Zárate to Atleti deal could become reality

Mauro Zárate could make the move to Madrid to replace Agüero

Lazio forward Mauro Zárate (EPA)

Lazio forward Mauro Zárate (EPA)

According to reports in Italy, Lazio striker Mauro Zárate could be on his way to Spain as Atletico’s replacement for Sergio Aguero.

Apparently, Zárate’s agent, Beppe Bozzo will head to the Vicente Calderon before the end of the week to hold talks with the club about a potential move.

Having signed Miroslav Klose and Djibril Cissé this summer, Lazio could look to off load the Argentine with Atletico shaping up as a potential destination.

Lazio president, Claudio Lotito admitted that while the player isn’t specifically on the market, any offers would be considered as long as they were around the amount the Italian club value him at.

“Zárate is not on the market, but it is clear that if a top offer was to arrive it would be considered,” Lotito is quoted as saying on Goal.com

Zárate has publicly announced that he wants to stay in Italy with the club, though it is obvious that given the right offer, Lazio would definitely consider a sale.

The sale figure is rumoured to be in the region of €20-25 million, an amount Atleti should be able to hand over if Sergio Agüero is sold.

Interestingly, two of the clubs interested in Aguero, Juventus and Manchester City are also rumoured to be keeping an eye on Zárate, so a triangular deal also involving Carlos Tévez plus his Argentina team-mates could eventuate.

The 24 year old has been at Lazio since 2008 where he has made just over 100 appearances and scored 25 goals. Prior to this he spent some time with Birmingham on loan and two years with Qatari side Al-Sadd.

He has made five appearances for the Under-20 Argentina side but has failed to push his way into the senior side which features the likes of Tévez, Kun and Lionel Messi.

Zárate is under contract at Lazio until 2014.

  • leofranco

    I hope he never set his foot on Vicente Calderón

  • Ringo Schut

    I think he’s better than Osvaldo, but I don’t know if he is the striker we need…
    He still has a lot of potential, though…

  • Yon

    @Ringo Schut: AGREED! I HATE Osvaldo!

  • Davide

    For around 7 million €, yes maybe. But if Lotito thinks he will be getting 20 – 25 million € for Zarate from clubs then he should buy a house on the planet Tatooine (doesn’t exist) and move there.

    On the other hand, both Cerezo and Gil already live on Tatooine, so anything is possible. even paying 4 times more then Zarate is worth.

  • starvs

    For God’s sake never trust a man named Beppo Bozzo!

    I don’t know anything about this kid because the Italian league is some third rate bush league stuff, but is he any good? Passport? Seems like he can play wing as well, left?

  • Chalet

    Davide + Starvs //

    Haha, where do you guys get this from?

    “Never trust a man named Beppe Bozzo” – phrase of the day! Hilarious! 🙂

    Oh – and of course Tatooine does exist!
    Remember the bar in Mos Eisley?
    It´s not too far away from Dagobah and Dantooine… 😉
    It´s Alderaan that doesn´t exist any longer.

    Both Cerezo and Gil are incapable of leading a club and they are useless. Period.
    Maybe we should beam them to Hoth?

  • starvs

    Apparently Valencia is saying Mata is for sale, Atleti shoudl just go big and use the DDG and Aguero money to sign him. Would he want to make a mostly lateral move to not play CL football? Probably not…but money talks.

  • javi

    I agree with Starvs, Mata would be a great addition

  • Derek Maaijen

    Atlético and Star Wars, this might just be my favorite discussion ever!

  • Davide

    Derek Maaijen//

    We take football discussions where no man has ever gone before..

  • Chalet

    @Tom (who wrote this article)

    I apologize.
    Sorry for being off topic.

    A few days ago I read a fantastic ‘Star Wars’-comment from an Atléti supporter (unfortunately I can´t remember the name) about Agüero.
    He said something like with Agüero we thought that we would have Luke Skywalker – but in the end it turned out that we had Anakin…

    Great stuff, that is…

    I know that it´s immature – but I just couldn´t resist…

  • Flo

    @ Chalet: It was André aka Husky.

  • Chalet


    Thanks for helping out, mate!
    I loved this comment so much…

  • Davide


    Well that officially means Forlán is Han Solo (dodgy character, no one know where he stands or if he can be trusted, but in the end turn out be a alright decent guy that wants to stay and help the cause).

  • Derek Maaijen

    Does that mean Valera is Chewie? And Gilmar the Emperor? I could go on making SW comparisons all day!

  • Chalet

    Davide //

    Tom+Derek are probably killing me for all this off topic stuff – but okay, here we go:

    I love your Forlán-Han Solo comparison but to be honest I never considered Forlán being a mercenary like Han Solo was at the beginning of the saga.
    Solo only wanted the money – until he discovered other values and turned into a hero.
    I think Forlán is too sincere and to well educated to behave like that.
    Maybe he is more the Lando Calrissian style – a gentleman from top to toe but ruthless if needed…

    But with his curly hair Forlán could as well be Chewbacca… 😉

  • 20corona

    Im more a Trekkie than a SW guy but Reyes must be princess Leia?

  • javi

    And Diego Costa Jaba the Hut

  • Chalet

    Haha, Diego Costa as Jabba the Hutt.

    I think that Mario´s hair is more like Princess Leia than Reyes.

    I could imagine Juanfran being C3PO…

    Oh – and I think that Trekkies are very welcome.
    As Davide said before – we boldly take football discussions where no man has gone before…

  • Davide

    How can people not know who Chewie is in Atlético? It’s Tiago! Big hairy portugese with same hairstyle as a wookiee.



    Actually i made the Han Solo remark not only because of his character. But also because Luke/Anakin and Han Solo was a duo that is breaking up in the similair way Kun and Forlán is breaking up. They are reacting the same way. Luke has gone darkside, not for money, but for glory and Han Sol being Kuns former partner just floats along like the ok kinda good guy with dodgy thoughts of where he can maybe make more money til the end of his carrer.

  • 20corona


    I was comparing Reyes with Leia because of his girly ways… 🙂

  • Chalet

    Davide //

    20corona //

    Ah, I see.
    Both of you have a point there – so let´s all face it:

    Tiago = Chewie
    Forlán = Han Solo
    Reyes = Leia

    Agreed! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • Swedish

    And Raul Garcia is sand people, kick him in the balls and send him to anothoer planet!

  • Chalet

    Swedish //

    LOL about RG – poor Sand People… 😉

    Btw. – maybe Mario could be an Ewok?