Decision time for Forlán

Atlético would reportedly accept Galatasaray's €8m bid if the striker chooses to leave

Will Forlán join Ujfaluši in Turkey? (

Will Forlán join Ujfaluši in Turkey? (

While Atletico confirmed winger Jose Antonio Reyes rejected Galatasaray’s offer for him on Tuesday, the club did not address the status of the Turkish outfit’s bid for striker Diego Forlan.

According to AS, Atleti have set Forlan’s price at €8m, a fee Galatasaray are willing to meet.

The Istanbul-based club would also pay the Uruguayan €6m per year for three years, which would be a €1.5m increase from the €4.5m he currently earns in Madrid.

Atletico have reportedly informed Forlan’s agents they are free to accept the deal, which now hinges on whether or not the Uruguayan agrees to the move.

It is said Rojiblanco officials are giving ‘la Rubia’ until mid-July to decide, while the 32-year-old is reportedly in no hurry to make up his mind.

Daniel Bolotnicoff, Forlan’s agent, told AS:

“Forlan will not consider any offers until after Copa América. Diego will not think about his future until after the cup. So, any club that is interested in him must wait until that moment.”

Bolotnicoff then denied reports from the Turkish press claiming there is a 50 per cent chance Forlan will leave Atleti to join Galatasaray.

“That information is not true,” he said. “I haven’t met with anyone from Galatasaray. I’ve been in Buenos Aires for more than 20 days and Diego is in Uruguay.”

Do you see Forlan at Atleti next year, or do you think he’ll accept the big pay raise and leave for Turkey?

  • Ringo Schut

    It’s hard to say no to six million euros annually, so I don’t know…
    I don’t see him leaving for sportive reasons, otherwise he’d stay in Spain or moved to England.


    forlan gelmesin isteyen yok… reyesi istedik. olmadı. başkan ünal aysal bence süpriz yapacak. hazır olun. daha transfer dönemi bitmedi …

  • Obviously there is a chance, but I don’t think he’ll move to Istanbul. They don’t even speak a language that he can understand, and it’s very far from anything he’s ever known. And there are clubs in England who are willing to pay more for him. I think the main reason he wanted to leave Atleti was QSF, and he is now something of the past. I think Diego is happy in Madrid.

  • Gert

    Please guys, write in English.

    Derek, Nick
    get us a forum where people have to register to avoid this kind of crap 😉

    I don’t think Forlan is leaving by the way.


  • atletico

    if forlan moves to galatasaray i will move to presidents home. how can they sell our best striker and best winger easily. if they sell and dont buy better than them we cant do anythinp in league or cup

  • Javi

    Derek I second Gert’s move for the new site lets register and delete any non-English coments
    That guy doesnt give a crap and neither should we

  • Nick Poskitt

    I’m working on a forum and new site guys, just be patient with us! It’s coming! (I’ve just graduated so have more free time!)

  • javi

    We love the work you do Nick by bringing us this site and the opportunity to share our love for Atleti, and we, at least I, have patience, so dont worry take your time.

    On a separate and hopefully good note, today the board of Atleti meets to votes on various items, two of which are whether Cerezo and/or Gil will continue directing the team in their respective positions. Lets hope Galatasary throws them some money too and we get rid of those two and really start fresh.

  • LionKing

    To be honest if Reyes is not coming to GALA then i dont want Forlan to come too. It is silly to pay Forlan 6 Million a year and he is 32 years old. Good luck to Reyes and Atleti next year hope you guys replace all your losses with better players and hope you finish top 4 this season.

  • Gert

    I have patience too…
    about the voring today… I don’t think they will turn out positive for us. They’ll just vote for the same guys again.

  • Nick Poskitt

    There are 7 board members, 3 of them are Gil family members, don’t think they’ll be voting against Miguel Angel. Also, Cerezo is one of the other 4.

  • starvs

    I want Forlan to stay. I am confident he will regain his form with QSF gone. Assuming he does, you cannot get a striker the quality of him for 3x, probably not even 4x, his current 8 million price. So I would prefer to keep him and ‘gamble’ on his return to top quality.

  • javi

    Apparently the vote is taken because Gil and Cerezo cant work together any more. So the three Gils will vote to keep Gil in and Cerezo out. Cerezo will vote to keep Gil out, the other three members have to be unified for anything good to happen. But it looks as if at least Cerezo may be out after today, and we will be 50% closer to were we want to be, unless the replacement is either another Gil family member or one of their puppets.

  • javi

    Did someone punch Gil in the mouth? Why is his mouth always crooked?

  • Martin Rosenow

    I always think of him as Mr. Question mark face.

  • can7ona

    Dear Atletico fans, our friends,

    As a Gala fan, I would like to share most of the Gala fans’ recent comments on Forlan.. We do not want to pay over the odds for a 32 year old girly Forlan since we all observed that all he thinks of is money on the other hand he has no passion to play football for the one of the best teams in Europe and show his skills to his new fans. Hence enjoy your Forlan, because we do not want a flabby player anymore !! I hope he meets your expectations this season while keeping a lost of great oppurtunity in his mind.

  • Mark

    Flabby???? You must be thinking about another forlan.

    And on his ability, form is temporary, class is permanent. I’m sure he will be back to his best next season

  • javi

    as far as flabby goes, he won this year an abdominal contest against Cristiano Ronaldo as picked by women in Madrid. So, no flab there. I think our Turkish friends are setting themselves up to the fact that they are not getting Forlan.

  • palc

    One of the best teams in Europe. I sh*t my pants.

  • NiñoTorres

    I think Galatasaray are becoming a bit obsessed with us… If you signed Forlán, he would be received as a hero by all of your fans, don’t say you don’t want him because it just sounds pathetic. Anyway, have fun with Elmander and Baros…

    And Forlán, flabby? I think not 😛

  • can7ona

    u will need to use the loo when u grow up..
    Untill that moment do not try to eat your doo-doo; hope u can get it.

    Respect 🙂