Diego Costa missing in action

The Brazilian hasn't shown up for pre-season training

Costa, last seen at the Copacabana(Clubatleticodemadrid.com)

Costa, last seen at the Copacabana

Today Atlético started their second day of pre-season training with another double shift.

A host of players are absent due to various reasons but a large group has already started preparing for the new season.

One player is unaccounted for, though. There was still no sign of Diego Costa.

The striker, the only one available to Manzano, hasn’t been seen around Cerro del Espino, and club officials at the club’s training ground today refused to comment on the Brazilian’s whereabouts.

With the player’s future in doubt, Diego might have decided to stay in sunny Brazil a few more days, although we still hope there is a logical explanation to his absence.

After two days of checkups, Atlético move the pre-season activities to Los Ángeles de San Rafael tomorrow for 11 days of drilling by the new coach.

Update: According to MARCA, Diego Costa, who was still with his family in Aracaju, will return to Madrid on Thursday. It’s still unclear why his return to the Spanish capital was delayed.

  • palc

    He’s with Brazil in Copa America. He is A Selecao’s waterboy.

  • Davide


    I don’t know mate. Judging by the way the so called “supertalents” of Selecao are performing they might have called in Costa to be a starter.

  • Yon

    Id be happy for him to never come back!

  • starvs

    sometimes I start to itch if I go too long without posting on this site.

  • 7th

    i almost visit this site everyday, every knight, every hour just to see atleti news. i love atleti news.


    Diego costa is a legend, he scored a hattrick before aguero did.

  • He can stay in Brazil for all I care…useless…

  • Javi

    Mallorca needs players and they know him, lets dump him there like now before he unpacks his bags.

  • Javi

    Piatti signs with Valencia-crap what are we doing sitting around holding onto useless crap like Costa and loosing Piatti to our direct rival?

  • Raed

    that’s better, plz don’t come back 🙂

  • k14

    D.Costa is one of the best players I have ever seen to break offside traps, I hope our new coach realize that and make use of it.
    And aren’t you guys supporters of the team ?
    Most of the time your just dissing our players.