Adrián officially presented by Atlético

The striker was unveiled after signing a four-year deal Tuesday morning

Adrián poses for a photo at the Calderón  (

Adrián poses for a photo at the Calderón

Atlético’s latest signing, striker Adrián López, was unveiled at the Vicente Calderón on Tuesday afternoon in the company of retired former Rojiblanco defender and fellow Asturian Clemente Villaverde and Atleti sporting director José Luis Caminero.

“I’m very happy to have finally arrived at Atlético, one of the big clubs,” Adrián said at his presentation before admitting, “When I knew of their interest in me, I didn’t even have to think about it.”

After Monday’s ruling in favour of the forward and against Deportivo’s claim that he remained contractually bound to the Galician outfit, he was free to sign with los Rojiblancos.

The 23-year-old put pen to paper Tuesday morning, signing a four-year contract with Atleti.

“I didn’t have any doubts that my transfer would be resolved, although, having to wait for the verdict made me very nervous,” he said.

“Competition is good for all of us. My goal is to make it to the highest level of all the competitions we participate in.”

The forward is a product of Real Oviedo, debuting in the 2005/06 season with the first team of the Segunda División B side at the age of 17.

Adrián joined Deportivo in the summer of 2006, and in the past five seasons has been sent out on two loan spells, one with Deportivo Alavés and the other with Málaga.

The UEFA U-21 European Championship Golden Boot winner has featured in 124 matches in the Spanish top flight, scoring a modest total of 17 goals in his Primera División career.

Eight of those strikes came last season though, in Depor’s 2010/11 relegation-bound campaign.

The front-man is Atleti’s fourth signing of the summer, following the arrivals of Gabi, Sílvio and Miranda.

  • starvs

    Don’t really know anything about this kid, but he had a good U21 WC obviosly, hopefully he turns out to be pretty legit.

  • Said it before via Twitter and so forth, but given the service and support this guy can get 15+ goals a season quite easily. Smart movement off the ball and good instincts in front of goal.

    Feel the ridicule he gets is misguided at times, as people look at his stats and not how he plays.

  • starvs

    I mean he scored me goals on a relegation side than anyoen else scored for Atleti last season, aside from Kun obviously. Has to be an upgarde in some way…

  • Ringo

    I have to admit I based my opinion on his stats as well…
    But it’s clear that Depor wasn’t really great at creating chances, so maybe given chances, he does get that 15+ amount!

    Do you guys think he could be a good 4-3-3 striker?

  • Davide

    I am not so impressed with his stats though. He is just 23 and might start hitting the high notes soon. But playing 124 games i only and scoring 17 goals is pretty bad, regardless what team you play for. He scored 1 goal every 7.2 games. Hope he can bloom in Atlético and develope his killer instinct. Looked good in U21 though, even if those defenders are pretty much Segunda B or Tercera quality.

    División BRingo//

    Well he sure is familiar to that formation as i think Spain U21 used it with him as central striker. I think he needs back-up from a very dominating and strong midfield and attacking players that takes all the attention from the opposition so he can run freely.

  • starvs

    How do these Under-X World Cups work? He is 23 now but just played in the U21 cup? What dates do they use to determine eligibility?

  • Flo

    Well Davide. First of he played in 22 games last year for more than 80 minutes and scored 8 goals.. But at the u21 he had better teammates and it worked well for him. He has better teammates at atleti as well. So maybe he improves even more 🙂

  • Davide


    They have to be under 21 when the qualification start, which goes on for like 2 years. Like this U21 tournament started it’s qualification games in 2009. It’s not fair if you start qualification as a 20 year old and take your team to the main tournament just to be 22 when the tournament starts and cannot participate for your country. So i think it’s a pretty good and fair system.


    Certainly hope so. he looked pretty sharp i U21.

  • starvs

    Davide, thanks, that certainly makes sense.

  • Ian

    I’m pretty excited for the season ahead. We might noy have a superstar player anymore, but I feel like we have a team full of potential.

    Hope that manzano will be able to make the team play to its fullest potential.

  • SoLobo

    We got Gerson?? First of all… Who is this? He sounds nice though, but is it true?

  • 7th

    he will play for atletico B. solobo

  • Ringo

    Yeah, I’ve read that on a dutch website, apparently he was loaned to PSV (Eindhoven) last half year, but that was a failure, since he didn’t even start for the A-juniors (age category for players around 17-19 years old)…
    Hopefully they were stupid in the Dutch city of light…

  • Yon

    Dont understand the Gerson signing :s

    Have also heard that Liverpool are possibly wanting Aguero, cant see it as they have spent far too much already but who knows!