Tiago deal could be announced today

Atleti looking to sign Tiago for the third and final time

Tiago (Denis Doyle/Getty Images)

Tiago (Denis Doyle/Getty Images)

After loan spells in the past two seasons it seems Atlético are finally signing Tiago Mendes on a permanent deal.

MARCA report on Tuesday that the midfielder was at the Vicente Calderón on Monday night to go over the details of his contract.

Tiago has one year remaining on his deal with Juventus but is not needed in Turin, and it’s believed Atleti will be able to sign him for a small fee.

The 30-year-old has spent the past 18 months on loan at Atlético.

Atleti had been linked with Borja Valero, but with Tiago’s arrival, which seems imminent, it looks as if the club has gone for the cheaper option.

We’re glad this time the deal has been resolved quickly. Tiago’s loan last season was agreed late in pre-season, and it took the player a few weeks to get match ready.

Are you happy Tiago’s going to continue at Atlético? Or would you have preferred another player such as Borja Valero or Barcelona youngster Thiago?

  • 7th

    great i think, I liked him last 2 season

  • Ringo Schut

    I’d rather seen Koke start in that position.

  • palc

    Someone really really really has to go.

  • Gert

    That someone’s name starts with an R and ends with aul Garcia!

  • palc

    But no one seems to be willing to sign that special someone whose name ends with a and starts with Raul Garci. Perhaps we could pay Osasuna or Bilbao to take him?

    Elias, Tiago, Assuncao, Merida, Gabi, Suarez, Raul Garcia, Koke. Oh man, oh god oh man oh god.

  • starvs

    I like Tiago and I thik he’s been good for Atleti but I don’t want him here next year. Atleti already has so many midfielders and I don’t want him to get time over either Mario or Koke, not to metion Gabi and Elias. And, he is not the offensive playmaker we need, he is okay in that role, but we need someone geared specfically to midfield creation/distrubtion, Tiago is more general midfield player. Plus his wages are pretty high, no?

    Dear God let Raul Garcia be sold.

  • starvs

    Oh yeah, and I forgot about Fran, who I would like to see get some actual PT (playing time, not sure if this is American phrase or not…). Think he could be good, and he may be the creative option I’m talking about, who knows he was a ghost last season.

  • palc

    Is Manzano going for 4-3-3?

  • starvs

    Palc, according to an article on AS.com, or maybe it was Marca, he has began introducing the 4-3-3 training and plans for it to be the main formation for this year. At least I think thats what I read, my spanish is meh…

  • Garymadrid

    In training Koke has been played on the left and it looks like Manzano is going to try him out there. Reyes is playing in the centre with either RG or PA

  • Garymadrid

    Also a number of papers have mentioned 433 but in training the last few days they are playing with 442. That might be down to the team having only 1 striker though

  • Gert

    what about Mario, Elias, Juanfran?

  • GaryMadrid

    Mario was in the gym and he will play centre. Juanfran is playing on the right. Elias is at Copa America so it will be interesting to see where he fits in. He can play left wing or centre. He can also play just behind the front man

  • Sergio Lopez

    In case of Aguero’s sale I’d prefer to see Borja Valero, but now I don’t know even what to say. Nice, cheap, experienced…

  • 30-year old on what will be very decent wages.

    Horrible decision should the deal be made official. Another player who has been average throughout his career, and who lacks any hunger or desire.


  • Raed

    so now Assuncao & Raul Garcia should leave the Club !!