Kun absent from Sunday’s training session

Atlético include Agüero in Europa League list

Sunday's training session (twitter.com/ATM_es)

Sunday's training session (twitter.com/ATM_es)

Our three Copa América participants Elias, Perea and Agüero were supposed to join their team-mates on Sunday, but only the Colombian was seen in Madrid.

Luis Perea returned to the Spanish capital quickly after his national team was eliminated from the South American tournament and showed his face at the Cerro del Espino last weekend to say hello to new coach Manzano. On Sunday, the Colombian officially started his new season for Atlético with a double training session.

Elias, who only featured in one game for the Seleçao, will join the squad tomorrow.

Kun Agüero, the villain in our long transfer saga this summer, has been granted some extra days off to resolve his future.

The Argentine stayed back in Buenos Aires and it is unknown when he’s expected back in Madrid.

Despite rumours linking Kun to Manchester City he still hasn’t found a new club and Atleti has surprisingly included him in the list for our upcoming Europa League qualifier against Stromsgodset.

Other surprises of the list are the absences of Diego Godín and Elias. The UEFA regulations rule that we can only register as many non-EU players as we can in the Spanish league, which means we also face our passport issue in the Europa League.

Diego Costa, Eduardo Salvio and Miranda have been included so we can only assume that Godín and Elias were left off because they hardly featured for their national sides this past month.

Atleti had to hand in an A-list with our first team players, and a B-list, containing players born after 1 January 1990 who have been at the club longer than 2 years. This ruled out Atlético B ‘keeper Iago Herrerín, leaving us thin in the goalkeeping department.

17-year old David Gil is the only backup to Joel, as Sergio Asenjo won’t be available for our games against Stromsgodset. Fortunately we’re allowed to make one change until 24 hours before the first match, so there’s still a chance to include our latest addition Thibaut Courtois.


1. Joel
25. Sergio Asenjo
47. David Gil (B)


2. Valera
3. Antonio López
6. Filipe Luis
15. Pulido
17. Silvio
18. Domínguez
21. Luis Perea
24. Miranda
28. Arturo Samuel (B)
30. Quique Martín (B)
33. Carlos Mendoza (B)
36. Propin (B)
37. Graciano Tamame (B)


4. Mario Suárez
5. Tiago
8. Raúl García
11. Fran Mérida
12. Assunçao
14. Gabi
16. Salvio
19. Reyes
20. Juanfran
23. Koke
27. Adrián Llano (B)
35. Papa Ibrahima (B)
39. Pedro Astray (B)
42. Cidoncha (B)
44. Sergio Marcos (B)
48. Saúl (B)


7. Diego Forlán
9. Adrián López
10. Sergio Agüero
22. Diego Costa
26. Kader (B)
29. Borja González (B)
31. Ndoye (B)
32. Gallegos (B)
34. Doménech (B)
41. Pedro José Martín (B)
46. Juanjo (B)

Although these new numbers are not confirmed as the definitive ones for the new season, there are some interesting observations to point out.

Joel, Asenjo, Filipe, Pulido, and Koke have all changed numbers, while Adrián takes up the 9 which belonged to Elias.

Borja has not been included in the first team, despite the #13 being available. We can only assume De Gea’s old number will go to Courtois.

  • Davide

    What do people think about holding Kun to his contract because of his ignorance towards the club and make him play reserves until 2014 just to make a statement for future players to mind their behaviour and a brutal lesson in respect? We would be doing the whole community a football in general a huge favour for many generations to come. Players under contract nowadays think they can behave like they want. If he messes with us, the we can mess back. I sincerely wouldn’t mind loosing that transfer fee if it means making a statement to rest of the footballing world.

  • SoLobo

    I ‘m 1000% with Davide! I really want to see that!

  • starvs

    I like the spirit Davide but in not sure I can agree when 45 mil is at stake, that’s just a shit ton of money.

    Very happy Forlan scored today, he needs some confidence going into the season.

  • 7th

    Davide, I think what you suggested is a double-edged sword, it may brings us good postive things, but i think if it being used, it may hurt us in the market.

    like i think right now.

    I think its hard for us to sign world-class players.

    many world class players abandons us when we offer them a contract.

    our only sloution is to sign medicore player or even worse players like julio alves.(apparntly, he is coming)

    cerezo probably said that we rely on the youth cuz we cant sign world-class players.

  • Javi

    Davide, 45m€ is almost half of our budget. It would be fiscally irresponsible to do what you suggest, although in theory we all would love the team to be able to do something like that to kun. The other problem I see with that idea is that many future players may not come because of such a contract clause. Plus we need the money to replace him: I would love to see either or both Rossi and Mata come.

  • SpeGo

    Lets go for Hazard! It’s been pretty quiet around him recently…Im totally stunned if he plays in Llle next season because he is much better that all the Neymars and others.

  • Gert

    I like that thought SpeGo!! I’m also a big Hazard fan!
    I think we could bench or send Aguero to the reserves until the winter transfer window to make a statement…

  • dgs.ozkan

    Even though Davide has some good points , I agree with Javi.45 M€ isn’t the amount of money you can give up. This problem should be solved asap. We need good players for the new season therefore we need money.

  • k14

    Holding Aguero for half a season means 3+ wasted millions for atleti, and a risk of creating more problems in the squad.

    I don’t think Aguero betrayed the club itself, but rather he betrayed the club ambitions, so let him go to city, that will help our club to grow even more on the long term. Lets hope he can be the new torres that funds the club to the top.

  • sam

    Kun is just dollar signs to me. If Atleti made that sort of statement move, he becomes negative dollar signs. If we get rid of him, he’s plus dollar signs. If he plays, he’s dollar signs. I either want him playing or gone from the club altogether.

    If he wants city or italy, good for him, who can blame him, I’d agree with no betrayal there (I just think he’d have the same issues as tevez), it’s strictly business I guess….Unless he ends up across Madrid.