Europa League: Atlético 2 – 1 Stromsgodset

Atleti still leave a lot to be desired in first game of the season

The Man of the Match against Stromsgodset (AS)

The Man of the Match against Stromsgodset (AS)

Atlético Madrid beat Stromsgodset 2-1 in the first leg of the 3rd qualifying round of the Europa League on Thursday.

The goals at the Vicente Calderón were provided by Reyes, before Storflor got one back for the Norwegians.

Pre-match the stadium paid a tribute to the victims of the tragedy in Norway last week, but the contrast couldn’t have been more obvious when, soon after kick off, large parts of the stadium began chants wishing death upon Kun Agüero.

The stadium was very much divided and with little going on in the first half the fans had plenty of time to discuss whether Agüero and David de Gea deserved to be punished for their departures or not.

Meanwhile Atleti did create some chances, but Adrián failed to beat Stromsgodset’s goalkeeper Larsen after nice throughballs by Reyes and Gabi.

Adrián impressed tonight with his clever movement behind the defensive line, while Gabi pulled the strings in midfield. Another debutant, Sílvio, did well bombing down the right wing although he was a little suspect defensively.

Reyes had a good opportunity in the first half, but failed to control the ball and pull the trigger.

After the break the visitors nearly surprised Atleti, but Keita’s header lacked the power to surprise Joel.

The young goalkeeper, who got the nod over Courtois, then escaped when he seemingly brought down a Norwegian forward after he failed to hold on to a shot by Konradsen. Fortunately for Atleti the referee waved to play on instead of pointing to the spot.

Some minutes later Atleti opened the scoring. A pass by Forlán was brought down on the chest by Adrián, who then laid it on a platter for Reyes. The Andalusian winger curled the ball beautifully in the near corner and gave Atleti the lead.

In the 64th minute Atleti almost doubled their lead when Sílvio backheeled the ball to Forlán, but the Uruguayan was denied by Larsen.

Up until that point the Copa América-winner hadn’t been very involved, but two minutes later he got another big opportunity to score. Sílvio crossed from the right side and reached Forlán at the second post, but Cachavacha’s diagonal header hit the woodwork.

Five minutes later Reyes made it 2-0 when he curled in another great goal, again assisted by Adrián.

Atleti seemed on their way to take a comfortable lead into the return leg, but our plans were ruined when Miranda brought down his opponent in the 75th minute. According to the referee he was the last man, and the Brazilian newcomer was sent off with a straight red card.

This urged Gregorio Manzano to bring on Luis Perea, but the Norwegians capitalised on their advantage when the Colombian and the other defenders were caught napping, which allowed Storflor to score a vital away goal.

Atleti will take a small lead to Dammen, where Stromsgodset will be strong. The return leg will be played next Thursday, on the 4th of August.

Line-up: Joel; Sílvio, Miranda, Domínguez, Filipe; Juanfran (“78 Perea), Tiago (“80 Raúl García), Gabi, Reyes; Forlán (“72 Salvio) and Adrián.
Goals: 1-0 Reyes (“53); 2-0 Reyes (“73); 2-1 Storflor (“80)

  • Idan

    Good game, need to strengthen both positions. Good luck next.

  • Ringo

    So, Reyes on the left works? 🙂

    This should be accomplished, even with the conceded goal in mind.

    Is there a good summarising video already available?

    How was Salvio? I’d like to see him start… Or is Juanfran suddenly a god or something?

  • 7th

    I have seen both goals on youtube. and Adrian assists were awesome,

    looking forward to see him play more.

    the goal conceded, joel could have saved that. it hit his leg, yet was slow.

  • starvs

    I like Juanfran, but I have since he started with us, I think he played pretty well today. Reyes on the left opens up some possibilities for us thankfully. Still would like to see Griezmann/Mata added though.

  • Yon

    I think Asenjo should get the nod in goal when he is fit again! Im glad Gabi and Adrian both done well! Miranda though…………why do people even bother signing Brazilian centre backs :S

  • SpeGo

    Well I think Asenjo should get his chance to show his talents when the time is right, but I do have to disagree with Joel criticism! The goal that he conceded was by no means his fault and maybe he could have got it but he is not the one to blame. He handled all crosses very well and his passing was pretty good also. I wouldnt also judge Miranda this quickly, he wasnt as bad as Perea when he came in and Miranda still needs to adapt. Gabi spread the play nicely few times, but maybe we still need a creative player to the middle. Adrian was in fact quite sloppy besides his fantastic passes, but I expect more from him. Our fullbacks really work when we are in attack, we’ll see how things go in defence when La Liga starts. Not bad game but not that good either. Reyes and Koke will shine this season! Koke will be our best central midfielder when season ends!

  • Davide

    Personally, i am not 100% happy with Reyes. His goals were great, but he need to learn how to be a team player. Plenty of times he had oppurtunities to pass the final ball to Forlán or Adrian who were in very good positions during attacking moves, but he is a bit of an ego and wastes alot of attacks with his selfish dribbling and unnecessary wrong footed efforts. If the other player had the same mentality like him, then Reyes would never have never recieved those final passes to score himself. Sometimes i do understand Forláns frustration with Reyes. If i was a striker playing woth Reyes, i would probably want to strangle him more than once.

  • k14

    True, and he dives alot, that why I don’t think I will ever like reyes.

    currently, the best defender in the world is brazilian, T.Silva.
    some may not agree with that, but alot of people does 🙂

  • Yon

    @k14 he had an awful Copa, so did many big players though i suppose! He is great for AC but who wouldn’t be with Nesta keeping them right!

