Caminero hopeful of retaining Kun

Agüero not leaving without a fight, says sporting director

Agüero scores for Argentina in Copa América(pic: Ricardo Mazalan/AP)

Agüero scores for Argentina in Copa América
(pic: Ricardo Mazalan/AP)

Atletico Madrid remain hopeful of changing Sergio Aguero’s mind about leaving the Vicente Calderon.

Kun has a long summer of negotiations to deal with if he is to have his way, as Atletico sporting director Jose Luis Perez Caminero has indicated that the club won’t be letting him go without a fight.

The striker, currently away on Copa América duty with Argentina, has stated his desire to leave los Rojiblancos with Manchester City, Chelsea, Juventus and bitter rivals Real Madrid all circling.

Kun signed a new contract in January that not only extended his stay in Madrid until at least 2014, but also sliced his release clause from €60 million to €45 million.

Just four months later, Aguero made public his desire to leave. Reports are that he informed the club of this before penning the new deal and that is the reason his release clause was reduced. The €45 million price tag is something no potential suitor has been willing to match so far.

Caminero said: “At this moment, Atletico feel Kun Aguero is an asset to our squad and we’re not considering him leaving and, therefore, neither are we considering any negotiations for him.”

This is a clear indication that the club is looking to keep Aguero.

However, Agüero confirmed yesterday that he has been in discussions with Juventus, but said he hasn’t made a decision on his future yet.

“There are negotiations going on with the Italian club but I don’t know how many millions they have offered for my services.

“These are things that only my agents know. My only focus right now is on the Copa America.”

  • Yon

    PLEASE STAY!!!!!!!!

  • starvs

    Honestly I don’t even want him anymore. After the disrespectful way he handled all this, forget him. I don’t care how much it would hurt the team, I’m a spiteful guy.

  • Chalet

    I am with you.

    Looks like Agüero didn´t play his cards very well up to now.
    So he might be forced to stay with Atléti but I think that blood has already been left on the carpet…

    On the other hand most of the fans will welcome him back with open arms, I suppose.

  • Martin Rosenow

    How would you guys feel if Kun publicly apologizes and blames his actions on pressure from his agents and father-in-law?

    It would still be tough to forgive him, and unless we make it into Champions League this year, this whole saga will repeat itself over and over each transfer window until he eventually does leave.

    For our collective sanity, it’s better if he just takes off now.

  • starvs

    He could try a mea cupla, it would be worth a shot, but it wouldn’t work for me. The fact that he was willing to play for Real at any point is unforgivable basically.

    Recoup the full 45 for him, get Rossi, move forward without that much loss…

  • Chalet

    It still hurts a lot, doesn´t it?
    I´m sorry but I wouldn´t buy this story that he solely acted like this because of the pressure from his agents and Maradona.
    Agüero is 23 now – he really should have done and should have known better! Even a 5-year-old kid knows that you can´t act like this by breaking promises and being so disrespectful.
    What the hell have all of us done to him that he wants to leave Atléti so badly?
    I still don´t get it – but I think that Agüero´s statements a few weeks ago have definitely crossed the line.

  • starvs

    Actually, my personal preference would be to have Kun stay the season and play the best soccer of his career, while simultaneously being boo’d like LeBron in Cleveland every time he touches the ball. He gets us to CL, we sell him for even more than 45, everybody wins…

  • Lubo

    I don’t want him here anymore. He just doesn’t deserve to wear those awesome shirts we have prepared for next season. GTFO, hope my shirt with his name will be devoured by moths ASAP. Sorry, just it’s backside.

  • javi

    With an apology and tons of gols we will not be thinking too much about this by October. If he leaves he has to leave right away so we can get our squad ready for EUROPA league in a few weeks, we cannot let this drag, so if City wants him, lets get the deal done right now. Caminero should call them up get the money and buy Rossi, and Griezmann since Piatty is gone.

  • starvs

    Javi, I love the Griezmann idea, he looked quite good when playing against us.

  • Agüero leave, please! I don’t want to see him in red and white anymore!!!

  • javi

    Yes, we dont forget those guys, thats why I wanted Piatti, he killed us, like Griezmann and Osvaldo.

  • Davide

    I agree with everyone. Kun has to leave. I cannot see a player at the club that i don’t respect anymore. His association with Real ís unforgivable! he could have chosen any other club.

    The supporters gave him so much love, not only at the Calderón, even in the streets and in general. We made him vice-captain.

    Unless he has the IQ of a sea lion he must know after all these years what it means to wear the red and white stripes and how we feel about Real.

    His comment about Real not only hurt the supporters but he publicly pulled down the pants of the club and ridiculed our colours in front of the whole world with his disrespectful comments.

    He has burned his bridges in my book, you other people might forgive him, but i won’t. We might have played bad football at times but i have never in my 25 years felt ridiculed or ashamed, until Kun cut out heads of in public. For what? For Real Putana

    He can go tol hell!

  • Chalet

    Agüero´s last season was his best season so far – but he couldn´t secure us a CL-spot either.
    This whole fuss with Real Madrid is just unforgivable!

  • Chalet

    @Tom Pollock:

    Looks like we´ve got a new writer at AtléticoFans…
    Great article, mate. Thanks a lot!

  • Tom Pollock

    @Chalet Thanks mate! Looking forward to writing for the site.

  • Gert

    Seems a lot of people won’t forgive him immediately…

    If you see how he changed the Argentina play in their first Copa America match…damn, it’s a great player and a shame to let him go.
    On the other hand, I understand everyone’s thoughts about him being a backstabber!

  • Yon

    You lot are a joke, i am sorry, he is one of and always will be one of the greatest ever players to pull on an Atletico kit, gave his all week in week out for us, and assuming he had decided to leave ages ago, he was still performing very well although he knew he would be going so if he does stay he will continue to perform, thats if the fans let him of course…….

    Also the whole Real saga, he never once said he is going there and they have also said they wouldn’t break the agreement they have with Atleti! All that happened was 2 people who are very good at what they do (Aguero and Mourinho) showed a bit of mutual respect for each other, nothing wrong with that!

    If he wants to move on then he has to move unless the club are showing ambitions of going forward and buy selling De Gea they have destroyed that!

    I will always love Aguero and be thankful to him unless he moves to Real, but he won’t!

  • Chalet

    Nobody will ever deny what a great player Agüero has been for us.
    But it was really stupid from him to come along with his statements that he never ever wanted to play for Atléti any longer when there was obviously no club around that was willing to pay his full buyout clause.
    I agree that Agüero almost always performed very well for us.
    But I also think that his last game of the last season had also a lot to do with some “showcasing”.
    Agüero may not have said literally that he wanted to go to Real Madrid – but the crux of the matter is that lately he didn´t clearly rule out a move to them either.
    For every die-hard Atléti fan this should be a no-go!