New home kit launch

Atlético's new home strip for the 2010/11 season has gone on sale

Atlético's new home kit 2010/11

Nothing signals the start of a new season quite like the launch of a new home kit. And on Thursday, Atlético Madrid launched the strip that our players will be wearing for the upcoming campaign.

Featuring the traditional red and white stripes (yes, they’re still there, breath a sigh of relief for anyone fearing a repeat of the 2006/07 monstrosity) and the odd bit of blue. The new kit also features a white v-neck with a white collar instead of the red one from last season.

Nike has added some personal touches to the kits this season, and on the inside of the shirt, stitched into the fabric on the back of the Atléti badge, reads: ‘Un sentimiento, una pasión, un orgullo’.

Translated, this means ‘a feeling, a passion, a pride.’ So we’ve all got Atléti close to our hearts when we pull on the shirt!

There’s the Spain flag on the back of the neck, and as always, we’ve got royal blue shorts and socks.

The jersey is available from the club’s official website and costs €75. (+€25 delivery to the UK) They don’t seem to be offering printing just yet.

The club celebrated the launch of the kit by publishing this video, and although in Spanish, it shows off the new home strip in action.

  • Ringo Schut

    The first time I saw the shirt, I hated it.
    But I grew on to it and now I love it!
    It might be my favourite!

    When do they start selling the away kit?

  • Nick Poskitt

    I think it might be available now from the official Atlético website!