Kun confirms City move

The striker arrived in Manchester Wednesday to finalise his contract with his new club

Kun signs autographs in Manchester Wednesday  (telegraph.co.uk)

Kun signs autographs in Manchester Wednesday

“I am now a City player. I’m happy to be at this club and in this city. Thanks everyone for the welcome and the reception!!!”

Those were the words of Sergio Aguero, the former Atlético Madrid idol, who late Wednesday evening confirmed, via Twitter, that his move to Manchester City was complete. The same platform he used to drop the bomb on Atleti supporters in late May that he was ready to abandon the Vicente Calderón.

Neither City nor Atletico have officially confirmed the 23-year-old’s transfer, which is expected to be for a price right at or just below the striker’s release clause of €45 million.

City did confirm through their official account however, that Aguero was in town Wednesday morning to negotiate the terms of his deal.

Kun will reportedly sign a six-year contract and will earn, according to Spanish paper El Pais, €9 million per year. Had he stayed around at Atletico for another season, he was set to make €7.5 million after taxes.

The sale of the Argentina international ends a long, frustrating two-month saga for Atleti fans, throughout which it had repeatedly been speculated Kun would be joining bitter rivals Real Madrid.

Many sources claimed that indeed the Santiago Bernabéu was the attacker’s desired destination, but for various reasons, a cross city move was blocked.

Atletico officials have reportedly inserted a clause in the sale contract that would prevent Aguero from joining Real within the next two years.

Sporting director Jose Luis Caminero will look to bring in reinforcements following the big-money sales of goalkeeper David de Gea and now Kun.

Atleti is expected to use the roughly €65 million of summer income to fortify its attack, by snatching up at least one proven forward and a creative midfielder.

Rumoured targets include Giuseppe Rossi, Borja Valero, Osvaldo, and Diego, among others.

  • Flo

    Finally it’s over.

  • Hope he never comes back! Enjoy Man. City ya prick!

  • Mais

    Amen! Good riddance

  • k14

    Wasn’t this buyout clause just if aguero himself used the money to get out ?
    which will result in a huge tax cut, which meant in reality the release clause was something around 80 million ?

    Because honestly, I was hoping atleti will charge over 50mil for him.

  • Lubo

    Yeeehaaaa, 65 million, wow! 20 on Oswaldo, another 20 on some useless midfielders like Julio Alves and 25 on cocaine for our board members, because watching our matches should be funny. Yep, seems like a standard transfer period for Atleti.
    Anyway, hope this chickenshit will do as bad as Torres for Chelsea.

  • javi

    Well, unfortunately for him, it looks like Diego Costa is out for a while because he tore his acl and cartilage. How are we going to trade him now?
    As far as Kun goes, the joke is on him. He will find the weather and the place drepessing and his playing with also suffer, and he will regret everything he did.

  • starvs

    Ugh awful timing for Diego Costa.

    Do not sign Osvaldo please…

  • Chalet

    So this is it.
    LOL- what a ridiculous move.
    ManCity are after every single interesting player who isn´t on a tree at the count of three.
    I know that Agüero will have CL football there – and he will get money galore for his services. But I can´t imagine that joining ManCity was what he really wanted.

    Now he must deal with English weather, English food, the English style of play and the English language for at least 2 years until he will finally probably get the chance to end up with Real Madrid.

    Gambled away, Agüero?

  • 7th

    so he was forced to go to man city since they were the only club that offered him.

    well, if he was wise, he could have stayed here one more year or just wait for winter transfer window, he probably have a better chance to go RMadrid.

    ADios, aguero

  • urban

    And english woman, hope noone feels offended.

    Anyways I’m really interested in what he is going to say on the farewell press conference.

    And I’m sure that 1/2 of the honey will disappear while the other 1/2 will be wasted on players like osvaldo, who just played the season of his life and is in the peak of his market value which can from now on only decrease, e.g. guiza case.

