Falcao reportedly eyed as replacement for Agüero

Atlético is said to be challenging Real and Chelsea for hot-shot striker

Falcao celebrates goal against Bolivia  in Copa América (AFP/Getty)

Falcao celebrates goal against Bolivia
in Copa América

According to MARCA, Atletico Madrid are lining up Porto striker Radamel Falcao as a possible replacement for Sergio Aguero should the Argentine get his way and leave the club.

The Colombian striker is putting in some impressive performances at the Copa América which have caught the eye of many clubs.

25-year-old Falcao was an integral part of the Porto side which ended the 2010/11 season with a Europa League victory against Braga at Aviva Stadium in Dublin.

He finished the tournament as its top scorer with a record-breaking 17 goals, and delivered the telling strike in the final that handed the title to the Portuguese club.

Atletico face some hefty competition for his signature with both Chelsea and Real Madrid rumoured to be leading the pack.

Chelsea hold a distinct advantage as they have appointed the man who led Porto to European glory, Andre Villas Boas, as their new manager following Carlo Ancelotti’s departure.

The striker has admitted that a move to a bigger league in Europe is on the cards and has stated that he would prefer to move to the English Premier League, making the odds of Chelsea signing him even shorter.

“I have matured in every respect and I am qualified to play in a big league,” Falcao was quoted as saying by FIFA’s official website.

“The Spanish league is good, but I prefer the Premier League as there is a better atmosphere on the field.”

Having said that, Atletico are still in with a shot of signing the striker, whose release clause is €30 million. Chelsea already have plenty of firepower in their squad so unlike Aletico, signing a striker isn’t high on the to-do list at Stamford Bridge.

Atleti can offer Falcao plenty of game time and will have the money to spend once Aguero’s transfer is finalised.

Falcao is one of Europe’s hottest properties and signing him would be a major coup for Gregorio Manzano as he looks to fire Atleti back up the table into the Champions League spots.

  • starvs

    Hard to not be excite about this possibility. For one his name is beyond awesome. Two, he had a pretty absurd year last year. He had 31 goals for porto in 40 games. Plus, he is a beast in fifa….

  • Chalet

    I can´t see Atléti being attractive enough for him to join us.
    As he pointed out he would prefer a move to the Premier League – and even staying with Porto would guarantee him CL football…

  • Davide

    In our dreams…

  • Luke

    I think this deal is very difficult. Atléti should look for new target.
    I hope our team will interest Diego Perotti.
    He has many many ability and he is just 22 years old. 🙂

  • NiñoTorres

    30m euro buy-out clause, no reason why we couldn’t pay that once Kun is sold. The question is whether we can convince the player to come here. Hopefully Perea is getting a word in on our behalf 🙂

  • Yon

    Id rather sign his partner, Hulk! Now he is a BEAST in fifa! Can’t see either of them coming though!

  • Martin Rosenow

    I’m reading that Portuguese media now report he just signed a contract extension with Porto through 2015 and that his release clause has gone up to €45 million.

  • Yeah, it’s on Porto’s website. Not that it matters, given there was no realisitc chance of him ever signing.

  • And he is non-eu, so its EOT.

  • Aguero said today that he is actually an Independiente man and Atletico is just his workplace… what a little, pathetic fuck… I hate him so much right now, I wish he never came to Atletico in the first place!

  • Javi

    Urban, sportyou has this interesting story about the kun ordeal, if true it explains some if kuns erratic behavior, although it doesn’t excuse it:


  • Ringo Schut

    Translation please 🙂

  • Gert

    Aguero’s contract renewal was done so he could leave this summer and Gil Marin would have said that they would negotiate any offers for Kun. Gil didn’t do that so broke his promise.
    Later on a new meeting between Kun and Gil was planned, but Gil didn’t show up. Kun therefore became mad/furious and threatened to make public how much money they (Atletico) owe him. Up to now, Kun hasn’t done that though.
    This is how his hate towards Atleti must have grown and how he leans over towards the other side of the town.

    The article also mentions that Atletico owes some millions to Forlan as well…

  • Ringo

    Thanks, Gert 🙂

    Wow, that’s not great news, but it doesn’t really surprise me, as it is Gil.

    By making this public, Kun would perhaps instantly turn the ‘evil’ role over to Gil (and Cerezo), where it actually belongs…

    Because of those to brainless mobsters, Atleti cannot get back to the level they belong/desire.

    As long as they’re on top, big troubles are getting closer and closer, I wouldn’t be surprised if the club would go bankrupt.

  • Javi

    Thanks Gert
    Ringo I would add to what Grrt said that Aguero wanted out at the end of his last contract but agreed on an extension with a reduced buyout clause so the team could make money on his transfer but with the understanding that Gil would negotiate any good offers and apparently Gil has reneged on his promise and failed to appear to that meeting were Kun went to the stadium and he would not answer his phone when the atleti secretary was calling him.

  • Davide

    I’m sorry, but it still doesn’t justify Kuns non-chalant behaviour towards the supporters. We are not the ones that messed with him.

    Any monkey with ahlf a brain knows that owners and supporters are two different things.

    He has been at Atlético for 5 years and should by now know that we fans hate Gil as much as he probably does.

    He knows is that us supporters deserved an honest good bye in a good way.

    We never messed with him and we supported him through thick and thin.

    I am pretty sure he must have been aware that given a choice, the supporters would have thrown Gil out of the club over Kun any day of the week.

