De Gea: “I will always take these colours with me”

The goalkeeper said goodbye to Atlético and supporters at the Calderón

De Gea makes one last stop at the Calderón  (

De Gea makes one last stop at the Calderón

Manchester United’s latest signing David de Gea bid farewell to his lifetime club Atlético Madrid at the Vicente Calderón on Wednesday evening.

The keeper is off to the Premier League after having signed a five-year deal with the Red Devils. Atleti are set to receive at least €20 million for the sale of their young star.

“It’s difficult, but I am proud of having belonged to this club and of having team-mates that have always supported me,” the 20-year-old said.

“I will always carry the club with me in my heart. Even if I’m far away, I will always take these colours with me. Let’s hope to see each other again in the future,” he said.

Many have speculated that the Euro U21 champion was pushed out of the club by greedy Atlético directors wanting to line their pockets with the cash from the keeper’s sale, but De Gea refuted those claims.

“Atleti has always fought for me. I’ve always considered myself loved,” he said. “The main reason behind my departure is that I desire to play for Manchester, I want to take a step up. It’s Manchester, one of the best clubs in the world and it’s an important step for my career.

“It’s a perfect club to grow as a player and person at. Atlético made an effort but my family and I have made this decision,” he said.

David then skirted around questions about when his decision to leave for England was made.

“There have been many rumours for months now, but what is certain is that last week the club was contacted about an offer and an invitation for me to visit the facilities in Manchester,” he said.

“I went with my family and I made my decision over there. That’s where everything was done.”

The Atleti youth system product then addressed questions about the unfortunate ‘blanket incident’.

“There was no secrecy,” he claimed. “I arrived at the hospital and I don’t know what they wanted to do with the towels covering us. There’s no logical explanation to it. It surprised us all.”

De Gea spoke of his appreciation for Rojiblanco fans that have supported him since he “was a child” before concluding the press conference responding to questions about his English Premier League expectations.

“I’m prepared [for England], if not, I would not have accepted,” he said. “I’ve played a lot of Primera matches and I see myself qualified to perform well there. I think the Premier League fits my style, and I hope to adapt soon.”

  • Nick Poskitt

    Adiós De Gea! Thanks for 18 months!

  • Well, this is how reality crushes dreams. Anyways it was good to have him on board. God how I would like to sell every year a cantera keeper for more than 20 mln!

    The sad thing is that for quite some time there have been only big departures: Maxi, Simao, De Gea, Ujfa, Jurado… and now Kun and Forlan to follow and no big signings at all.

    It looks like “our big transfers” will be Osvaldo, Borja V. and the keeper who we do not need, and we will pay at least twice their real value for all of them!

  • javi

    Manzano said today that the money they get for Kun will ALL be spent on getting an attacker of the same caliber as Kun…we shall see.

  • We need a playmaker and we need to sort our what to do with Forlan first…

  • palc

    I hear Diego is available..

  • non eu

  • Heißenberg

    two european titles, one Cup final, playing champions league football and still not enough, going after just one and a half year. Mercenary. Thanks for the money though.

  • Heißenberg

    and i would just like to remind how everyone was pissed when Forlan said something about leaving (I don’t even exactly remember what it was anymore, I know it was during the winter transfer period) . Well, the difference beetwen Forlan and these guy was that Forlan was telling how things were and De Gea was hole the time saying what the fans wanted to hear.

  • Chalet

    After De Gea´s “farewell press conference” yesterday I must confess that I had to rethink a few things.
    I can understand that De Gea took the chance to move to ManUnited who are always playing on the big stage.
    But how can he sit there, full of praises for his new club – and giving a lot of people the feeling that Atléti would be nothing more than a sweet memory?

    I´m really fed up with all those players like Agüero and De Gea who always said what the fans wanted to hear – and in the end it was just hypocrisy.
    Like it or not but in this case I´m really preferring honest players like Forlán who are always calling things as they are.

  • Thank you for everything! 🙁
    But may I say something about him leaving: Made less fuzz than madame Agüero and didn’t get me pissed of me tits, so its better!

  • Chalet

    What´s confusing me a little is the fact that De Gea got a press conference and 3 articles on when he left – and Ujfa didn´t even get one single mention on the club´s website.

    Weird – or did I miss something?