Atlético shouldn’t take Thiago on loan

Marca report the midfielder could join on loan if Barça sign Fàbregas

Thiago in action for Spain U21(

Thiago in action for Spain U21

MARCA reported on Saturday that Thiago Alcántara could join Atlético on loan if Barcelona manage to sign Cesc Fàbregas.

The Catalans worry that the youngster’s development might stall with the potential arrival of Arsenal’s superstar and are looking to send him on loan for one or two seasons.

In that scenario, Atleti would be a likely destination, as Caminero has already declared his interest in the midfielder during a visit to the Camp Nou some weeks ago, where he spoke with Culé sporting director Andoni Zubizarreta.

Acquiring Thiago’s services is also said to be one of Gregorio Manzano’s greatest desires. The coach wants to play a 4-3-3 formation, a setup Thiago is perfectly accustomed to.

A creative centre midfielder is still on the Rojiblanco boss’s wishlist.

Although we already have Paulo Assunção, Raúl García, Mario Suárez, Elias, Fran Mérida and Koke under contract, overbooking apparently isn’t an issue since it is believed the Barcelona player could bring something new to the table: a creative spark that our midfield has been missing for years.

Alcántara, who recently won the European Championship with Spain U21, would be less expensive than Borja Valero and is preferred over Tiago Mendes, who is trying to get his contract with Juventus rescinded.

At AtléticoFans we are huge admirers of Thiago, who seems to have all the tools to become a world class player. He’s only 20 years of age but has already shown to fit in easily with a world class team, and he seems the type of player we have been lacking for years.

But one part of the deal doesn’t sit well with us.

If we are to take Thiago on loan from Barça, only to send him back once he’s fully developed, then how does that make us any better than a team like Getafe? With all due respect to our local rivals, they are often characterised as being little more than a feeder club for Real Madrid.

In the pre-Gil era, Barcelona and Atleti were equals, sharing the same amount of titles, so the thought of becoming a development center for Barça would be another painful and embarrassing confirmation of how the Catalans have surpassed us, while we’re stuck in mediocrity.

We shouldn’t take on a player who will leave for free as soon as Xavi hangs up his boots.

What are your thoughts on the matter? Thiago’s talent is unquestionable and he would undoubtedly improve our team, but how rewarding would this hypothetical deal be for Atlético in the long run?

  • starvs

    Truth is Barca has surpassed Atleti at this point, and everyone else in the world really….

    I think not admitting this and acting accordingly/realistically just hampers the team going forward.

    I agree Atleti should not make a habit of taking Barca players on loan, but to pass up on the best available player because of little more than pride not productive. To get back on Barca’s level Atleti needs to be making CL year in and year out, that can only be done with quality players; gotta get them however possible.

    I do not disagree, this route may not be optimal, but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. Plus he’s young and impressionable, maybe he would want to stay at Atleti…

  • 7th

    indeed, the thought of him playing for us is like eating a candy. however, i think his playing time might stall the devolopment of some players like koke.

    , should we just put koke or fran as a creative mid.

  • I think worrying about becoming like Getafe is minor considering the problems the club have. If anything this would be a step forward looking to a talented, young, hungry player who wouldn’t be on abscene wages via a loan deal.

    The club has made nothing but steps back since winning the double, and to be honest has fell over. Thiago, would be a character to pick the club up. If the Getafe-like issue is the only negative point, then it’s an insignificance if anything.

    @7th Thiago wouldn’t hinder any progress of Koke at all, and if anthing it would help him progress having a talented, determinded player like Thaigo around him. Koke plays just behind his brother Rafinha at U-19 level, so it wouldn’t be an issue.

    Koke could line up alongside Thiago, and behind them slightly a player who would be destructive to opposition play.

  • Davide

    Personally, i am worried what “loan” deals like this will do to some of out own talents. We should not sacrifice our own talents just to develope some kid from Barcelona, it makes Atlético look ridiculous. I don’t care how good he is, this is a deal that makes Atlético a small club. We could buy him, and let Barcelona put in buy back clause slightly higher that the buying price, then at least he will be our player and play for Atlético and not just to develope for first team action at Barca.

    I mean i would prefer not to take him at all, but if we have to, then i would prefer my suggestion.

  • Javi

    If he is available we should take him because if we dont you know Were he is going: Sevilla, Valencia or Villareal, just as weve seen with others we wanted. I believe it will be good for koke and the team to have Thiago play with us-he’s going to get the playing time somewhere might as well be with us

  • starvs

    Exactly Javi, someone is going to develop him for free for Barca, might as well be us.

    Davide is right of course, buying him with a buying back option for Barca is best, but I doubt they need to do that. He is good enough where Barca has the leverage in the situation I’m sure.

  • Screw Barcelona and their players, I’d rather not have Atléti anything to do with either Barcelona or Real Dickheads!

  • k14

    Ofcourse Atleti isn’t at the same level as Barca,
    Barca are the lowest scums.
    And having a loan player from any other team shouldn’t be an issue, we have a goal we need to achieve with a limited financial budget :/

  • Im with derek

  • Javi

    This is a great opportunity for us to get a great young player for peanuts and our young players like koke will greatly benefit from that-maybe even creating a new duo like Xavier-Inista
    I personally believe not taking this opportunity because it’s barsa is not thinking openly for the best of atleti
    Like I said before, I’m already dissapointed in loosing affelay, Piatti and lamela to rivals fir small money
    Let’s not loose this one if it becomes available

  • Davide

    So what do you guys think of not loaning Thiago and instead get a still not so expensive untapped 19-year old explosive playmaker talent from FS Basel? I’m thinking about Xherdan Shaqiri.

    Whay do you think?

  • Davide

    **FC Basel

  • Javi

    Dont know him but he looks good in youtube

  • Davide


    Did you watch him European U21 recently? I tihink he is one the biggest European talents right now.

  • Chalet

    I agree with Davide.
    Shaqiri really looked very promising!

  • Javi

    Davide, I didnt see him but I’ll keep an eye out fir him

  • Sergio Lopez

    Fran Merida could be the same. I don’t want Atletico to become a feeder club.