    Pointing fingers does not excuse his rude behaviour. Gil is not Atlético, we are Atlético, the supporters, and we never treated him wrong.

    I know this story how Kun one time like 2 years ago went to i nightclub in Madrid and got into some trouble with some local thugs outside the club that were going to beat him and rob him.

    They were going to beat Kun up when normal Atlético fans saved him and took the fight. One of the Colchoners was hospitalized for a deep knife wound.

    It’s a urban legend, Kun did not say anything about it, but the fight happened, Kun was not mentioned though in media even though several Colchoneros the´version i wrote.

    Just a stupid example, but still. We deserved better than Twitter and a homepage.

  • javi

    We do deserve better Davide, the team and everyone except for the two directors deserve better, but kun is showing his lack of class. Look at Forlan for example, if the team in fact owes him money, he has not said a word.

    This is why we need to have a day were everybody burns Kuns shirts, memorabilia and pictures outside the stadium, and when he comes to play dressed in white, we let him have it. It should be so loud that he and his team get scared.
    Best case scenario for us is that he goes to RM. We get the full 45M and it will inspire the team to finally beat the crap out of RM instead of laying down like we usually do.

  • Chalet


    I like your spirit!!

    ( I did not dare to write ‘your spiteful spirit’ because the copyright for this one is with Starvs… 😉 )

  • k14

    So your upset because didn’t say goodbye in an official match ?
    that would’ve been stupid of him if he did, as no one is still sure if another club are willing to pay 45+mil on aguero yet.

  • Davide


    Uhh what?? He announced he was leaving like a few days after the last game and had no clue if there were any teams willing to pay his clause and still doesn’t know. What you wrote makes no sense.

  • Chalet

    Javi, Gert, Davide//

    First of all thanks for some interesting new stories about Agüero and the translation of the Spanish part.
    I must confess that up to now I haven´t heard of these stories yet but I think that we don´t have to discuss about Gil because his behaviour has always been abysmal.

    What I don´t get is the fact that Agüero obviously already wanted out at the end of his last contract.
    But why?
    It is not that long ago since he won the Europa League and the Supercopa with Atlético – and by that time it was not that clear that Atléti would fail again to secure a CL spot.

    If it´s true that the club also owes a lot of money to Forlán – why does HE not want away and makes statements instead that he would love to see out the follwing 2 years of his contract?

  • starvs

    Chalet, haha, spite is spite, call it like you see it.

  • Javi

    Chalet, rumor is that he lost faith in the team when they lost Simao and Jurado and didn’t replace them with equal or better quality players, and the poor performance of the team all season. Supposedly he didn’t feel the team was supporting him with the type of players he wanted around him so he could grow as a player
    I see a bit of logic to that we are all upset about how the directors fail to bring in quality players: Affelay, Piatti and Lamela being a case in point.

  • Chalet


    Thanks for the explanation!
    You have a point there and it would explain a few things.

    I must admit that I didn´t want to see Jurado and especially Simão leave the club either.
    But on the other hand – did I therefore quit Atléti? No!

  • Davide


    But why treat the supporters like yesterdays garbage?

  • k14

    @ Davide

    What he stated online was his desire to leave, not a confirmation that he is leaving, till this day there is no certainty where aguero will end up.
    How can you state your desire to leave in an official match ?

  • Davide


    Dude seriously, no one announces at a game that are leaving or want to leave. What planet are you from?

    You do it in a press conference together with officialls of the club in front of the media and representatives of the supporterclubs like a professional.

    Regardless of where you end up later..

    I have a advice for you, please don’t ever work as a advisor in football…

  • Javi

    Davide you are totally right, he might have his gripes but he is handling this like a stupid child.

  • 7th

    i am pretty sure aguero have negotiated with some unknown club and agreed on the wages and al that waits is for atletico to accept the bid.

    he said its pretty clear he wont come back to atletico,

    you dont make a statement that says 100% i am leaving.

    imagine he stays after all of this. he make a fool of himself.


  • Javi

    7th, Aguero has already made a fool of himself, his ego does not let him see it at this time but eventually he will and he will feel ashamed and will ask the fans to forgive him
    Normally I would agree with you, you don’t count the chickens before they hatch, but here this is being handled so poorly that it would not surprise me that he has nothing worked out with another team.

  • k14

    @ Davide

    As you see in the other comments, atletico are refusing to sale, yet you want a press conference with the club officials ?

    And hers an advice for you, trying to insult others makes you a jerk, not right.

  • Davide


    I don’t know what team you support. You have many comments that makes no sense and are quite annoying. You keep asking stupid questions. So i asked you if we are from the same planet. Have you never asked anyone where they are from? I don’t see anything wrong.

  • Derek Maaijen

    Let’s all stay civil and polite guys. We might not always agree on all points, but we’re all fans of Atleti!

  • k14

    annoying because I don’t agree with you ?
    I ask you again, how do you want him to do a conference with club officials while they are in disagreement ?

  • Davide


    Are you talking about Gil? You can always contact other people, like Cerezo or director of football. Kun can still call a press conference with his agent where media and representives from supporterclubs can be present. First you go on about making a announcement at a official game and then this nonsense. Kun is not child, He could have called a presse conference if he wanted, there is simply no excuse!

  • k14

    He should make one, but after an offer from another club is accepted, don’t forget that (eventhough unlikely) kun might be forced to stay in atletico.