  • Sebyk

    Exactly Davide – great opinion once again. Yesterday Reyes didn’t play very well, i didn’t like his selfish attitude and he seemed kind of lost on the left touchline, yet he scored two amazing goals and he’s the hero of the day…

  • k14

    Brazil and Argentina national teams are just a stage for some individualist mercenaries to sell themselfs, so I wouldn’t let the score result of the team be the scale of performance to T.Silva.

    I have watched almost every Milan game in the past season, yet I don’t recall a mistake made by T.silva at all, Nesta is one of the greatest, yet, few mistake pop instantly in my mind when I try to recall it. Hope you get what I mean ;p

  • k14

    and ye lol, people called even messy awful in this tournament, I hate Barca more than I hate Real, thats why I dislike messy aswell, and wanted argentina to lose in every game, since their players are just annoying punks (I miss batistusta), and every time messy gets the ball it was kinda scary with great sense of danger. Yet, their supporters called him awful.

    Ignorant and ungrateful press and fans, but kinda enjoyed watching them suffer ;p

  • Sam

    I can’t believe people are gunning the player that won the game! Unbelievable. I was standing behind the goal when Miranda got sent off and he didn’t look like the last man to me – it was a bullshit decision. Big hand to the Atleti fans in the grada joven – very, very good supporters. Not sure about the fascist salutes tho….

  • I quite like Reyes a lot and I enjoyed watching Forlán and Adrian as well! It was a stupid decision to give a red card I think, and at some point there could have been more goals for Los Rojiblancos! Excellent fans by the way! 😀

  • starvs

    I agree with Davide I was looking to come away from this game saying “Okay Reyes would work as our central playmaker”, but while he may have the requisite skills he is not a willing enough passer. He has Forlan pretty open on the left making a run at one point and he elected to take some 30+ yard prayer of a shot, just a bad an selfish decision. It’s unfortunate, hopefully he can improve in that regard.

  • dgsozkan

    Even though score isn’t so good it’s the first official match , too much criticism would be redundant .Reyes has started the season very well and especially Adrian promises hope.However , maybe I’m a little bit bias about brezilian central defenders but I think Miranda wasn’t the good choice.You may say ; that was his first match and it’s unnecessary to judge him now but it is not hard to say he is not a very talented man even in his first game.Call me cynical but I don’t believe that Miranda has what we need.

  • starvs

    Seriously how could anyone want to spend ~20mil on Osvaldo when Nelson Valdez is available for ~5m. I don’t think Valdez has an EU Passport whereas Osvaldo does, but still…

  • Chalet

    I think that we were a little bit lucky to even win this – but on the other hand it´s still some kind of ‘preseason’ for the players and up to now the team did not have that much time to gel.
    Just look at Forlán who got off the plane on Wednesday morning, had only one single training session together with the ‘new team’ and then started to play on Thursday evening.
    He clearly looked a little bit tired on the pitch (lifting some pretty heavy silverware must be very exhausting) and it was such a pity that he didn´t score – but obviously he tried a lot to help the team.
    I wonder how this will work out for the upcoming season considering that Forlán will only get 10 days off in August to recover after having played the second leg in Norway.

    From what I´ve seen from El Frente on Thursday I´m pretty much convinced that after all those ‘Uruguayo’ chants they will immediately return to whistling and booing if Forlán doesn´t manage to score within the next 3-4 games.

    In my eyes El Frente have completely lost the plot.
    I can understand nasty feelings towards Agüero because he disappointed the fans so much.
    But insulting his wife and little son is a NO GO in my books .
    And what did De Gea do wrong to deserve those banners?

    As for the game I think that RG will forever be our beloved scapegoat.
    Miranda acted really clumsy and I must confess that Joel looked shaky at times. So maybe we should wait for Asenjo or give Courtois a try between the sticks.

    Interesting that Forlán handed the captain´s armband over to Domínguez when he got substituted.
    What about Reyes?
    And who will be our 3 captains for the upcoming season?

    Reyes was really annoying me that evening.
    Yes, he scored 2 brilliant goals and he secured our win.
    I appreciate that very much!
    But obviously he wants to take over Agüero´s status as superstar of the club and fans´ favourite.
    Reyes keeps on playing “Never a ball to Forlán” and the coach needs to sort this selfishness out asap!

    Kudos! to Adrián who had a great game!

  • DJ_ZA

    I’m with you Starvs. Even if Valdez doesn’t score too many goals, he’s way more creative than Osvaldo.

  • starvs

    And it says Valdez can play left wing on Wikipedia, gotta be true.

    And yes, “never a ball to Forlan” was on full display by Reyes and it needs to stop. Probably hasn’t gottena chance to be corrected because he hasn’t been there, I hope at least. Could cause a big problem this season if it isn’t.

  • Davide

    Just read in media surrounding the Greizmann affair:

    “The Vicente Calderon outfit are cash rich following the sale of Sergio Aguero to Manchester City, and will now be eager to add creativity to their attack in advance of La Liga starting on August 28”

    The first line in that comment is going cause a big big problem…

  • Chalet

    As long as Reyes scores he will be forgiven.
    But I don´t like his attitude.
    We had seasons where we depended on the individual skills of our ‘star players’. This time I want us to act more like a team.

  • Jesus Watcher

    I didnt watch the game,but it looks like we are going to have a good team this season,we have to be patient with Manzano and the new players,Diego and Osvaldo this week please!!!Forza Atleti!!!!

  • urban

    Griezmann should be the main objective