Atlético kit for 2011/12 leaked?

Design found in Señales de Humo forum rumoured to be presented on Monday

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Last week, Mundo Deportivo reported that Atletico’s 2011/12 kit would be formally presented on the 21st of June.

Obviously, that was not the case, and rumours in Spain hinted that the presentation date had been pushed back to early next week.

The design pictured right was found in the Señales de Humo forum, and seems to fit the description given by Atleti officials last week claiming the new model would honour the club’s history.

In fact, the collar reads ‘100 Years of Rojiblanco Pride’, as 2011 marked the 100th anniversary since the club began wearing the traditional red and white colours.

This version is a far cry from the model MARCA had claimed would be our next jersey.

To date, Atleti has not secured a kit sponsor for next season after KIA cut ties with us this year.

Cheers to @fjmembrilla for the tip.

So, do you like it?

  • 7th

    i guess its fine looking. have no complaints, will great on players though i guess.

    now want to see the away kit. we alway had cool away kit

  • javi

    not bad, I like it. Much better than the chines-barca copy.
    Yeah 7th I loved our away shirt last year-cool racing stripe.

  • Osiria

    As long as it shows more red than white, it’s ok!

  • Nice one!

  • Yon

    Like it, hopefully the sponsor suits, the KIA logo looked really nice 🙁

  • Chalet

    Sorry, guys – no offence!!!
    But you and your ‘how does it look like’ outfit concerns….. LOOOL …..

    Personally I couldn´t care less.
    And next year we´ll have another one… 😉

  • javi

    Did anyone see the sub-21 Roja against bielorussia?
    Adrian looks great, and so does Jeffren. I would love to get Jeffren to replace Tiago.

  • dgsozkan

    I watched 15 minutes summary of the game( only goals and key moments) not the all of it unfortunately.But I couldn’t agree more about jeffren.

  • Gert

    This shirt doesn’t need a sponsor!

  • Yon

    @Gert The shirt doesn’t but the club sure as hell need the money from one!

  • Mathieu

    Nothing wrong with the shirt.

  • Davide

    I am certainly getting this shirt. It’s not everyday you can get a officiall matchjersey without a ugly sponsorprint. It’s clean and untouched, pure Rojiblanco power.

  • Derek Maaijen

    The new kit will be presented tomorrow at 1PM !

  • palc

    Thats the shirt I will win in the upcoming Prediction League 🙂

  • Nick Poskitt

    Ooh, smack talk has started already!

  • palc

    You betcha 😉 I consider that shirt mine already. I want in medium and w/ Reyes’ name on it. Make sure that you guys take a note on this so you wont ask again. Comprende?