The reasons why Kun should stay in red and white

Deep down we all want him to, but here are the reasons why he actually should

Could Kun be reconsidering his decision? (AP)

Could Kun be reconsidering his decision? (AP)

By now, all Atletico fans will be aware that Sergio Aguero is a wanted man. The want away Argentina international has attracted the interest of many top clubs since making his intentions to leave the Vicente Calderon clear.

Aguero believes he could progress his career better elsewhere. There are however, a number of reasons why this isn’t necessarily the case.

First of all, the clubs rumoured to be interested in purchasing the striker aren’t exactly in desperate need of a forward. Manchester City have the likes of Carlos Tevez, Edin Dzeko and Mario Balotelli. Real Madrid have Karim Benzema, Cristiano Ronaldo and Gonzalo Higuain. Chelsea are loaded with Didier Drogba, Nicholas Anelka and Fernando Torres.

Aguero would hardly add anything to these clubs and unlike at the Calderon, would be in a fight to get regular first team action.

Look at Fernando Torres for example. Torres, at both Atleti and Liverpool, was the star man in attack. He was regularly scoring goals and was getting plenty of game time.

El Niño hit 91 goals in 249 appearances donning the red and white, and 81 goals from 142 games for Liverpool. The cantera product then moved to Chelsea.

The Spaniard, no longer the top dog up front, had a miserable time at Stamford Bridge. 18 appearances reaped just one goal and while he still has time to turn things around, many people, including Liverpool legend John Aldridge, believe the world of football has already seen the best of Torres. Chasing success, it seems, can come at a price.

Kun will want to ensure this doesn’t happen, wherever he ends up playing next season. He will want to be playing regularly, scoring often, and while he might transfer to the likes of Chelsea or City and be a hit, previous examples show this isn’t a guarantee.

Another club interested in our number 10, Juventus, can offer Kun regular first team football. The list of strikers at the Turin-based club lacks that real world-class front man. Alessandro Del Piero is in the twilight of his career, as is Luca Toni, while Vincenzo Iaquinta is on the wrong side of 30.

The Bianconeri have made it clear they are looking for a marquee signing this summer, with Agüero and Villarreal striker Giuseppe Rossi at the top of the list.

Realistically, this would be more of a step sideways rather than forward for Kun. Juventus are still finding their feet following the match-fixing scandal that saw them relegated to Serie B and are no better off than Atletico in terms of recent success.

In fact, Atletico’s 2010 Europa League title makes them more successful than Juve over the last five years after the Bianconeri had two league titles taken off them.

Aguero is said to be frustrated by the dominance of La Liga by Real Madrid and Barcelona. If this is so, why move to a league where the last six titles have been won by either Inter Milan or AC Milan?

Would Kun really be able to move his career forward at a club that finished, like Atleti, in 7th place last year?

Yes, many fans are unhappy at his willingness to move to Real and say that they would rather him leave than stay because of this. But if given the option of a full apology and 25 goals next campaign, I’m sure all would be forgiven.

Kun is a fan favourite and will continue to be so should he stay on as a Rojiblanco.

I can sympathise with Kun, he probably could win more trophies elsewhere but, it is already known that he can score goals for los Colchoneros and he is assured plenty of game time at the Vicente Calderón.

The 23-year-old has the chance of becoming a club legend. Instead of leaving, he should stay and be the cornerstone on which the next title-winning Atletico side is built around.

We won’t know more about his situation until he returns from Copa America but, for the good of the club and for the good of Kun’s career, lets hope he is wearing a red and white shirt come kick-off against Real Sociedad on the 21st of August.

  • 7th

    in the case of chelese, I think they want his so they can get rid of anelka or drogba, and reunites our attacking trio again,

    however, for Rmadrid, I think they indeed dont need him or actually wants to play Cronaldo as a winger.

    I agree with this article,

    I hope aguero to be more wiser at the moment.

    to stay one more year is the best action right now.

