La Real reportedly reject Atlético bid for Griezmann

Atleti offered €7m plus Fran Mérida & Raúl García in exchange for the winger

Antoine Griezmann (

Antoine Griezmann (

Basque Country paper Diario Vasco reports that Atlético’s offer of €7 million plus midfielders Fran Mérida and Raúl García for Real Sociedad starlet Antoine Griezmann was rejected by the San Sebastián-based side.

Rumours about Atleti’s interest in landing the Frenchman had gained traction on Thursday, when AS reported that the winger had told website a move to the Vicente Calderón would appeal to him.

“They’re a club that attract me,” said Griezmann.

“Atlético are always in Champions or Europa League. They’re one of the big clubs of Spain.”

The 20-year-old’s flattery didn’t stop there.

“Atleti have extraordinary supporters,” he said. “They almost always fill up their stadium in all their home matches.”

Griezmann, a Real Sociedad youth system product since the age of 13, did have one condition though.

“If I go there, it would be to play,” he admitted.

A breakout player of the Txuri-urdin’s top flight return 2010/11 season, his signing would be a major boost for Atleti fans trying to recover from the double blow of losing stars David de Gea and, in all likelihood, Sergio ‘Kun’ Agüero this summer.

Apart from what this deal would do for supporter morale, it’s clear from the nature of this initial bid that Atlético sporting director Jose Luis Caminero is looking to solve two of the squad’s most pressing issues at the moment:

1. The lack of a natural left-winger since the departure of Simao in last January’s transfer window; and
2. The excess of midfielders at Atleti.

Griezmann, who is currently with the youth French side that will take part in the U-20 World Cup in Colombia, has a release clause of €30 million. That buyout clause is uniformly included in all of La Real’s first team players’ contracts.

The Basque outfit are said to be in no rush, nor in any need of selling their marquee footballers, so Caminero will have to step up his attempts if he wants the youngster to suit up in red and white next season.

Atleti aren’t the only club to have been turned down by La Real. Valencia, who are also among the long list of European teams rumoured to be in pursuit of the winger’s services, were reportedly rejected by Real Sociedad this summer as well.

Los Che have apparently pulled out of the running to buy Griezmann though, claims Diario Vasco.

At La Real, Griezmann has been primarily utilised as a left-winger, though he can also be deployed as a striker. In his first season in Spain’s Primera División last year, Antoine featured in 37 league matches and two domestic cup ties, scoring a total of seven goals in all competitions.

Do you feel our reported offer was reasonable, or do you think we low-balled La Real?

  • Yon

    Should have gone for Piatti……….hope we get Griezmann though!

  • Gert

    The problem is that those clubs all know we’re getting a lot of money for Kun, and we already got a decent amount for De Gea. Therefore they’ll refuse a 7 mln bid I think… and wait for us to bid more?

    Too bad Fran Merida never really got a chance to prove himself. Seems he doesn’t belong in Manzano’s plans.

  • Flo

    Yes Gert that’s the current problem. Everybody wants to get a bigger piece of the moneycake….

  • 7th

    holy ****, why include fran in the deal?

    I think he deserves some chance to prove himself.

    i am sure we will regret selling him.

    seems they want more.

  • Javi

    Let’s throw in Costa and go to ten M
    I agree Merida needs a chance to prove himself

  • starvs

    12 + Costa + Raul Garcia.

    We need a left wing.

  • k14

    I still hope Alberto Perea get a chance, impressive talent.

  • starvs

    k14, Perea has been sold to Rayo Vallecano (I believe with a buyout clause…) But we need someone La Liga starter ready which Griezmann is right now.

    Plus the versatilty of him being able to play striker is nice. If we are really goign to only play with one striker we don’t need more than Forlan, Adrian, Toto, Griezmann really. But seeing as funds are not tight after selling DDG, Kun, and Raul Garcia (optimism!) might as well just go buy a striker like Rossi as well…for good measure….

  • Davide

    Sociedad made a counter offer. They said we will give you Griezmann for free and pay you 2 mil € to keep Raul Garcia at Atlético 🙂

    Anyway jokes aside, i don’t think we should improve that 7 mil € bid for Griezmann, then all hell will break loose and we will have to start paying overprices for every promising tom, dick and harry with one good one season under their belt.

    I think we should make a random statement in media that most of the transfer money is going to be invested in the new stadium or something.

    I think 10 mil € can get us a more talented player from Ligue 1 or something. I think Arsenal got Gervinho for about 11 mil €.

    We should go bargain hunting for talents in France and Portugal. Just a thought…

  • Davide

    I think Pachecos left foot on the left wing would have been nice to still have in the roster. In my humble opinion i think we made i mistake not letting German get some dveloping time with first team squad. He just lacked self confidence and was not taken care of properly.

    If we didn’t have EU issues we could have gone for some quick random south american player.

    I was quite taken with speedy winger William Chiroque in Peru. Then i found out he is 31 years old. But still, he is pretty good to watch, something always happens.

  • Davide

    I thought some interesting french players that would be realisitic targets as winger, or creative force or striker positions.

    Hatem Ben Arfa – Newcastle
    Valbuena – Marseille
    N’Zogbia – Wigan
    Loic Remy – Marseille
    Briand – Lyon

    And i also actually even think Gourcuff from Lyon would be realistic.

    It’s a shame that “most” of non Eu player are mediocre or useless. There are pretty interesting attacking names in nationl squads of Uruguay, Colombia etc.

    I have also been a big fan of Arango since his days of Mallorca.

    I woudn’t mind putting Uruguays defensive midfielder Egidio Arévalo in Atlético. That guy is the posterchild of how to be human pitbull.

  • Davide

    Edit** It’s a shame that “most” of OUR non EU player are/have become mediocre or useless (except Godín).

  • starvs

    Davide, don’t foget about Toto, he gonna have a good season. Also Elias could turn out to be a contributor, I think the jury is def still out on him.

  • Yon

    Sporting Lisbon just signed Diego Capel for something like £3.5mil why did we not try for him?

  • Derek Maaijen

    I think this really was a very royal offer, for a player who has got only one year of la Liga experience and who was fairly inconsistent last season. If we’d sell them we should be able to get at least €8m for the duo of Raúl García and Fran.

  • Derek Maaijen

    I don’t think you’ve seen enough of Capel, Yon! Are you sure you’d want him at our club??

  • Davide

    Derek Maaijen//

    Agreed! Capel is a nicely dodged bullet by Atlético.

    starvs //

    I forgot about Toto actually. Yeah i have high hopes for him.

  • palc

    This kid is only 20 years old and already a steady performer for Sociedad. I understand why they turned down the offer. He has the potential of being one of the best wingers in Europe.

    Don’t think Merida and Raul Garcia might be of use to them, so lets offer €15 million for this kid.

  • javi

    Emery at Valncia said with the right offer Mata could go…

  • Gert Jacobs

    I read something about us counterbidding around € 10 million + RG. Any truth in this?

  • starvs reporting that La Real wont be selling any player this summer, including Griezmann. If true who should be the left wing target? Mata? He would cost a lot I’d imagine, but he is pretty good…

  • Yon

    Well he done a good enough job ripping us apart in the CDR final….. 🙁

    So cheap though, i dont think it would have been a bad move!

  • Yon

    I also can’t see Mata coming when he will get CL football at Valencia!