European fans running out of patience

European fanclubs form an alliance to voice their opinion

Federación Europea de Peñas Atleticas logo

Federación Europea de Peñas Atleticas logo

The presidents of Atlético Madrid’s European fan clubs have formed an alliance named the Federación Europea de Peñas Atleticas.

Their aim is to unite all fans from abroad and to form one strong voice. Their first act was releasing an official statement regarding the status of our beloved club, named “La paciencia tiene un límite” (Patience has a limit).

The press release was published in AS today (in Spanish). Here is the translation of the statement:

“Patience has a limit.

Love for Atletico has no borders. These colours and this badge welcome all countries and nationalities, and because of that it’s amazing to hear the stories from our members about how they became Atletico fans…

Yes, it’s obvious that in spite of the cultural differences, or the fact that some members don’t even speak Spanish, there is a much stronger special feeling and the colours that bind us together go far beyond those differences. We have been able to create fan clubs in most major European countries, and all that due to the fact that members do not mind offering up spare time to help the Atletico-feeling grow, as Atletico is our true passion.

Having said that, we reached a point where we need to say “Stop”, and we start wondering if so much effort and dedication was really worth it.

Atletico is a great club – sorry – Atletico was a great club. A club that was always competing to win everything ( and in many occasions we managed to do that), a club that valued its supporters and that would never even think about selling its main stars or its heritage. Unfortunately things have changed, and not for the best.

Now our beloved club is not a club anymore, it’s a public limited company. There are no “socios” anymore, but we have shareholders instead. Well, the show is run by two of them actually, Miguel Ángel Gil Marín and Enrique Cerezo ( main shareholder and president ), who have no clue of what Atletico de Madrid means, it seems. Now qualification to the Europa League as seventh in the league is sold as a success, it seems that to be able to sign for our club you need to sign with a certain sport’s agent, and instead of signing new good players after winning two European trophies, it is preferred to slowly sell all players that allowed us that success. It is not surprising to see that Aguero can’t wait to leave this club.

We are writing this statement to show you that the patience of these great supporters has a limit, and that we are not willing to be the laughing stock of anybody. First of all it was Torres, then the stadium, shortly it will be Aguero, and after that other great players like De Gea, Forlan or Reyes will follow… And what is the club doing in the meantime? Absolutely nothing at all. If supporters do not complain about it, why bother?

We know that this statement probably won’t mean anything to the ones ruling the Club, but we hope that you realize that it has been written by people that love Atleti, and have dedicated a big effort to help the name and brand of Atletico grow in Europe… Please do not allow all our effort to be for nothing. Let’s all work together to create an Atletico team of which we can all be proud. Able to compete with anybody, and to attract the main players. After all, we all want Atletico’s success, don’t we?

Statement written on behalf of the following fan clubs:
Peñas Atléticas from England, Germany, Belgium, Russia, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Hungary, France, Netherlands y Luxembourg.

Like the Federación Europea de Peñas Atleticas, Atlé wants to bring fans from outside Spain together. This is why we offer our full support.

The Federación is looking for more people to join them. You can follow their progress on Facebook and Twitter. They can also be contacted directly at federacion[at]

  • Sweden

    Thumbs up!

  • Chalet

    Great work, great aim!

  • Germany

    great letter. totally agree!

  • Scott Lind


    Miguel Ángel Gil Marín and Enrique Cerezo only want money. It’s sad to see who’s in charge of things does not care one bit about all of the loving supporters of Atléti.. It’s just sad..

  • Lubo

    I’m just wondering how’s possible, that even Hungary has an official fanclub and Czech Republic nor Slovakia has not?!?
    Fuck it, everybody in here supports those putas or FCB?Anyway, thumbs up. Slovakia fully agrees with this letter.

  • SoLobo

    Support from Greece too!

  • Javi

    And from Boston as well

  • rijikun

    cannot agree with this any more

    I’ll be on your side from South Korea.

  • I live in Sweden, but support from a Serbian rojiblanco!

  • rockefeller

    From Malaysia!

  • Croatia Atletista

    I support atletico since I was 9, I’m 18 now. I’m from Split. Nobody I know supports Atleti and nobody understands why I do. I just felt a certain bond with the team and eversince i have been a great fan and my dream is to go to Vicente Calderon to watch an Atletico Madrid game live. I am very unhappy with the way things are in the club at the moment. The first let down I felt was leting Maxi Rodrigez go, then Simao, and now Aguero.
    Greetings from the Adriatic Coast. FORZA ATLETI

  • SoLobo

    @ Croatia Atletista: “Nobody I know supports Atleti and nobody understands why I do”. Same here! Can’t agree more!

  • Croatia Atletista

    @SoLobo Exacly! I hate learning languages I have the luck that I learned english since I was little so i speak it fluently. Not much people speak croatian but I am about to go on a spanish course when I finish high school so that I can be more conected with one of my first loves…Atletico Madrid! 🙂

  • SoLobo

    Haha! That was the key reason for me to learn spanish! And I have already learned! Now I can read all articles in Marca, AS, MundoDeportivo… 😉
    Hey, why don’t we have a chat for Atletico fans? All of us, we ‘ve got much in common!

  • Ian

    Hope the higher ups realize that thery are incompetent to run the club, so the least that they could do is sign a good sporting director and coach and let them run the club.

    Hope caminero and manzano does this well this season.

  • Sebyk

    Agreed Lubo! It’s ridiculous. Maybe we should take it in our own hands 🙂
    Support from the Czech Republic too!

  • Maryke

    I’m 16 and I live in South Africa. I support Atleti because of the World Cup that was held in South Africa. Forlan was the player that made a difference in my life and since last season I supported Atleti with my whole heart because HE plays for Atletico. I don’t want Forlan to leave, because he made me support this special team.. I think it is great that there are fans who feel just as frustrated with some aspects of the club as me. We must all stand together to make our voices heard!!

  • Sam

    After getting to know and love Atleti over the past few years, albeit all by myself on Cape Cod, I cannot agree more with this statement. Look at the passion we have, though, we Atleti fans!

  • dusp

    @Lubo: we in Hungary have an official fan club since 2009, but we have had a website and a community since about 2004.

    By the way, an international Rojiblanco chat would really be a good idea!!