A closer look at Strømsgodset

All you need to know about our next Europa League opponents

Strømsgodset celebrate their 5th Norwegian cup title   (oslosportslager.no)

Strømsgodset celebrate their 5th Norwegian cup title

As most Atletico fans will be aware, the club has been drawn to play Norwegian outfit Strømsgodset in the third qualifying round of the Europa League.

The Norwegian Cup champions aren’t the most well known club in Europe but definitely deserve respect.

Strømsgodset have had a rough time in Europe when they’ve managed to qualify for continental competition. The game against Atletico will be their first in a UEFA tournament since 1998/99 when they made the first round of the UEFA Cup.

Despite putting up a spirited fight away from home against Aston Villa, losing 3-2, a 3-0 defeat at home ended Strømsgodset’s hopes of progressing.

Perhaps the ‘Godset’s’ most infamous game in Europe was an 11-0 thrashing handed out by a Liverpool side on top of their game back in the 1974/75 season. Since then, Strømsgodset have won just one out of their following six European games.

In Norway last season, Strømsgodset finished seventh in the Tippeligaen, a competition made up of 16 sides. The 2011 edition is already 15 games old and Atleti’s opponents are on track for another crack at Europe, sitting in third place, the last European qualification spot.

Strømsgodset have only ever won one Tippeligaen, back in 1970. The side which plays at the 7,500 capacity, artificial turf Marienlyst Stadion, has had more success in the Norwegian cup competition, winning it five times.

Alexander Aas, a defender, captains the side. Aas, who joined Strømsgodset from Danish team Odense in 2007, has been capped eight times by the Norwegian national team.

Other players to look for are Jo Inge Berget, a striker who is currently on loan from Italian club Udinese and 25-year-old midfielder Frederik Nordkvelle, the string-puller in the midfield.

Atletico can’t be complacent in this tie, as Strømsgodset have the potential to cause an upset. Realistically though, los Rojiblancos should be too strong and will look to comfortably secure a spot into the next qualifying stage.

  • palc

    Tpm, you know more about Godset (their nickname) than me and I’m Norwegian. Nice research 🙂

    And also their keeper, Adam Larsen, is an aquaintance of mine.

  • Gert Jacobs

    I’m curious about our line-up tomorrow !


  • javi

    Sorry this is off topic but I needed to vent: looks like Mata is going to Chelsea for between 15-20 M, and we are looking at Osvaldo for 20m, WTF!

  • starvs

    Seriously, 20m for Osvaldo seems stupid and like we getting ripped off, hopefully doesn’t come to fruition.

    Also Javi, I just moved to Boston two days ago, I think I remember you saying you lived around here, you know anywhere I might be able to catch this game tomorrow? I figure I’ll just get it on the internet but I’d rather not have to. Long shot for a rinky dink early round Europa League game though…

  • javi

    Starvs welcome to beantown. We should hook up to watch some games. Tomorrow’s game is not televised here, you will have to do the computer thing. Usually you find soccer games schedules at livesoccertv.com-they also tell you which pubs show the games. Glad to have you here, I’m kind of lonely surrounded by RM and Barsa fans. I think there are three atleti fans in this town-including you!

  • starvs

    sounds good, shoot me an email sometime with your contact info [email protected]

  • Davide

    javi and starvs//

    Great, me too! I just got the lead role in Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place. We should totally hook up. Jus kidding 🙂

    20 m for Osvaldo would be an outrage, but on the other hand anything is possible with the two sitting in the boardroom.

    On the other hand, we knew it was gonna happen like this as Kun delayed his transfer and put us short of time.

  • javi

    Davide, you are funny but I woulnt quit my day job.

    In addition to obtaining a quality stiker, we need to dump some baggage-RG, Assuncao, Costa, etc. My bet is that we do so right after the second game with Strømsgodset.

  • dgsozkan

    does anybody know anything about Kun & Man City ? I’ve read some news claims , Kun has announced that he is about to sign a contract with Man City at his twitter account. Could it be for real ?

  • Runo

    Apparently he signed a contract , and we got about 40m pounds… But he just twitted thatbshit , so we should wait for an official statement of the club

  • javi

    yep, only news is from his twitter account. He passed the medical this morning but no official notice from City yet.

  • dgsozkan

    It’s always sad to say good-bye to him. However , what is really important is what will happen to this huge transfer fee.I would love to see Mata and Rossi in Vicento Calderon , but who knows what our two brainiacs will do with this money.