Caminero has failed to take charge of ‘Kun’ situation

The sporting director's hesitancy is costing Atlético quality reinforcements

Should Caminero get more aggressive  with Kun? (EFE)

Should Caminero get more aggressive
with Kun? (EFE)

The Sergio Agüero dilemma has proved challenging for Atlético’s new sporting director Jose Luis Caminero.

Upon his arrival at Atleti, exactly a week after Agüero announced he wanted to leave the club, Caminero assured fans he would personally speak to Kun and try to convince him to stay.

“Agüero is still an Atlético player and my intention is for him to continue,” he said at his presentation at the Vicente Calderón.

“I want to talk to him personally to get to know what he has in mind and then we’ll make a decision.”

It’s been over a month since the sporting director was formally unveiled and made that promise, yet he admitted to COPE on Monday that he still hasn’t been able to exchange words with Kun directly.

“I have not spoken with Aguero,” he told the Spanish radio station. “I have spoken to his representatives and they’ve told me that he is concentrating solely on Copa América.

“As soon as the tournament is over I will talk to him.”

While Rojiblanco officials sit back and scratch their bellies waiting for Argentina to be eliminated from the South American competition, our direct rivals are busy reining in quality signings – perhaps most notably Valencia’s snatching up of long-time Atleti target Pablo Piatti last week.

Caminero needs to get more aggressive with Kun and his representatives, as further delay could be disastrous for us.

Contrary to reports across Europe, the sporting director denied that Juventus and Manchester City have submitted bids for Agüero, assuring “we have received no formal offers for Kun” while also insisting that the club is counting on the attacker to join the squad upon the conclusion of Argentina’s Copa América participation.

Hours after Caminero gave his interview, Agüero started in the Argentines’ final group stage match against Costa Rica.

The attacker ended up bagging a brace in the Albiceleste’s 3-0 victory and helped to extend his national team’s life span by at least five more days, as they are through to the quarter-finals.

Kun has scored three of his national side’s four goals in the tournament, impressive, especially considering he has spent half of the competition on the bench.

It’s hard to imagine a club won’t come knocking at the door with his €45 million buyout clause in hand now. While I agree that keeping Kun at the Calderón would be our best move of the summer, I just don’t see it likely.

With pre-season training beginning all around la Liga and our Europa League qualifiers right around the corner, time is of the essence.

In the event that Argentina qualify for the Copa América final, a match scheduled to take place on the 24th of July, the standstill with Aguero could last almost another fortnight.

I think Caminero should fly to Argentina as soon as possible, knock on Kun’s hotel door and get a definitive answer from him.

How long can the Griezmanns, Osvaldos, Valeros and Rossis afford to sit around and wait while Kun’s situation gets resolved?

How would you evaluate Caminero’s first month in charge?

  • GaryMadrid

    Club officials are not allowed contact players when they are away on international tournaments. Sometimes a National team will make an exception but would you allow Caminero to talk to one of your players at this moment? It’s annoying but as Juanfran said we have to move on.

  • I understand the article, but I’m not sure that Caminero has a high share of responsibility for the ‘Kun Crisis’.

    The player is no negotiating stance and refused to speak with Atlético until the end of the Copa America. His message has been threefold: ‘Goodbye’ to the fans. ‘Seek team’ for IMG. And ‘Let me out’ for the club. Nothing more.

    In that scenario, I understand that the club can: 1. Access to sell, enter 45 million and close its template, or 2. Strive to keep the player on the team.

    There has been no real offer of 45 million and Caminero has asked the directors an opportunity to convince Aguero (using probably arguments of his situation in 1996 when he left was very close to Barcelona).

    Caminero can only wait. O well, take a plane to Argentina to lock in the room of Kun …

  • Davide

    Why the hell is Atléticos sporting director talking with Kun through the argentines henchmen!? He is the clubs sporting director and should be able to call Kun straight on his phone and talk.

    Mind you Kun is still under contract at Atlético and should not be behaving in such nonchalant and disrespectful manner towards people who put bread on his table.

    I have had enough of Agüero, who the hell does he think he is?! Sell that piece of shit to the highest bidder so we can start preparing for the new campaign with new signings or what not.

  • 7th

    I have a feeling kun will go to Real,

    mourinho just declared that real madrid needs another striker.

  • Flo

    I am with elhumanisto. You can’t really blame Caminero for the situation. He ist here or 2 months or even less.

    But yeah, sell him to the highest bidder and move on.

  • starvs

    Yeah 7th, I saw that, def makes it seem like they are gonna go for Aguero…or Neymar, not sure why anyone would want Neymar for the same price as Aguero, that is madness, especially after this Copa America…

    I honestly hope he goes to Real at this point, would allow me to fully and truly hate him, rather not have ambigious feeling toward him…

  • Martin Rosenow

    If you listen to the interview, you will hear how lost Caminero sounds, about as lost as Cerezo:–el-partido-de-las-12-127116

    He kept saying Kun’s contract is 2 years, until the interviewer had to correct him and tell him Kun has 3 years left.

    This situation, taken together with the firing of the Alevin coach for no good reason, by phone mind you, the whole fiasco with Diego Costa, failure to use De Gea money on a major signing, let’s just say he’s not convincing me so far.

    He seems like more of the same. Time will tell though.

  • Flo

    Pitarch and the board screwed this up. He is only in charge since few weeks. How can he know anything by that time? He has to act like a firefighter in such short time.

    It is far away from being an easy task so be more patient. I don’t know either how erverythink will develope and maybe he also screws up like Pitarch but we can’t change anything so we just have to hope, give him some time and believe in him. I understand your concerns but in my opinion it’s a bit harsh.

    I also think it is quite normal that we haven’t done a major signing so far from the de Gea money. Every club knows we got a lot of money from that transfer and maybe we get a hell lot of more with Agüero leaving. So this also is not an easy task. Every club wants to get some of this transfermoney so demands must be extraordinary high right now. It will also be a matter of time and the transfer market is open since the end of august I guess.