Europa League: Atlético to face Stromsgodset

The Norwegian side will be Atleti's opponent in the third qualifying round


Atlético will officially kick off their 2011/12 campaign at the Vicente Calderón in less than a fortnight, when they take on Norwegian top flight side Stromsgodset on the 28th of July in the third round of the Europa League qualifiers.

The second leg of the fixture will take place on the 4th of August, at our opponent’s Marienlyst Stadium in Drammen, about an hour away from Oslo.

The teams were paired together in Friday morning’s draw in Nyon.

Stromsgodset enter the competition as the current Norwegian cup title-holders, a tournament they have won five times in their 104-year history. They currently sit in fourth place of the Norwegian Premier League.

When Rojiblanco manager Gregorio Manzano found out about the fixture, he expressed some concern about the advantage our rivals would have given that their domestic league is well underway.

“At first glance they’re an opponent unknown in European competition, but they are in the middle of their season in their country right now,” he told Atleti’s official site.

“This will be the most crucial factor of the tie, their conditioning against our lack of pace at the level of the competition we find ourselves in.

“Nonetheless, the quality and experience of our squad should be enough to overcome the fixture.”

  • starvs

    Can’t take any matchup for granted as an Atleti fan…

  • Chalet



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  • Davide

    The question is:

    We already recenlty won this cup. Should we really put our players resources on Europa League or should we for once concentrate on getting the CL spot in the league.

    Last time we could only concentrate on La Liga and CdR we ended up qualifyin for CL. After then it’s been downwards.

    Either we need a much bigger squad or play the the reserves in Europa Lague. I honestly believe that it will cost is in primera if we play first team players in Europa League.

  • Chalet

    Personally I would prefer to concentrate on getting a CL spot.

    But as last year´s title winning team we should not be knocked out of the EL right after the group stages though.

  • Javi

    As a matter of morale after last seasons fiasco and all the crap of this summer, Manzano has to send an early statement with this team, especially given the type of passion the atleti fans have, so unless he comes out and declares we are not interested in EL and only plays canteranos and subs, then he has to go for it.

  • SoLobo

    “If Sergio Aguero joins Real Madrid, he has no loyalty” – Alvaro Dominguez… I want him to be our next captain! Really!

  • Javi

    Reyes is my choice for captain I would have Dominguez as a second captain with forlan

  • 7th

    javi, I dont think reyes has the characterstics of leadership.

    I would really nominate my fav player, alvaro dominguez. or gabi, he has played for us before. he should be made captain.

    all of our players are still young,

    so the captains for me,

    antonio lopez, -captain(if he played)
    gabi-vice captain.
    forlan-vice captain

  • Javi

    I can see Dominguez, but Gabi just got here
    I like Reyes because of the things he said this summer about the team when Gala wanted to sign him, he is also mature. Keep in mind that we had Kun as a captain before…so if Kun can Reyes certainly can

  • Davide


    On the other hand, a captain does not always have to be someone who is a leader and screams at you or one of the seniors in the squad.

    I remember my team, we had shitty captain who used to scream all time for other players to run and work but was himself was mediocre on the field.

    Then we got this quiet type creative midfielder who became captain for just one month when the other guy was away on vacation and we won every single game.

    Cause this quiet might not a screamed alot, but he was consisten with his football, always performing and getting good reviews.

    I think Reyes when remember that quiet guy. Reyes almoste always perform on the pitch. When you see your captain making a fool out of 2-3 defender you get self comfidence.

    Captains that are so “called” leaders are not always good. I would personally have captain that most of the show on the pitch that he knows what he is doing.

    I vote for Reyes!

  • starvs

    I vote for Raul Garcia.

    Last captain Kun. Gone. Before that Simao. Gone

    It is the only way.

    It must get worse before it gets better.

  • SoLobo

    @starvs… And before that, Maxi… Yeah! Raul Garcia for captain!

  • Chalet


    Hilarious – up to now I haven´t seen it this way!
    Great idea!! 🙂

  • 7th

    starve, I have wondered about that,

    I call it” the captain’curse”

  • 7th


  • palc

    Raul Garcia was actually captain in the match before this match.

    But I do think he won’t be too bad this season under Manzano.I think he will somewhat rejuvenate himself..

  • Davide

    Hahaha!! Also Torres. gone!

    I changed my mind. I vote Raul Garcia next captain!

  • 7th

    heeeey, guys,

    when is the next friendly match?

    why are we playing small and weak teams.

    we should play against some strong teams already.

    look at valencia, they will play against liverpool and roma.

  • Ringo

    In the beginning, usually weak teams are chosen to get into shape, not taking to much risks, things like that.
    To really test the skill, later on the big guys are usually visited.
    I don’t know Atleti’s agenda this preseason, though…

    Haha great, Garcia for captain!

    About the “leader” type; I agree, but I’m not sure about Reyes’ ability in putting the others in the right place… Perhaps an intelligent midfielder, but I don’t know who… Koke was captain for Spanish youth sides, but I don’t believe that was done greatly and he’s too young to captain this side just yet…

    Tiago is a short term answer, if he still comes, but I’d rather see Koke and Elias/Fran start, with Mario behind them. Elias needs to adapt, so does Gabi, he only knows Perea, I guess.
    Perea could work, but I don’t know if he’ll be a starter as Miranda, Godin and Dominguez are all probably better. Filipe is still a little new, Silvio is very new. Joel is young.
    Salvio/Juanfran: too new…
    So… Forlan or Reyes.

    Forlan might leave, so okay, maybe you’re right, Reyes might be the best choice at the moment. haha.
    Unless Tiago returns, as starter, of course.

  • Chalet

    Sorry, guys for making a complete idiot out of me – but is there anyone around who knows how to pronounce
    “Stromsgodset” properly?
    Is it pronounced as written?

  • Andres
  • Chalet


    Thanks for the link, mate!

  • Chalet

    The club announced today the players´ list for the upcoming Europa League campaign.

    Courtois and especially Elías and Godín are not included in that list – but Agüero is.

    That sounds strange to me – although a change might be possible.

    I wonder if the game will take place anyway after those horrible things that happened in Norway… 🙁

  • Sam

    With all due respect to those effected by the events in Norway, I hope that the game does go ahead as it will be my first visit to the Vicente Calderon since moving to Madrid. I wanted to ask advice about which area of the stadium to buy tickets for – I will be going with my girlfriend and I don’t think she’d like it if I parachuted her in amongst Los Bastions!