has no chance at the moment to get back into the Spanish national team.
    But for the good of Atléti he should really put his problems with Forlán aside.
    Reyes turns 28 next months but in this case his behaviour is way too immature and selfish for my liking.
    Forlán is the player with the most laurels under his belt.
    Maybe there is a lot of jealousy and envy on Reyes´side who clearly wants to become Atléti´s superstar and icon this season.
    I like ambitious players but Reyes´attitude towards Forlán is abysmal.
    Sometimes you can drag your team almost single-handedly to some kind of success as Forlán did during the World Cup last year.
    But at this year´s Copa América Forlán acted much more like a team player and he contributed a lot to La Celeste without having scored that many goals.
    In the end they lifted the trophy and it looks like Forlán wants to keep being committed to this team spirit with Atléti as well.
    Personally I prefer this kind of play.

  • Ringo

    Perhaps Diego’s seasonlong lack of confidence made him a more clever player, so thanks Quique… or something.

    Even though Reyes plays very well and he scores (even though it’s Stromsgodset) enough at the moment, if he doesn’t change his ways (he’s naturally pretty selfish, especially when he wants to show he’s the best or when he hasn’t scored in a while, he shows his selfish ways), I’d rather see him leave and get Griezmann or try to go for the big(ger) guns, like Marin perhaps, who can shift between left midfield/wing, attacking midfield and attack, momentarily he’s clearly Bremen’s best player and he’s young. I’d get him, even more so if Reyes would leave (which he won’t), he’s a better buy than Diego, I’m pretty sure of that. But would he leave for a club like Atleti?

    Salvio/Marin/Reyes – Marin/Reyes/Salvio – Reyes/Marin

    and Forlan or Adrian in front of them seems like an agile attack 😉
    Why won’t they get one big versatile player like this one with the money they have now (I guess there’s money available for transfers) and leave it with that, unless another player leaves.

  • Ringo

    And I’m not so surprised about the changes, the scared-away-coach-tactic, so more defensive: Lopez and Assuncao
    Salvio was probably just to see who’s best of the two, I just think Salvio needs to adapt a little bit (again), he wasn’t immediately the boss he was at Benfica, for example 😉 Give the young lad some time and he’ll astonish you!

  • Guest

    Reyes can score all the goals he wants, but bottom line is, they won’t always be enough. Shutting a player like Forlán out by not passing him the ball can prove costly in that case. Not only in the short term, but in the long run. His goal scoring form might not fully recover. And how can he help Atleti then? Sure, Forlán tries to contribute by dropping back. But at times that also isn’t enough. So La Perla needs to get his attitude in check before it winds up hurting the team. And Forlán will once again be on the outs with some fans. Yes, Reyes should get many chances as he’s playing well. But to not pass to a teammate in a great position isn’t right. Atleti needs to be a unified as possible. They can’t afford to waste chances because someone wants to be the star. Or whatever Reyes’ reasons are.

  • Chalet

    @ Guest:

    I agree with you. And I have a very bad feeling about this.
    Reyes´ attitude towards a certain teammate makes me dislike La Perla and that is a pity because normally I try to get behind the whole team.
    Maybe it´s just me but I really have this feeling that Reyes is a very cocky and selfish player.
    Most of the fans want to have a star player on the pitch – somebody they can adore and whose jersey they are going to buy.
    With Agüero gone now this is the chance for Reyes to take over as a fans´ favourite – and he won´t allow any other gods next to him.
    I´m pretty much convinced that most people don´t care about Forlán being shut out by Reyes – because Reyes seems to link up very well with Adrián and all of a sudden we´ve got a new attacking dream pair.
    I know that Forlán could win some of the fans over again by joining the team right after the Copa América to help Atléti get to the next round of the EL campaign.
    But time isn´t on Forlán´s side so I´m really wondering how this situation will be solved because we do have to act as unified as possible.

  • Guest


    Agreed on every point. Hopefully everything gets solved and all the players have a good season.