Tiago reportedly released by Juventus

The midfielder is on the verge of signing a one-year deal with Atlético

Tiago is free to sign with Atlético (UEFA.com)

Tiago is free to sign with Atlético (UEFA.com)

According to AS, Juventus midfielder Tiago Mendes, who has spent the last season and a half on loan at Atlético, was reportedly released by the Bianconeri and is set to sign with Atleti on a free transfer.

The midfielder was spotted in Madrid last Monday, when it was said he was negotiating a permanent deal with los Rojiblancos.

AS claims that, as part of the agreement with Atleti officials, Tiago was required to cut ties with the Bianconeri and arrive at the Vicente Calderón for free.

The 30-year-old held up his end of the bargain, and will reportedly sign a one-year contract with Atlético that will include an optional one-year extension.

The former Portugal international was recently used as bait by Juve, as the Italians wanted to include the midfielder, along with €32 million, as part of a bid to sign Atleti striker Sergio Agüero.

While AS reports Atlético rejected the Turin-based outfit’s offer, sporting director Jose Luis Caminero told Spanish radio station COPE last week the club had not received a single formal offer for ‘Kun’ yet.

  • Good signing, although I wonder what will happen to Assuncao, Raúl García and maybe Elías.

    Little bit worried that Manzano wants to use three defensive midfielders in his 4-3-3-formation, but it obviously didn’t work yesterday.

    BTW. Does anyone have a clue where I can find yesterdays’ game to download?

  • Javi

    Espanyol needs at least one midfielder maybe two but they don’t have funds to purchase
    Maybe we can loan them Garcia and assuncao in exchange for their salary-I dont think we can sell them-there is no money out there

  • starvs

    Can’t really complain about signing a player of Tiagos quality for free, I just hope it doesn’t stunt the growth or Koke and Mario. It also probably precludes the creative/playmaking midfield signing we have needed for a few seasons now…

  • Davide


    I heard a rumour that Manzano is tactically thinking about letting Forlán drop deep regurlarly to meet the ball in the centre in front of the two defensive midfielders and dictate play. Just a rumour from Twitter.

  • leofranco

    Salvio Forlán Reyes
    Koke Gabi
    Filipe Miranda Godin Silvio

    Adrián Forlán Reyes

    Mario Gabi

  • leofranco

    Lol my second eleven wasn’t really finished damn phone but the first i wrote is how i think they should play with the players they have today.. could have Mario instead of koke if he cut his hear 🙂

  • SoLobo

    I think that Manzano would prefer…

    Reyes Forlan Salvio
    Gabi Mario Tiago
    Filipe Miranda Godin Silvio

    Of course we can’t rule out Juanfran, Koke, Alvaro

  • 7th

    hey guys, why are you all hating on mario and his afro?

    the afro is a magic spell, anyone who have it as his hair is considered a legendery,

    this is 80′ style.

    mario played and improved as soon as his hair became an afro.

  • Javi

    I like the fro

  • Javi

    It helps him absorb the ball like a sponge

  • leofranco

    Haha i don’t hate his afro I just can’t choose between him or koke.. I want every cantera to play!

  • Davide

    Mario and Fellaini has added each other on Facebook as friends for some reason? 🙂

  • 7th

    davide, who is fellaini?

  • Yon

    @7th Search him on google images! Plays for Everton in England! Looks like screech from Saved By The Bell!

  • Lubo

    @ Yon
    Fellaini looks more like Leonid Brezhnev in younger version.. younger afro version..

  • 7th

    i saw him, and what a suprise, hahaha

    so he is also an afro guy, no wonder they became friends.