Ruling: Adrián to join Atlético for free

Spanish judge rules in favour of Adrián and Atlético on Monday

Adrián celebrates goal with U-21 Spain (

Adrián celebrates goal with U-21 Spain (

AS reports that judge Cardenal, arbitrator of the dispute between Deportivo and Atlético for striker Adrián, ruled in favour of los Rojiblancos Monday morning.

In doing so, the judge tossed Depor president Augusto Lendoiro’s claim that the 23-year-old’s contract had been automatically extended out the door.

In a last ditch effort to profit off of the promising young forward, Lendoiro had placed a €5 million price tag on Adrián, refusing to let him go to Atleti for free.

The leading scorer of this summer’s UEFA European Under-21 Football Championship has already passed his medical with los Colchoneros, and should be joining his new squad shortly.

  • leofranco


  • javi

    oh yeah baby!, Go eat some more lobsters Lendoiro…oops I forgot you cant because you didnt get any money from hoo…

  • javi

    This could be a great week for us: Tiago comes back for small money, Adrian comes for free, we sell kun [fingers crossed] and we get Rossi and Griezmann and we rock and roll.

  • starvs

    If the Griezmann deal goes through I’d be so happy. Rossi would be great to, but we really need a left wing first.

  • Yon

    Great news!

  • Javi: QFT.

  • 7th

    finally some good news,

    my father words is a music to my ears, that he says after bad news, there is always good news within

  • palc

    In a 4-3-3 formation, where do you guys think we will use Adrian? As a winger or as a striker?

    If we use him as a striker, I dont see the point buying another striker, if as a winger, we don’t need to buy a new winger.

    What do you guys think?

  • starvs

    Palc, I think we need another striker for depth. Having one proven striker (coming off a truly awful season…) is not good for a team trying to make a CL run while also playing in Europa League.

  • javi

    I see this:


    Juanfran, Diego caca, Salvio/Adrian

    If Griezmann does not come then I would use his spot with either Salvio or Adrian, but if we get Rossi, then Adrian would be on the wings.

    We need to ged rid of Costa no matter what, he is using a valuable foreigner spot and he is useless.

  • palc

    A player like Rossi would fit as a left winger just as much as a striker I think, and would therefore be an ideal signing as we won’t need to buy both a striker and a forward. BUT I highly doubt he would prefer us as opposed to Juve or staying in Villarreal. Any other players like him? I do like Nelson Valdez as well, but he is non-EU.

    I dont think we should rely on Forlan. He’s obviously lost his goalscoring abilities judging from the Uruguay games so a top notch poacher is therefore needed.

    Adrian/Salvio- Forlan or better- Reyes/Juanfran

    Hmm actually I don’t think we need another winger. We should focus on getting a new striker.

    Just my thoughts..

  • palc

    On second thought. Adrian/Salvio might be to weak on the left side. Man Rossi would be nice!

    Cant wait till we get all of this resolved.

  • Davide


    Forlán seems to have lost his goalscoring capiblities and Kun seems to have found his inner poaching chi. Oh, the irony of it all…

  • Sam

    Where is all this Rossi talk coming from? I just don’t see him leaving a seemingly tight knight Villareal team coming off a great season, unless its to go somewhere big.

  • starvs

    Sam, yeah the Rossi talk isn’t really happening anymore, that was like one rumor a week ago. But he is the best player we have been linked with so we cling. we cling.

  • Sam


    True, this is typical in the life of an atleti fan.