  • Tom Pollock

    Aguero would be wise to, as you say, stay on for another year and see how he goes with Manzano at the helm. Who’s to say we can’t challenge for a UCL spot following the arrival of a couple of decent signings.

    I feel Aguero could achieve equally as much at Atleti and doesn’t need to leave right away. If the club goes backwards again then I can understand him wanting to leave.

  • 20corona

    to be honest I want him to leave. This is the first time in years I see atletico actually building a team and Aguero only plays for himself.
    I saw many situations he could have made the finishing pass for another player to score and he didnt.
    When the player asks him why he didn’t pass, all Aguero does is to look down and avoiding eye contact.
    Normally a player always apologies in those situations!
    With the money Aguero will bring in to the club we could actually get 2 good strikers! example: Rossi and Rodallega?
    Also with strikers that play for the team makes the midfielders score more goals like 5-6 per season add 2 strikers that scores 15-20 per season and 1 forward in the bench that scores 10 goals per season we could be challengers for the 3rd spot easily! or am I wrong?

  • Chalet

    Tom //
    I really like your articles but this time I have to disagree.
    Everybody at Atlético treated Agüero like a royal highness.
    The board payed him the highest salary and the fans loved and adored him like a god – and then at the end of last season he came out and said that he didn´t want to play for Atléti any longer.
    Agüero´s statements were a disgrace and personally I don´t want him to return to the Calderón.
    He burned some bridges and he didn´t play his cards very well.
    If you want to progress and have regular CL football you can´t move to a club like Juve.
    As far as I remember Agüero and Torres didn´t match as well at Atléti as Agüero and Forlán did – so I don´t think that Chelsea would be a good joice for him.
    Man City could be an option for Agüero because Tevez doesn´t want to be any longer seperated from his 2 little daughters who live in Argentina.
    But how long would it take for Agüero to adapt to the EPL, the foreign language, the weather and the food?

    It might well be that Agüero will have to stay put with Atléti but I wouldn´t consider a full apology by him as guaranteed.

    You say that Agüero would only have to score 25 goals for us next campaign and all would be forgiven.
    If that would be the case then I would really get the impression that in a special way some of the fans would act like “mercenaries”.
    This means that regardless what twat you have on the pitch – as long as he scores goals galore for your team you are fine with it.

    I agree with 20corona that there have been lots of situations where Agüero only wanted to play for himself.
    Just look at the Copa América when Argentina played Bolivia recently.
    It looked like Agüero wanted to outclass Messi who could have scored the winning goal there – but Agüero was too selfish and didn´t play the finishing pass.

  • Lubo

    I’m with Chalet. But I don’t care about Aguero’s selfishness. I think it’s a bit hypocritical to criticize him because he doesn’t want to play for us anymore. When he was fully ours, nobody cared about his selfish manners, because he was untouchable Royal Highness.
    And I wouldn’t forgive him even if he’ll win Pichichi next year. Remember it was just Aguero who dethroned himself.

  • Davide

    Why should Agüero be treated any diffrently than Ibáñez? Pablo had wonderful seasons a couple of years ago at Atlético pairing up with Perea to make the tiggtest defence in Spain. This also earned him a permanent call up place in the national team.

    And then he just had to flirt with a guy running for president at Real saying he will take Pablo to Real if he wins the election.

    Guy didn’t win and Pablo stayed at Atlético. He said sorry to allt the fans and asked for forgiveness but it was never going to be enough.

    Where is he now? On the reserve team at West Bromwich. From one of the most talented defenders in Spain and national team to nothing in West Brom.

    Everytime i see a Real jersey on someone i start playing a make belief scenario in my head where i grab that person, tie him to 10,000 volt electric post, strip his jersey of and pee on it for 10 minutes.

    As players for Atlético you just do not mess with that kind of supporter tension between Atlético and Real. We are living on knives edge as it is.

    I am always one second away from throwing a Real supporter out of a moving bus but always restrain myself.

    A player has to be dumb as a peacock not to pick up on those feelings after 5 years at the club.

  • Gert

    I have a feeling Kun will stay until the winter transfer window…