Costa: “I didn’t know we started on the 4th”

The striker gave a press conference explaining why he was late for pre-season

Costa is back in Madrid (

Costa is back in Madrid (

Atlético striker Diego Costa finally returned to Madrid. Shortly after his arrival on Thursday, he gave a press conference explaining why he was late for Atleti’s pre-season, which began on Monday.

“Due to lack of communication, I didn’t know we started on the 4th,” said the bulky attacker. “The club did not have my Brazilian phone number.

“I apologise to the fans and my team-mates.”

So, that’s it. He wasn’t kidnapped, he didn’t gamble away his life savings – it’s said the striker is a real hustler at poker and that team-mates don’t want to play with him any more – and he wasn’t found in a dumpster.

He was late.

“I was already bored over there, they called me and I came,” he said. “But, to be sure, there are things to do in Brazil.”

  • starvs

    Hilarious. best possible outcome. He looks dumb, the club looks dumb, business as usual.

    This will certainly up his sale value…

  • Even I knew they were supposed to be back on 4th…

  • 7th

    hahahahhaa, i shouldnt be laughing cuz i went through this.

  • Flo

    Now he has to work twice as hard…

  • starvs

    Flo, lol, Costa doesn’t work, let alone hard….

  • javi

    Well not to be sherlock holmes or nothing but how can the team call him if they dont have his brazilian phone number???
    And if there are things to do in Brazil, why doesnt he go back and do them and leaves us alone???

  • Chalet

    Haha, my dear Watson you have a point there! 🙂

    Anybody out there who is also sometimes a tiny little bit worried that we support a club where things like this happen…..?

  • Martin Rosenow

    Apparently, Costa lost his international phone. He got a replacement in Brazil. But I mean, come on!

    internet, e-mail, whatsapp, twitter…………

  • Chalet

    …..jungle drums, carrier pigeons, smoke signals…..

    (*sorry, couldn´t resist*)

  • Hahaha XD please Costa, seriously! Hilarious stuff this…the guy even looks lost…like a pocket thief in a tram…

  • palc

    This guy is a freakin legend. Diego Costa 4 life <3