  • Yon

    Good luck Kun! Great move for a club showing alot more ambition than Atleti! Im excited to see him link up with David Silva!!!!

    Dunno why everyone here still hates him, he didn’t go to Real, in this day and age most people find things out via twitter/FB/online so that was probably the best way to let people know as soon as possible, plus he’s young, thats what young people use! We got 43million(plus performance related incentives) for him which if he does well we will be getting over the 45million release clause! Plus he is going to playing in the CL, a step up from Atleti this last 2 seasons!

    I wish him well and i hope we don’t waste the money we have received from himself and De Gea!

  • Davide


    The only reason he didn’t go to Real is because Atlético blocked the move, or he would have shamelessely right now been on the other side of town. He delayed his own transfer to see if the Real situation was to be sorted out. I am so happy all his plans went to hell and he ended up in City, probably the lsat place he planned on going. That’s what you get for being nonchalant.

  • Yon

    Lol where on earth do you hear this stuff?

    I wish him well, our best player since i have been alive!

  • Davide


    Dude, he just built a new house in Madrid and shifted his whole family there. Then he says like five times that he does not want to leave city of Madrid, and after that about five times that leaving Spain is out of the question. Media people who are also Atlético supporters suspect that he already had a gentlemans deal already sorted out with Real in winter and that Real promised to buy him but changed their minds in the summer to keep good relations with Atlético. If you missed it, Real was very much knocking on the door to get Kun right after his twitter announcement that he was moving. Everything seemed planned out. Mourinhi started praising him everyday and so on. It sort of ended when Atlético board told media that any offer from Real with be sign of agression towards the club and that relations would be damaged for a long time if they did. After the whole Real debacle alot of clubs lost interest in him. Juventus were to cheap. You don’t think it´s odd that he went to the only club that actually paid for him? It’s because he did not have any choice at this stage of the transfer window because no other club came for him. Go to City or come back to Atlético and experience the supporters frustration and disapointment of biblical proportions. He burnt all his bridges in Madrid. I have one advice for him. Chenge advisor and agent, they screwed him over good.

  • Yon

    Holiday home! It’s probably all just rubbish in the media, i refuse to believe it! I still love him!

  • Davide


    So you are basically saying that Kuns own words are rubbish? Well that’s your choice. I think he is great player but a rubbish person.

  • Chalet

    I think that everybody is entitled to have his own feelings towards Agüero.

    I do agree with Davide, though.

    Everybody will always remember Agüero´s great performances for Atléti on the pitch.

    But the fans treated him like a god – and all they got back from him in the end have been lies, lies and more lies.

    And don´t forget Ujfa´s words who said that the dressing room had it already clear in January that Agüero wanted to join Real Madrid!

  • Davide


    Yeah, dressing room new all along and Ufa was right on spot about Kun wanting to go to Real from january. I remember last game against Mallorca where the teammates refused to congratulate him after scoring. I heard later that it’s because they were disapointed and annoyed at Kun for not telling the supporters before his last game tht he was leaving. They thought of him as a coward. Some of the players have Rojiblanco hearts and they were offended by this lack of respect.

  • Javi

    Davide kun can’t get rid of one advisor who is largely to blame for this fiasco-his father in law
    Maradona, kuns agents, florentino and mourihnos words cought the youngster in a fever
    He lost his mind thinking he is the next messi and the rest is history
    Now he has to believe his own lies that he hates the warm weather of madrid and that city is a great club

  • Javi

    …but we could have used the bastard in today’s game!

  • Javi

    As much as we hate our executive with the crooked mouth, we have to give him credit for screwing kuns plans
    Just think, no one can stand in florentino and rms way: Manchester/lord fergie-cristiano; barsa-figo, etc, etc
    If they want someone they get them. They wanted kun bad but our ugly exec said nfw and he put down the white machine and ruined kuns plan
    So as much as we hate him, …we owe mr. Ugly one!

  • leofranco

    Javi you sad it! best damn thing he has ever done!